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Where the darkness goes
I will follow endlessly
Into the abyss
A haiku for my love
Umi Sep 2018
Somber is the one who follows,
In shade is the one behind the traveler on his journey,
In darkness is what is left behind that mountain of the setting sun,
Not to be illuminated is the golden rule, not to see the sun a mission,
Because the darkness is inevitable, just because it is everywhere,
In the food we eat, just as well as under our boots as we walk,
It is in the wood we burn and even within our very own fragile bodies the moment we came into this world before we remember,
But one must not lose hope upon this tragedy of a shadow ever so infesting, as its eyes are always locked on us, waiting for a chance,
No, the truth is, darkness or ones own shadow might be patient and generous as it follows you even into our dreams waiting for a chance,
But within its strengh lies its greates upon all weaknesses;
Just one lit candle is capable of making it back down again,
Always keep in mind that love is more than just a silly candle,
Love can illuminate even the stars.

~ Umi
missmoonlight Sep 2018
Holding onto something when it's hardly in your grasp,
Walking into forests when there’s thorns in the grass,
I'll keep following.

Chasing ghosts until the moon turns light,
Our hearts racing laced with all the colours of the night,
I'll keep following.

You keep me fighting,
You keep me wondering,
Show me the light and shelter me from the world outside.

You pull me closer than I ever thought you could,
No matter where I am I find my footsteps where you stood,
I get lost when you enter my mind,
The tide gravitates me by your side.
An absolutely magical, all consuming wholesome love.
Stereo Joy Jul 2018
For years to come with many days to go
The eyes that follow will show a different side of who you think you know
Although as truthful as they can possibly be
The eyes that follow distort the image of what you see

Every second is cherished but not as interesting
Every single day is lived but not always exciting
Every year shows growth but not always on the best terms

Did I tell you of how I got ****** into great TV?
Broadcasted to everything that has a screen
What you think you know isn't exacty what's behind the scenes
Time travels
Not through the bounds of time
As only moments exists in moments
The past is but cold seconds that no longer carry breath
The future is to be created at this very moment I write this pins it together
But time travels
And carries us with it
Like dazed passengers on a train
Dumping our belonging out of the windows in hopes of leaving bread crumbs to be followed
But only time travels
And tramples our footprints underfoot
Pushing forward
Traveling unseen through the night
And as we are dragged along in its side cart
Without knowledge of our own journey
We look down at our present
All we know is now
This is how things are
It was like this yesterday
It most likely be like this tomorrow
Threading along a dimly lit timeline
As time travels
Tom May 2018
What happens when the wind blows?
I feel as though nobody knows
Is it the trees pausing to breathe
Or a body taking its leave?

What happens when the wind blows?
As the night draws in, it only grows
Showing the path as a guiding light
Only a passenger to its daily fight

What happens when the wind blows?
I will follow wherever it goes.
Mary-Eliz May 2018
they say bow down, peons
bow down to the golden cow
to the holy, the sacred one
unending loyalty avow

raised high on four shoulders
in processions for all to see
celebrate and cheer as it passes
with streamers thrown in a spree

send up fireworks in its honor
its resplendent glory extol
croon hosannas and hallelujahs
hand over your very soul

it's the be all and the end all
that's what they'd have you believe
that it deserves all attention and laurels
of course they'd never deceive

make no misstep, follow along
like lemmings to the sea
don't think for yourselves
now and then bending a knee

if someone says "I love that cow"
say it louder and repeat
that golden idol so worshipped
give the most exalted seat

place it on a pedestal
encrusted with precious jewels
that's what they believe it's worth
those fawning, sycophant fools
Make it whatever you want.
SangAndTranen Mar 2018
Hiding, running,
What’s the difference?
I’m still avoiding the danger.

Missing the “thrill”
Of death’s hand
On my shoulder.

Missing the weight
Of impulsive decisions
On my head.

Facing the music is overrated
When there is a mute button
At hand.

Leave me alone.
Stop injecting me with your fire,
Turning my heart into a thunderstorm.

I don’t like rain,
I don’t run into the snow.
Let me sit in the sun.

Blood or none,
Stay far away.
You are nothing
But trouble to me.

You’re shadowed by toil,
Stop telling me I’ll love the pain.
I’m not going to take your hand,
And walk into the chaos.

I think with my head,
Not my sword.
So I’ll count the days until someone tells me,
You got yourself killed.
Bit weird, as usual.
Graff1980 Jan 2018
Oh, the spiral descends.
Empty eyes watch
as the stairs drop
into a circle that bends
swirling in an
infinite depression.

Soft thuds fill the air
as numerous feet follow down
chased by their own
bone chilling sound,

and while they move forward
the darkness envelopes all.
Waves of light retreat
as the children of man
come here to fall.
Cat Lynn Oct 2017
Every time it's late in the night, and I go to check the time

It's 9:23...

When it's the last thing on my mind,  and I'm scribbling down my rhymes

It's 9:23...

Even when I'm exploring the stores to buy something, my receipt..

Reads 9.23...

When I ask when their birthday or anniversary is... My heart leaps

Most of the time, they say "9/23..."

While I'm in the car with my family, and a car passes by at the speed of the law...

Somewhere on the Licence plate, it says "923..."

When I press pause on a you tube video, and I go back to hit play... somehow it's paused...

At 9:23...

When it's early in the morning, and I go to turn my phone on to see the hour and mintues...

It reads 9:23...

When my friends are spamming randomly in emails, and numbers reach their limit...

9.23 is always in there...

Heck even when I have lost sense of time, and i'm having too much fun to care, and I ask what time it is...

They answer "9:23..."

Lastly... When I am doing Statistics in School, one of the answers on the list...

Is 923...

So I ask you... Why are you following me? You have haunted me enough for many years. Is it fate? Is it a clue? Is it an answer? I may never know. But please, whatever your reason is... please have it be a good one.
(I JUST realized... This is the 23rd poem I posted...)
It's so creepy and cool, I have no clue why I see it everywhere I go. I must confess I'm too afraid to even tell anyone about it... I have no idea why it's popping up everywhere.. It maybe a Cure or a Blessing, but only the King above knows the answer.
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