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Bhill May 31
who is following who
who is leading who
why is there such separation
beneath the layers of doubt and mistrust
under the government of ***
who is following who

Brian Hill - 2020 # 148
What is it you're following?
Me or a dream?
If you're just looking for anyone,
You'll never find me
Orchid T Aspen Dec 2019
The whole time,
I was running as fast as I could, consumed by the flames that only knew that they should whisper
to just run
just run away,
that they should lick me
to get a taste
and desire me forever,
that they should laugh
to keep me fleeing,
so away and away,
to keep me fearing
for my life and even
other lives,
t­hat in a terrored moment,
I couldn't remember
if they were my own,
and at the end of the edges
that I just kept running through,
even though
there was nothing left for me
to see or feel,
nothing left to convince me
that safety was only steps away
if I could please,
just keep taking them,
I was stricken,
impaled on
the thought,
the horrified suspicion,
some feeling bent on attacking me too,
the final flagship of my guilt,
a death speech,

that maybe I was leading those flames instead.
Where should we have gone?
Laokos Oct 2019
fire in the nighthouse
a lemon in the

you stand among the
bloodshed , legs in
the forest -
why haven't you
left yet ?

there is no council
to seek , no wise
matriarch , nor a hermit
living deeply - there never
was , it's just you
brother , just you sister

you must find your
own way through

you are lost among
all these copies -
people living their lives
as other people

people following people
following people long dead

what momentum stalls
your true spirit from
moving here ?  what limits
bare their teeth as you approach ?

ra ! ,
you are fury and
wrath and recompense

you are cool green
intellect piercing through
the light of the

you are deeper hues
hidden behind blindness

you are death
reaping life and you
are here now ,
ra !
Where the darkness goes
I will follow endlessly
Into the abyss
A haiku for my love
Umi Sep 2018
Somber is the one who follows,
In shade is the one behind the traveler on his journey,
In darkness is what is left behind that mountain of the setting sun,
Not to be illuminated is the golden rule, not to see the sun a mission,
Because the darkness is inevitable, just because it is everywhere,
In the food we eat, just as well as under our boots as we walk,
It is in the wood we burn and even within our very own fragile bodies the moment we came into this world before we remember,
But one must not lose hope upon this tragedy of a shadow ever so infesting, as its eyes are always locked on us, waiting for a chance,
No, the truth is, darkness or ones own shadow might be patient and generous as it follows you even into our dreams waiting for a chance,
But within its strengh lies its greates upon all weaknesses;
Just one lit candle is capable of making it back down again,
Always keep in mind that love is more than just a silly candle,
Love can illuminate even the stars.

~ Umi
missmoonlight Sep 2018
Holding onto something when it's hardly in your grasp,
Walking into forests when there’s thorns in the grass,
I'll keep following.

Chasing ghosts until the moon turns light,
Our hearts racing laced with all the colours of the night,
I'll keep following.

You keep me fighting,
You keep me wondering,
Show me the light and shelter me from the world outside.

You pull me closer than I ever thought you could,
No matter where I am I find my footsteps where you stood,
I get lost when you enter my mind,
The tide gravitates me by your side.
An absolutely magical, all consuming wholesome love.
Stereo Joy Jul 2018
For years to come with many days to go
The eyes that follow will show a different side of who you think you know
Although as truthful as they can possibly be
The eyes that follow distort the image of what you see

Every second is cherished but not as interesting
Every single day is lived but not always exciting
Every year shows growth but not always on the best terms

Did I tell you of how I got ****** into great TV?
Broadcasted to everything that has a screen
What you think you know isn't exacty what's behind the scenes
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