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Yo, you fukin with the baddest,
no i ain't the other kid
claimin hype, im gettin right and Ni
gas hate the status.

I think its cause, they just dont know,
how long i've been at this
i've never ever heard a beat I can't Randy Savage.

the way you lookin at me, lookin like I'm just average,
baby im just tryna make you see through..: Glasses
I hate when you're passive, the tension gets so massive
started from the basement... So why we in the attic?

maybe we some addicts, your love's asthmatic..
I love it when you in the bed, working that maGIC!
I know we got problems, so lets move past it..
no turn around.. back it up.. like that ss did!

You know I'm just playin, you already know these actions..
type of moves, keeps the mood.. total satisfaction
Baby aint no laxin.. specially when I'm rappin
t, I spit real, so much, they need Captions

Ain't nothing in this world, through the sadness.. the ashes
so baby can we live it up, until we in our caskets?
Don't go and be phony, like the ones who be actin..
look in each other's eyes... tell me, can you feel the passion??

I used to try to sneak these looks.. starin at her as* and..
she caught me lookin once, she tried to make it so dramatic
Baby, you a dime.. tryna find the way AT IT..
put you in my wallet, ya you can live lavish,

If I-ever-sign (Iverson). they might think it was the PRACTICE..
but baby its you.. its true.. how low that *ss gets.
you liein with a bull (
Liabilities).. who be likin all your assets..
Equity to get with me. Aint even seen the half yet.

And I aint even done.. I aint even at the half yet..
I'm just here to merc.errrr. bustin up your bracket
I'm in outer space. ya my mind reach the vastest..
choppin up your crew.. mutinies up at Krastor's!

I'm freeing all your chains so that you can **** the masters!
don't let them seize your fate.. you just gotta be faster!
Don't let them bring you down, ya they nothing but some bastar*s
tryna hold you back.. while you tryna move past them..

Dont let it bust your head.. life is what you can imagine,
Don't need a fking genie, to be the next Aladdin!
No need to show your pain.. don't just sit in bed saddened..
Find what you love.. WORK! then laugh at them...      here is the song if you'd like to listen :)
Alex Smith Oct 2018
Amaze me,
Or maybe just phase me
Blast me in a hazey maze
With your hasty ways
And your phazers
Cutting me like razors
Erase her,
Till the time it pays - off.
And help yourself
To get so well
Getting out of
Your personal ****.
I'm progressing,
Can't you tell?
That rhyme scheme though.
Sueño Oct 2018
It was a warm soothing October day
A nation mourned your loss
The voice of Canada
Soundtrack to everyone’s summer
everyone’s heartbreak
Everyone’s love
A reason to celebrate
It was a beautiful day
Tragically sick
It’s no joke
We miss you Gord,
We needed someone like you
Someone who told the world
What we can do.
Canada misses you
And a year later it’s still the same
So pick up the ****,
And light it up
The Tragically hip
Here to **** **** up.

(Canada legalized **** on Gords death day)
Just a quick thank you didn’t put too much thought into it
BoogzThePoet Oct 2018
Life’s a trip aint it?
Cause I can see myself there.
In the courtside of movement with my daughter
Teaching her the fundamentals to this foreplay break form we call top rocking
See, cause we all started while still in the fetus of knowledge,
dance was our way out
far sighted to the violence was most important
My neighbors enriched themselves a devil’s deal with other advocates
Sold their souls to hate,
Gun play, drugs, **** and discriminate……tion.
Since that first get down on my auntie’s wooden floors,
Or since seeing the smooth criminal himself steal the encore,
I became the Xerox copy,
mirroring my master like a parrot,
I studied more and observed a new culture.
Not even knowing this family was my narrative teen story.
I devoured every second.
Danced till my body couldn’t stand it.
I danced in the light and were steps away from my own shadows.
Sometimes the shadows were heavy
a filament that needs to be observed and cleansed--- go figure huh
A self-judgment clinging to aura.
A child crying who felt unloved.
A beings dependent on promises from Ones outside self.
Suddenly, light shines and the dancer feels the power--
A breath that aligns inside grace.
A moment where ones heart expands with love.
A moment where a dancer meets melody
Hip hip is a masterpiece,
hip-hop is you, me, him and her, and because of this masterpiece is a dancer inside of me.
His movements created mists around his company,
I didn't need to tell hip-hop I loved her.
I gave her all my love with this dance.
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
Acting like an accident waiting to happen.
They unprotected me and left me for dead while I was napping.
Torchered by their lies.
I can see through their hip disguise.

Again they act like the lying cheats they are.
It is to bad they have beaten up old car.
Trying to help them act to torcher.
In the heat another scorcher.

For ***, lies, and video tape.
They can go on “Gilbert’s” grape.
My neighbors lie and so they act self righteous.
Then they then act to destroy my life with no bias.

No one will help.
I am here alone with the enemy about to melt.
That is all I can say.
Maybe one day they will pay!
Rob Sandman Aug 2018
I'm the best and worst,better than your first,
*******, but worse than Courtney takin' the Shotgun to Kurt,
Chick-Chick BOOM! too soon?-get the the **** out
I got more brains than the Cobains Greehouse,
He was in maybe he's IN NIRVANA,

I don't know I'll leave it there maybe ask Buddha,
brutha believe me you can't deceive me,or relieve me,
even a trained hunting Dog can't retrieve me

Let's be Frank...
I leave rappers quieter than Helen Keller's beef with Anne Frank,
need enough Franc's for a trip to France to get some stamp's Franked...

Frank White or Frank Castle I'm an angry Irish *******,
arguments against me are simply facile,
sit the **** down, drop the Mic like a hot Spud,
afore you get stood all over by the Bull Stud,
I'm a ******* detector, Patriotic defector,
criminal Electors rippin' off the Exchequer
while I'm busy in your Ma's room strippin off her knickers!

I'm swimmin with an Army of ex Special Forces Women
to the Island offshore accounts are on Gunnin' and Grinnin,
constantly Sinnin' I'm Constantine slammin a Mirror offa Demon
Leavin your bird's face like a Doughnut glazed in *****,
dosin' every coffee cup in MIT with DMT,
Observin Scientists tip over at the knees like fallin' trees
new discoveries abound as PHD'***** the ground,
if Forest Whitaker fell in the woods would he make a sound?

My ground and pound will confound-verbal skills will astound,
next memory is wakin' up with a crowd around,
ye wanna step and test?,don't mean to be crude,
but ye must have a real taste for hospital food,
through a straw-thru a wired up jaw,
playing ****** up games like Saw,
ye shoulda saw the consequences when ya raised yer paw
yer Paw shoulda raised ye better bout raisin' fists to yer betters,
bunch of bedwetters tryin' to do a Man's job, forget it.

I'm the best and the worst,best friend-worst enemy,
big mistake offendin' me,don't need no one defendin me
but I still have a crew of real hard rocks,
the lads are used to the hard knocks,
you're used to the hard *****!
your faces are so shocked,
you just got yer snot rocked
now you're layin' face first cause you ****** with the best/worst!
Another-"Fell out of me fairly fully formed at 6am" Poem,
more to come, next will be the true story of me drifting out to sea many years ago!.
momma mia man date
comb the second Sunday during month of May
can be traced back to ancient Greeks and Romans
festivals held

     to honor mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele
setting precedent for Mother's Day
     where early Christians fancied festival
     known as “Mothering Sunday.”

Fast forward to the early
     twentieth century 1908 when
Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis (a social activist then,
and community organizer

     during American Civil War) era to quieten
grief fraught entrapment also cited
     as informally memorializing her mother,
     who begot said noble men

     touring daughter
     paying homage to woebegone
lachrymose role with accolades
     to endure tragedy and loss put upon
child bearing women,

     this event held (rain or sun)
at St Andrew's Methodist Church
     in Grafton, West Virginia, which did quicken
in subsequent decades to formal fete,
     where poets (like me) did open

the special occasion with ranked midshipmen
commercialization cropped as ken
be expected by the early 1920's imbolden
greeting card companies such as Hallmark gen
er rated a market (money making of course) even

though Jarvis believed companies sought profit
NOT prophet, thus misinterpreting
     and exploiting idea of Mother's Day and met
aforementioned founder, who tried to jet

tis sin the ****** appetite of the ole mighty dollar,
     but her lofty ambition did get
thwarted by mass marketing
     the quaint idea,
     plus she feared going in debt

and though the industry
     (initially proposed entailed low key
acknowledgement, the originator
     (Ann Marie Jarvis) still esteemed re
formed unsanitary living conditions with zee

less ness and aplomb
set a course where greater longevity doth hum
all because, she sought to regale "mum."
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