How many will you all let loose
Fall to the system, hang to the noose
All just because you're chasing a goose
How can we win when we're calling a truce
Down to the ground, we're lost til we're found
Buried in sound, we're cool if we drown
Their words are like scripts
But you shake your head like you're hip
To the snake that can twist
A man into a cyst
You're hesitant but you're blessed
It's all compressed inside with signs to guide you to find what you need to realize to shed the horrible guise and end the demise of the guys that you've dealt with all your lives
It gives me the hives yet the honey gets flies
I'm not a lie yet they make me a size
And I go with them into my box like a prize
For the rest of the guys that knew we stood a chance
To finally be here hopping over that fence
Like the wall that couldn't keep us together
In a place so hot nobody wears a sweater
But they're sweating now, the whole crowd
Is coming down, can't settle down now
Your words cut the diamonds of crime and it's ties
The past is just a knife in our side
We all wish we could fly but never try to get by besides covering our hides
This constant demise is a guise for the wisdom
Carrying it to our family, it's all just tradition
Put it together until you out-dish them
We're feast on the heavens til eleven
Then drop the revenue that's been telling you to give in
It's certain you're battling yourself, belittling yourself to their wealth
Bowing down to the phrase "Listen up and behave"
It's madness we crave when we're in such a daze
And we're lazy about it cause what can we do
We're humans, we came from monkeys but we're brand new
Children of genetics, the science is a sentence
Putting us in our place like a menace
Why even play tennis with your conscience
Spill it out, secrets will show us all how to function
I've got a pedigree in mathematics but tell me
If 2 plus 2 is 4 why the children still hungry
You feel me? We're reeling in our own shit
We're tired of it, tracking it onto the red carpet
Another light shines stepping into the tar pit

Politically disempowered.
Living on a financial cliff.
Are you really having the Party to celebrate
Or just to Get Trashed out
To forget about your debt?
Portraying yourselves as "liberated"
Though contaminated  with the Virus
Of Institutional Racism.
Such is the Plight
Of Today's Youth.

Tangley Wangling

Fruit Jews in Tutus at youth group, maybe just a few with their screws loose. One self-rolling righteous group, their brothers grinning
Within the depths of their white-heads at the brim of a wet blanket suckling the needles catering new drug use. Two by two, elefants and woozels, hippopotamü's confusals, spongey-butts outfitting the rye n' wines refusals.

The luxury of a coccyx felt from the fingers turn to sunrise, where the water's weight some surprise them, in an integers shock-appraisal. Lucky loos by the brothel befit these new arrivals, though some tyrannosaurs despise 'em, smoke as much as you can if you've got 'em.

But don't let your antiques get you down, an ornithologist lends herself to your bookends, and even that nighthawk roosting makes your car alarm sound second rate, it's seconds late as the aves rave to the ravens, and they pontificate. Owls hoo-hoo and hooting, branch off with the others and start colluding. They just wanna get you home, to get back those prosthetics you've loaned.

Canoodling barbarians on their way back from the aquarium, demand  their fires come from oblivion, which sends sparks of arguments from the sharks and the bathylkopian oblivions, where we found that this water's warm these citizens, demand recompense for such grandiose living expense, three pence to use the phone, twelve rupees towards the sofa, and even a deutsch mark for every sit or every look at sit, it's just a chair, a doubly set of wooden legs, idling under a table plank. Pirated by the buttocks, such bullocks it is, and that's just it!

An archaeologist on assignment discovered that the future of the rhinoceros exists upon the olfactory exaggerated proboscis, the result of flushing unused anti-biotics, and is currently working for dimes out of college to deluge this quite deprived yet interesting biopic.  

The films of the junky, grab at the balls thrown about by The Monkees, and the musicians wearing those stickers on their breasts, are victim to XXS cotton denim vests, unzipped and barely covering themselves, added to by the accessories and rings, jewelry if anything, a pearl necklace and nubile sacrifis.

And the trollops frolic, diurnally dispose of logic, doing the hoopty-hoop, the alley-oops, with mom's high school flute in nothing but cowboy boots!

These are, the new discoveries of our species, carved into the marble and wet frescos, in the street reliefs, spray-painted and air-brushed motif, this creates such gatherings for throngs of people who've unachieved their needs, who've displaced their parents and display their racist grieving beliefs to trash indigenous language pleas for francophonian linguistic greed that have splayed their hellacious treaty in what's considered to be modern circumscribed and ill-painted cuneiform visually conceived, vocal graffiti.

So that the neu-faux derogatory delegates stress to sudatorium, it has regressed to moratoriums, we've now cancelled this sport consortium of awful and flagrant art performances.

Yo, dude,
Joe is really hip now.
He ordered a Nazi Uniform on Etsy.
And marches down the Street,
Wearing it.
He tried to bomb a Synagogue
And Burn a Mosque.
He terrorizes Transgender People.
He's a real White Supremacist!
I guess Conservatism is the New Counterculture now!

Khalif Mar 31

Remember Wesley’s Theory. Remember they haven’t taught you everything.
And no one actually gives anything For Free. Don’t take it and expect to give nothing back.
They will beat it out of you. Spit back King Kunta even though you’ll feel nothing like royalty.
Google Institutionalized. The first example reads, The danger of discrimination becoming


Maybe they didn’t want to flat out say racism?
And instead pretend like u won’t try to climb over These Walls.
You in Trumps America now boy, everything ain’t just gonna be Alright.
You might wake up tomorrow, sign chained to your ankles, “For Sale”.

Momma never warned you. At least you don’t remember, you haven’t talked lately.
You never understood Hood Politics, found yourself on the wrong block
Too much change in your pocket tryna to figure out How Much a Dollar Cost
But the Complexion of your currency ain’t quite correct cuz

That’s when you realize The Blacker the Berry, the less like you.
You Ain’t Gotta Lie, you like where you are now.
Starting to think i belong and shit.
But remember, even though you know how to Pimp a Butterfly, you’re just a Mortal Man.

Italics are songs from "To Pimp a Butterfly"
Andrew T Mar 7

give me a chance
to take you out
for one last night
in the city,

as the angels sleep on the sidewalks,
and the reptiles snore in the white house.

I'm crying alone
while your friends check their phones,
smoke their vapes,
and Brady the dog nudges my leg
with his snout,
soft as a napkin
wiping breadcrumbs off a table.

Chipotle before we write diary entries
for our children who look like your
ex-boyfriend. Tell them stories
past their curfew,
as their heads cloud with dreams,
where nothing but beauty blooms,
and sadness goes to pasture,
to be cooked on a rotisserie,
and spit out into bits.

like your flesh when it's been burnt by a lighter.
so listen up,
finish your game of FIFA,
then make me laugh,
so that I could forget about yesterday's fight.

Joshua Carter Dec 2016


Beautiful souls build beautiful minds..
one in the same time..
lovely rose that grew from the inception of two blind..
creating fire and water that would bring divinity throughout destiny lies..
the beauty in knowledge that makes you think for yourself..
the world on its shoulders..
get that dirt off..
Matter of fact .. I'll help..
but who am I myself?
Empath ..
that may never heal myself..

Joshua Carter Dec 2016

We never flex..
we never rest..
I learned to live with no regrets..
like nahh I ain't seen them yet..
they never come over to visit..
I still fuck wit my niggas
Tryna teach something and roll something everyday..
willing to listen all ways..
from every direction we tryna get paid..
I am the master of my own fate..
no slave ships just yacht days..
whips and chains just to misbehave..
Runnin for gold tryna overcome the maze..
still blasting joy and pain..
like everyday..
balance ..
the weight I lift on my shoulders ..
boulders, a country and a couple mountains..
but who's counting ...
unless it's the money..
she said I changed when I ain't want the change on me..
let em have it..
it's good to be a blessing to those who don't have it..
cause if I didn't ...
I know damn well I would grasp it..
I'm tryna show time I am magic..
yellow Porsche carrera 911 package
wood grain and all black leather lavish
staring at the world in my rear view blasting  
On the gas mashin..
never ever crashin..
smooth sailing wit plenty cabbage..
she tell me slow down take my time..
I said I been Robbin all my life..
I think Ima take advantage of tonight..
DJ quik and some sprite..
future stick talk and hella yellow rice..
siracha in the marinade?
we just livin life right?
We Can't afford to think twice..
so we got paid to think wise..
So we Chase our visions and sights..

Joshua Carter Dec 2016

The movement in the motion of rhythm..
Your baby laughing at your little sister..
The souls recognition to another dimension..
Intimacy in your favorite position..
Granny's macaroni and cheese and chicken..
Dad when he is giving advice on living..
Wisdom and Visions..
A surgeons successful incisions..
A Lawyers lies to freedom..
Love is a multitude of mentions.
But overall Love is Human Existence..

Joshua Dougan Dec 2016

Speak from the heart. The tip of the tongue.
Fly off the cuff, The hip of your gun.
Set scenes apart, a trip to the sun.
Getting High on the huff, the gifting of love.

Speak from the heart, easier said then done.
Treat it like art, Feeding the dread with glum.
Speak from the heart, easier said then done.
Freezing at start, leading the dead with guns.

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