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Come to me, my child,
I promise to make it worthwhile,
I know what you desire,
I can bring a calm to your blazing fire,
But in return, you have to give me your sweet innocent face,
Let me explore every inch of you, give me that sweet metallic taste,
You desire to be touched, you desire to be hurt,
But not by a man who will mistreat you, but by someone who will see your worth,
You crave to be abused sexually, your body yearns to bleed,
You want your soul to be filled with contentment and your holes with seed,
But before all that, surrender your pretty face,
Let me take a sip of you, give me your sweet metallic taste,
You submit yourself unknowingly, such a meek little girl,
You do not need someone who will pamper you, but someone who will share your dark world,
You dream to be called a good girl, your body aches to be dominated,
You whimper at the sight of a man with a dominant aura, wishing this part of you wasn’t so isolated,
Allow me to bring you back to life, give to me your pretty face,
I will reopen your tightly shut doors, but as payment give me that sweet metallic taste,
On the outside, you’re like an innocent cat waiting to stroked,
But really you’re just a ******* waiting to be loved roughly and choked,
You use to self-harm, but you didn’t really understand why you were so fascinated by seeing yourself bleed,
You thought you were crazy, upon depression you would continuously feed,
But you aren’t crazy, you are a Submissive ******* with a beautiful face,
Submit yourself to me, allow me to explore and devour  your sweet metallic taste,
You’re a shy little angel with low self-esteem,
But I can make you brave, I can make you beam,
You long to experience flogging, soft but ****** kisses,
I can make you feel the pain you so desire, just tell me your dreams and wishes,
Such a dark girl you hide behind that pretty face,
Surrender yourself to me, give me your sweet metallic taste,
I will take you on your ******* voyage, I will let you sail free,
I will let you unfold, allowing your insides to roll like a violent sea,
I will let you unleash your hidden self, be who you are meant to be,
After I take dark care of you, then and only then you’ll be free,
Now my sweet, give me your beautiful face,
Allow me to release and feast on your sweet metallic taste.
Wink* Wink*
Noelis Jan 2
when i get angry or sad
i just want to get ****** hard against a wall
to the point where i beg for mercy and cry
*** is my escape from strong emotions
so please make me choke on your **** and swallow your salty potion
i might be broken but im not looking to be fixed
i just want to be ******* like im some **** and to see you having fun using your whips on my skin.
Toni-Ann Johnson Dec 2018
Knees aching from being down on them too long,
*** cheeks blazing while muffled moans and cries fill the room like a beautiful song.
You dare not move, you dare not argue,
For that smart *** mouth of yours couldn’t keep shut, and look where it got you.
Each flogs of the whip has a different effect,
Either it brings tears to your eyes or makes your underneath wet.
You hope he stops soon,
But another part of you wants him to continue, and allow the monster inside of you to bloom.
Despite the aching pain on your ***, you enjoy being punished,
You enjoy being face down in pain, these are the things that make you flourish.
The more he flogs you the more your ***** throbs,
But you have to be punished for being a bad girl, so you refuse to wail but instead release muffled sobs.
His Dominating voice fills the room commanding you to face is crotch, this causes your sea to roar,
He roughly grabs your chin and forces you to look up at him while tears threaten to fall for your *** is sore.
He commands that you be a good girl or you’ll be punished,
You agree meekly knowing you’ll disobey him again, just to be punished, for you like the pain, it is what makes you flourish.
A bad girl deserves to be punished, but what if she misbehaves because she loves to be punished?
Toni-Ann Johnson Dec 2018
I want to be normal so bad,
I think I seek normality more than how I hope for love from my dad.
Being normal is what I need,
I mean who will want someone who is fascinated by seeing their self bleed?
Sometimes I feel so lost,
But what can I do? I'm not someone who’d say “I want normality, no matter the cost”.
Yes, I do want to be normal, but what if being normal isn’t me?
Sometimes I think there’s a different side to me, a side which I just fail to see.
Usually I just see myself as an abnormal person who doesn’t belong in this dreadful place,
But at times I have to wonder if there’s something else to me, like how the **** did I tough out so much hate and ache.
I want to be normal so bad for I can’t understand the things that go through my mind,
And these I will not tell people for they’d slowly leave me, they’d see me as a freak sign.
I want to be normal, but then again I can’t deny who I am, I can’t deny myself,
I’ve already tried burying this part of me, and trust me it ruined my mental health.
Whips, chains, collars, ropes, razors, blood, darkness, Submissive, being choked that is me,
I can’t pretend, I can’t be what people want me to be.
Wattpad, NF music, being alone, being trapped in my mind, having dark thoughts these are my comforts,
But still, I am a loving and fun person, for what its worth.
I think normality isn’t for me,
Normality is something I should no longer seek.
I am not normal and I accept that now, I accept who I am,
For if I can't accept me, then I don’t think anyone else can.
Sometimes she's just tired of being different, tired of not being able to open up to her friends and partner. And that *****...
Toni-Ann Johnson Dec 2018
Soft pecks on the lips,
He turns you on with just a light kiss.
Soon his kisses get rough and you let him take the lead,
He devours your lips, soon making them bleed.
Pleased with the taste seeping from your abused lips,
He begins removing your clothes while promising you pure bliss.
Open mouth kisses between your legs,
He doesn’t stop until your legs begin to tremble, he smirks because he wants you to beg
He makes you flustered for he’s a big tease,
He just wants you to beg, why don’t you beg? All you have to do is say please.
He attacks you once more, this time you know there’s no stopping him,
You beg him not to hold back, you want the real him, you want him to give you his everything.
Inner thighs tingling from light kisses previously placed on them,
*** cheeks burning as another slap is placed, “that’s just two out of ten”.
Crimson liquid running from pleasurable cuts,
Your walls tightening because of your ***** talks about you wanting him to be ***** deep in your guts.
Love marks trailing from your neck to breast,
He grips you by the throat and pounds you mercilessly, making you scream that he’s the best.
Soon you start to blink, and the fog that blurs your mind is gone,
Then you realize you’ve been staring at the stranger for far too long.
Your blush uncontrollably, while mentally you scream,
You look away with a frown on your face for it was just a Daydream
She sees this handsome stranger with a dominant aura, he's a person that triggers a part of her she wishes to stay hidden. without even knowing she begins daydreaming about this stranger.
Toni-Ann Johnson Dec 2018
Sharpe objects used to create pleasurable wounds on the skin,
Crimson liquid flows, you look at it like it’s the most beautiful thing.
Painful grip but not to ****,
You smile boastfully well aware of your skill.
Shiny black leather around the throat,
While you whisper thoughts sounding like a Salem oath.
Such soft hands causing this much pain,
Beware for it will mess with your brain.
Fear not venturing out into subspace,
For despite the pleasure this love will cause you unforgettable ache.
Call him master or you’ll be punished,
Be obedient and you will flourish.
Soft lips attacking your body, exploring every inch of you,
Causing you to wonder if such pleasure can be true.
Just when your legs start to shake,
That’s the moment you’ll finally be awake,
After realizing it was only a dream,
You’ll be in suspense when you see the marks on your body which it leaves.
some thoughts are not meant to be real.
Toni-Ann Johnson Dec 2018
I placed his hand around my throat, “is this what you want?” he asked,
I honestly couldn’t answer so I lied, I just couldn’t let him take up this task.
I can’t let him know how wet it makes my underneath just by putting his delicate hand around my throat,
If only he knew how such a simple gesture made me soak.
If only he knew how dark I am, if only he knew that I am a freak,
He’s too innocent to be ****** in my dark world, he need not know the type of pain I seek.
How can I explain to him how much I want to be choked while being kissed?
How can I explain to him that dark pain is what causes me bliss?
I won’t, I don’t think I can,
I hope he understands that hiding this part of me was never my plan.
How can I ruin such an innocent boy?
He sees me as his wife and not just some toy.
He won’t be able to cope with the things I want him to do to me,
For he’s not the type who will demand me to go on my knees.
But despite this I love him, I really and truly love him,
And if keeping him means caging away this part of me, then without hesitation I’ll keep it within.
I’ll still be the dark person I am, but I love this man, and I am not willing to jeopardize what I have with him,
So if lying to him about the person I really am is what I must do, then I guess it will be my only sin.
Sometimes we are afraid to tell persons who we really are, we are scared that they might mistreat us or not understand us, but sometimes you must take the risk. If they really love you then they'll understand.
Toni-Ann Johnson Dec 2018
I want to be submissive to him,
He knows what I want, I want him to be my Dom, my master, my king.
I want him to be in control of my body, I want to be his *** *****,
I want to pleasure him, even if to me it is pain.
I want to let the freak inside me reign,
For whenever he is close, I can feel it pumping in my veins.
I want to fulfill whatever ****** desires he has in store for me,
I need him to take control of my body, I’ll let him do whatever he please.
If only he could see how submissive I am or can be to him,
I doubt he knows how easy it is for him to get under my skin.
I am submissive to you by choice and not by command,
I want to be under your control, I’ll do whatever you want as long as you demand.
Blindfold me, spank me, do whatever you please,
Choke me, punish me, after all, I am your freak.
Whatever ***** things you desire I’ll go through with it,
If me gagging on you is what you want then sit back for I’ll give you a proper fix.
My submissiveness will give you all the pleasure you desire,
Please take me dominant one, bring a calm to my raging fire.
Tie me down sir, spank me if I disobey you, finger me until I get oversensitive and my legs start to shake,
Please don’t stop until I’ve ventured out into subspace.
Allow me to beg for you to come inside me,
I want you to see how much I need you, how much I need this, how much I need “Us” please.
Be my Dom I’ll be your sub, I’ll be submissive to you alone, I swear with other guys I won’t flaunt,
I’ll wear a collar that says your name if it is what you want.
My submission to you didn’t just appear,
I tasted you once and from my mind, it can never disappear.
My submission and my love is the greatest thing I could ever give to you.
I wanted him to take my submission, but he made it waste.
Toni-Ann Johnson Dec 2018
Take me to that forbidden place,
That place where you spill my blood and cause me such blissful ache.
Lay me on the table, gather your tools,
While I reminisce on your words “those who fear pain are fools”.
Lay your bruising hands upon my yearning body,
After you’re done with me feel no remorse, say no apology.
I'm begging you for this,
Give me that painful bliss.
Sharpe pointy cold knife,
Run your tongue over every slice.
Strong caring hands gripping my throat,
As I repeat your unforgettable oath.
Spank me while I count,
Increase the amount if something other than numbers escapes my mouth.
Gently kisses turns into dangerous blood rushing bites,
The painful pleasure you give me has endless heights.
Trembling legs, oversensitive ****,
Bleeding body, throbbing ****.
Master use me to please yourself,
I know I am addicting to you, I may even be bad for your health.
But are you willing to take me on this dangerous voyage?
Please say yes, I need this, please agree and honor this as a solemn pledge.
I don't even know what's happening to me, but I can't deny it.
Toni-Ann Johnson Dec 2018
How I've missed that feeling,
The deep burning cuts, the endless bleeding.
I know it's bad, I know I might die,
But it makes me feel better, I rather not cry.
But you came along, you've stopped me from using  my blade,
you've made me miss the burning sensation and the seeing of that beautiful red shade.
I am begging you to let me cut, I promise I won't die,
But you won't let me, you say if I do you'll cry.
But I don't want you to cry,
I'd rather die.
You are my happiness, and you know this,
But there are some things within me which you cannot fix.
This is why you should let me cut, let me see that crimson color I've longed to see,
Please just let me bleed.
I wish he'd let me.....But I know he just wants the best for me, so I can't blame him.
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