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We’ll go somewhere quiet, you and I.

Somewhere safe where no one’s around.

Somewhere I can tell you how much I love you without anyone but you there to hear it.

Somewhere I can tell you how much you fascinate me.

Somewhere I can tell you how beautiful your skin is.

Somewhere I can pull out a knife and skin you alive.

Somewhere I can use your skin as a blanket.

Your soft, golden, beautiful skin.

Maybe, when I’m done with it, you can have it back.

I’ll bring a needle and thread so that your bones don’t stay cold forever.

We’ll go somewhere quiet, you and I.

Somewhere where no one can hear you cry for help, agony and betrayal buried deep in your screams like my knife buried deep in your chest.

And if you won’t go?

My dear, I’ll just make you.
This one got darker than I thought it would.
nat 7d
i will live and die alone
the thought stabs me in the


it punctures my jugular
and i bleed out on yr carpet

i got too high again
Skyler M Jan 29
There's skeletons in our closets,
Bones and skulls we never put to rest,
Creatures and people we massacred,
Won't tell anyone cause nobody cares like we do,
We don't fear anything but our own heads,
The things we've seen but forgotten,
Erode away the closet doors,
Guts come spilling way,
Revealing hidden passageways,
To something better that we've hid from ourselves,
Why we hid it just goes to show,
That we thrive under pressure,
Under our own filth and crimson,
In the little passageway,
The darkness was overwhelming,
To me but maybe not to you,
We stared at each other,
Doubting intentions and sudden emotions.

I was a gaslight ready to extinguish,
You were a creature of fire ready to burn up,
The only thing on my mind was a fateful night alone,
I couldn't tell what was on yours and needed to know more,
You lured me out of the shredded heads and limbs,
I was concerned with cleaning my closet,
My mother warned me over and over again,
You were concerned with everybody and not yourself,
We walked through no-mans-land for quite a while,
In between ourselves and everybody else,
We regretted the idea of emotions,
But I gave into a landslide of blood turned sand.

Where it started baffles me,
We hurt ourselves so much but work so well,
We broke into what life can really look like,
We're slowly healing and learning,
And that's the most important part.
Bret Jan 29
snap me in half, peel back my flesh, dig your hand
into my ribcage and retrieve my heart
so that you can serve it on a silver platter.
now, dip your quill into the crimson pool
that i've left on the ground
and write out every pretty thought inside your mind.
Chris Jan 12
It is the war, and everlasting,
Its purpose depraved and disgusting,
And the light the stars are casting,
is a shadow of before,
It leaves all mankind in scattered ruins
and defies all righteous doings,
and there is no victor returning,
from this last of wars.

Nine hells will unleash the flame,
while we fight and die in vain,
nothing ever is the same,
no matter how it turns.
And the mushroom cloud is rising
a sign of a new dividing,
after it there´s no more hiding,
everything will burn.

Skinned and bare and chests cut open,
left to crows and half way rotten,
soon discarded and forgotten,
it´s the end it seems.
And the casualties are many,
But all that will be left to bury,
in this endless cemetery,
Is our hopes and dreams
mer Jan 4
out of control

blurry vision
quick decisions
no logic

painful cuts
with silver blades
searing pain

glazed eyes
dull hearts
brains on fire

never ending
and anxiety

"better off dead"
said the ones
like us

before they took the gun

mer Jan 4
She climbed like fire
from the cold claws--
"Not today," she said
Shaking her head.

It came back,
gnawing at her skin
Picking at her head
"No!" she yelled.

It crept up again
Its shivery smile deceiving
She met its eyes
And sighed, before walking away.

But it stuck with her.
Pleasant, yet sickening.
Beautiful but disgusting--
She stopped.

Looked over her shoulder;
It was still there,
Its red gleaming eyes full
of knowing evil.

Her eyes turned the color of fire
She touched its scales
Stroked its flesh
Eyes full of forbidden wonder.

She took a blade, in her pocket,
And looked at her wrists.
The blue rivers of gushing red
Intrigued her.

It noticed how easy she was
To control;
It hissed in her ear
And told her "Yes!"

That was all she needed--
She became one with it
When she sliced open her arm
And became slowly absorbed.

Soon she was gone
With the blue rivers,
Carried away by lies
And deceived by evil.
Scarlett Dec 2018
she points ***** covered fingers in accusation
as her bones melt down the sink
her flesh stuck to my porcelain bowl
I still smell that chunky pink
if ***** had a voice
Andrea Sawicki Dec 2018
The dark an twisted thoughts that fill my head
Are not ones that I would share with others
The blood
The gore
The massicisam
The pain I wish on others
You would not think I’d have these thoughts if you looked at me.
With my cheery smile and sweet hazel eyes
My soft voice that others love to hear
But that’s just the mask I put in place
It’s so perfect that others don’t even know it’s a mask at all
But if you peel away the skin you will see the rotting flesh underneath
The one of decay an death
Of hurt an suffering
You will see the darkness of my soul
And I relish it
So don’t get to close
Because I have secrets that only I bare
Scarlett Dec 2018
when you grasp her hand in yours
I feel you tear open my hollow chest
knuckles tightly bound to your knife
searching for a battered heart to digest
hope you enjoyed your meal you slimy ****
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