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Steve Feb 10
Demon’s **** for blood
Bathed in Dragon’s fire
Pixie’s dance like Pixie’s should
And Witches curse the pyre

Mermaid’s love to laugh
With a Unicorns fair grace
Be Werewolves’ bite along the path
And Vampire’s kiss that smile from off your face

A Wizard’s spell
In a Fairy’s mist
A Goblin’s lair - there if you can tell
And the Angel’s touch impossible for mere mortals to resist.
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Kore Nov 2018
release me
***** down my skin
shed the timorous flesh
of humanity

release that
beast that lives
in the notsosecret heart
of hearts

release me
let go my womanflesh
let my teeth out
of their prison

release that
tearing ripping ancient
moon beast
of days past

she longs
to stretch her legs
test her teeth
be released
i literally just want to be a werewolf that's what this is about
m Jul 2018
They ripped out your heart
using nothing but teeth and tongue
then walked away with it -
****** and fragmented.
Grinning teeth stained with red syrup
that drips from their mouths
like something they could afford to lose.

It's no wonder you
don't trust smiles anymore.
Natassia Serviss Nov 2017
Hour by hour the moon continues to rise.
She's way too bright and he's as dark as night.
Oh what big lies you live.
Why are you both so deceiving?
Oh look how hard it is to forgive.
Where's your excuse for leaving?
Run away, get away before he swallows your sanity.
She's built her argument on vanity.
You found love in the darkest parts,
The place where you can't have a heart.
She built it on a dream and a delusion.
He grew out of that plot and that illusion.
She loved him true, the only love she ever knew.
In her safest hour on his dimmest day, all she wanted was for him to pay.
He meant no harm and she did no wrong.
We know they hurt and they're not strong.
Little red, my friend,
there is no need to pretend that you didn't know this would eventually end.
At least in fact, you're both still intact.
You're not the victim and you're not the villain.
Both born of moon and light, they would always fight.
Now the wolf and red are in separate beds.
Their story together is a memory.
Another 2013 poem, written about a toxic relationship my friends were in.
when the streetlights
go on well after dark
and the scintillating
moon illuminates
a painted mural on the
star filled night sky
behind the junkyard fence,
the skin stretches,
the blood boils,
the hair grows full,
the fingernails extend
and the human/werewolf
transformation is flourishing.
the blood soaked moon
looks good enough
to howl
Happy Halloween HP!
Temporal Fugue Apr 2017
With the pack
Blood upon the breeze
Coursing through our veins
Changing, on our knees

Pray with the pack
The taste of fresh meat
Biting, and clawing
Something, good to eat

Howling with the pack
Waking in the morn
***** and remembering
Another Werewolf, born
Love the idea of werewolves, thank goodness, they ain't real :D
Hushhhh, let me let you in
on a secret: when Mummy tucks us in
for the night, we're not in for the night
- gap between ledge & limb, we leap it,
springheeled imps!
Moonlite's orphans in batcaped dressinggowns,
we skive the sheets. Lil' devils shimmy down
to a midnite playground.

Shushhhh, tonite we hunt
Lady Barbie from Dolltown Abbey.
She'll never get a crick in it, but I won't gob out
my plastic fangs at her plastic gregory.
'S dangerous game getting mislaid during play,
Lord Ken's action men haven't got the bits for a stakeout.

Mummy & Daddy don't believe in us,
but we don't want Daddy & Mummy's blood.

Whoooosh, from foldedup towers
of 'Twilight' duvet covers,
Castle Ovalstein we glide! Bat ballet,
but not to do battle with
wiener werecubs, rugface rats.
No, our supernatural dustup
is with the real Lords of the Night:
yellow peril, Bananas in Pyjamas.

Don't touchhhh me, Van Helsing,
you lay a garlicky glove on me
& I'll dob you in to Social Services'
nightline. Just because I'm a vampire
doesn't mean I'm not a ******.
Boris & Igor are my teddybears,
disinterring the toybox,
Paddington Burke & Winnie-the-Hare, yeah!

Mummy & Daddy don't believe in us,
but we don't want Daddy & Mummy's blood.

I am a jimjampyre, jimjampyre,
vanna drink your cherryade!
Am a jimjampyre, vanilla vampire!
I vont to drink strawberry shake!
Scarlet McCall Nov 2016
I’ll trek through the woods and find a wolf pack
I’ve got a simple strategy for a quick attack
I’ll **** their Alpha and feed them deer
I’ll become the new Alpha and I’ll rule through fear

I’ll lead my pack with my bow and arrow
We’ll eat the moose’s liver and **** the bones’ marrow
We’ll hunt together by the cold moonlight
I’ll plot the course of the season by the stars of the night

We'll eat the flesh of those who dare come near
In the dark frigid dawn of the early New Year
I’ll hunt down stragglers and set their bodies burning
It’s survival of the fittest in this wicked world’s turning

My dogs will howl at the moon by the edge of the cliff
They’ll be the rhythm section while I play my riff
Don’t come near us, don’t try to follow
Steer clear of my pack, or you’ll have no tomorrow
Wrote this a couple of Halloweens ago.
Ginelle Nov 2016
they say the scariest things are
witches, werewolves, ghosts and ghouls;
but they never discuss the demons
that crawl into your mind just 3 hours after midnight.
so what should really scare me on hallowseve?
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