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I spout nonsensical filler words in every sentence I speak.
I say things, to say something, without Adding any meaning behind it.
Because my most exposed,
Raw thoughts,
Would make this group go silent.
I'm not accepted,
Unless I wear this filter.
It filters out all insightful and Substantial conversation.
And replaces it with a slop of words,
That make me
Feel sick.
I'm sick of saying something that means nothing.
Clay Face Dec 2019
I claw and drool for social acknowledgement.

I’m so blind by the drive, I’m not disgusted by the animal I am and others I admire.

Degrading and defacing myself in the process.

Leave a compliment, for attention and false exchange of treatment.

I hold my phone incapable of moan.

This thing.

It doesn’t care about me.

Neither do the people on it.

My family does.

But I must find acceptance from my peers.
I have to steal their eyes and ears.
They do it, so I must too.
Throw away all my integrity, of which there is few.
Robin MacCuish May 2019
I am tired of the sad poems
The words that have been said before
Boys off to war
I’m sighing out love poems
Like I’ve never heard the works of wonders
Of the unsaid I love you
I am laying down for every no one ever realized they loved me
Till it was a too late poem
I’m fainting at the sight of anger
Red hot and blue
Like an abusive bruise
That, someone, took the time to choose
To become the bearer and the wearer of bad news
I’m yawning between the pages and
Phrases of stringing words
To create ideas and nations
Of thoughts so carefully thought up
Just to throw up and spit out
Juvia Cecilia Apr 2017
"And they lived Happily Ever After."
how clique
is what we think whenever we hear or see a happy ending in a book, movie or even in real life
yet when they don't get their happy ending why do we cry and wish it could be the other way?
how iconic huh?
I cried my eye ***** out when my book didn't end with a happy ending yet the other day I read a book with a happy ending and got annoyed because it was too clique and predictable. Don't you just love life?
Hannah Holliday May 2015
I am sick of the halls echoing the same names
moaning for some kind of pleasure
from a girl in a skirt that slips itself past her thigh
I have never been one to scream
but it feels sometimes like I am being swallowed alive
the windows only show some sort of imaginary picture
when I am trapped on the inside
I sit at a desk and stare straight ahead
how do we not call this some form of punishment
breathe me in until there is nothing left but stale air
I promise to always let you see who I really am
Kagami Oct 2014
I come here to be happy,
To find my place
And teach myself how to be
A true writer.

To me it seems
I try.
I try to speak,
Show myself,
Do what I am supposed to do here.
I am told to be myself,
There is no blending in.
And yet, it seems I have to.

No one cares. I cry
And they stare and walk past.
I had more support and reassurance
In the place where I was bullied and tormented

And here,
I am alone.
Cliques formed and I was, once again,
And outcast.
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