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Something about the smell on my
fingers, lingering
But for whatever reason
when I chew tobacco
I feel like the cowboy
I grew up wanting to be
Maybe you're thinking
You just don't know it yet
If you go looking for the best quality things
You end up looking for the lovely little things
T keep them clean
In that insecurity
Of cherishing non-entities
There are no doubts that what you did was well-deserved
But rest you haven't heard
There's a sleeping dragon in my yard
What the hell you mean you forgot it you ****** fool
If the box under the maze of fire wasn't bad enough.
Well, he just accidentally lit his focus on fire.
Was he looking through that
Purposely, if he were mature
He could perhaps, but, there's no certainty Vicious will need it.
Vicious needs focused and important Red Dragon defuncts and he's looking for these criminals for now.
Ira Mar 18
The desert blows its sands,
As I walk its plains,
I make a stand,
As a desert man,
In the moonlights bays.

I hear the wind blow loud,
As the night gives me shroud.
And the sand is my cover,
As my sins tend to hover,
In this moonlit sand.

(Epic Whistle Montage)

The night creeps away,
As it brings forth the day.
The blazing sun,
The odd humdrum,
And my demons are at bay.

Oh, the sins I have,
They never go away,
I simply stay right here,
Where all I hold is dear,
As the sand leads me on my way.

(Guitar interlude)

The night comes back,
As it always does,
With all its memories.
I see your eyes,
I hear your voice,
But the sand still calls to me.

I remember that sad night,
Where all the gods came right.
They told me that you would die,
The sickness would make you lie,
And the life of me ended,
Once and for all,
On that fateful night.

I ran to the desert,
I traveled far and wide,
And I left your memories behind.
I will love you always,
In this sad little world,
But the desert has nothing left for me to find.

So forward I go,
Don't know what I hope to find,
I simply walk down here,
Without my sweet old dear,
And I go forward through time...
My first song lyrics about COWBOIS
You are sand in my throat
You are sweat in my eyes

I don't crave your dusty planes anymore
No cactus juice can fill the well you have dug

You missed your chance
And now I am Wolf Woman

My ribcage rattles with long howls
Rattle snakes weave between each vertebrae

I have grown a thick coat for winter
It is unlikely you will see me in springtime again
ya messed up
James Study Jan 22
It's lost forever the cowboy sunset
for now the towers to catch the winds
the beauty of the desert desolate
lost to miles of glass that never ends
I close my eyes to see my cowboy friends
RBWhite Jan 5
She fell in love with a cowboy,
And the smile she had, no one can take it back,
Because her cowboy ran away again,
Loving others as he loved her,
Her watery eyes cry out for the cowboy running wild through the night,
And every time she opens up the door,
She thinks its him, looking out for his true love,
Her friends warned long ago, that cowboys don't come back for love,
They go on a journey filled with blood and addiction,
Childhood memories and  deep depression,
And if they do come back,she'll be dressed in black.
Just like life,love only happens once. I've always been inspired by country music so this is me paying a tribute to all my favourite country musicians,Enjoy!
Juho hankela Dec 2018
Another sundown.
I must have seen a million by now.
God knows I’ll see a million more.
Roaming this barren land, incapable of emotion and unable to die. Each passing day only works to prolong my pain. I have lost the ability to see beauty in and around me. Once a man has seen his millionth sunrise he suddenly stops seeing them. Actually seeing them. He becomes blind to what once was beautiful and his heart stops caring. There is nothing but a long tiresome ride. Back and forth forevermore.

A ride without reason and a man without meaning.

A tale as old as time.
Micah Gerdes Nov 2018
I am not of this day and age
I much belong to the open range

My Texan spirit you cannot cage
I live by many an old adage

I feel at home with danger close
A gun on my hip and a glimmer of hope

I am like the antelope
Skittish with no way to cope

Tip my hat off to the side
Here or there I can’t decide

I’m a cowboy till I die
Thats is something you’ll never pry
sunprincess Sep 2018
From Anonymous, Finally, I can't keep this secret any longer
Everyone in Texas owns cattle, buffalo and lamas

Every singing cowboy owns a pickup truck, and every gal
owns a skirt and a checkered shirt!

And shining like a diamond, two thousand dollar fridges
overflowing with plenty of food to eat!

And my good friends from the east, would you ever believe
there's brand new castles on every street!

And behind paintings you will never have a chance to see
hidden in safes, with a top secret code!

Valuable certificates of authenticity for every shiny jewel
And one for every cow and coin of gold!

And yes, along with storybook geese laying golden eggs
Ha! We could never let anyone ever hold!

And last but not least darlings, we own multiple oil wells
Sweet Lady of Fortune smiled on us bold!

On my knees I'll kneel down and kiss this ground forever
Can you imagine darling what this means?

We own the world, every king and queen beguiled
We are living the American dream!
Who is behind this anonymous article?
Who would ever spill these secrets of Texas?
Who is anonymous?
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