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Priyam May 21
I'll lay my story in blood one day
My pain dripping through the words
You tell my life's a boon, my friend
I guess I was the curse
I'll lay my story in blood one day
And then you'll know why
I have few friends and I tend to end
Every happiness that comes by
sky Oct 2018
Pull me close and touch my cheek
I long for you to wipe the tears away.

I'm dripping colors
all the things that make me
are pouring out
because this black and white world
is scared of my painted mind
Jessica Jarvis Aug 2018
Rainy days and dripping windows,
Once again, beside my pillow,
I lay upon my bed alone,
But in a place to me, unknown.

Day two, beyond the first “hello’s”,
Clouds still hover, and even billow,
They say goodbye to each of their own,
They thunder and sprinkle before heading on home.

After their hastened diminuendo,
Most clouds scatter among the fellow.
I compare to them to see how I’ve grown,
knowing rain brings a harvest from a seed that was sewn.
mint Jul 2018
slowly everything that we once were drips out of me
i know it will take time
for when you loved me you embedded yourself into every part of my being
i will wait until it falls below me
like i’m the top half of an hour glass
i will wait with time dripping at my feet
i will wait to be ok
i finally got closure fellas. And shes my friend now and im happy with how things are  i just need to wait. For now im still,... in love with her. A part of me feels like there will always be a tiny cell in my body that will always love her. I dont know. I know that i need to move on and that I will move on. Its time to work towards happiness again. And I trust it wIll come soon.  Its only a matter of time
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
Tears are Dripping … by Jessie 10/05

1920’s, times are mighty hard
Momma’s seven children fill a tinny yard

All the clothes there wearing, done got passed down
Every pair of shoes, even made the rounds

Nights are short and the days are long
Hard to fix what you don’t knows wrong

Tears are dripping form the dead dogs eyes
Momma calms the children with a lullaby

**** chilly night, fires burning hot
Ain’t nothing cooking, got an empty ***

Bellies all a swollen from the lack of food
No one helps momma, feed her hungry brood

Aint no Daddy … Daddy went and died
Momma was too busy…never even cried

Tears are dripping from the dead dogs eyes
Momma calms the children with a lullaby

Momma makes a living washing white folk’s clothes
Winter mighty cold …feel the north wind blow

Kids huddle around, keeping each other warm
Momma always said, gotta ride out the storm

Every days a challenge, every days a chore  
Meeting every day, not knowing what’s in store

Tears are dripping from the dead dogs eyes
Momma calms the children with a lullaby
Always thought this could have been a song
Joseph Loggi Jan 2018
Listen please,
  I hear the call
As the paint drips
  From the wall and
Onto the floor.

We are redecorating
Only, we are temporary
As we splatter
To get out the past.
  But hey, I like
  This color
As my hands are
Coated with some
  Thick lacquer
That holds my nails
And wrinkles of my skin.

This hue will go well
With what we don’t have
As the brush smears
The globs
Of pastel
And wipes out
The wallpaper,
Of the previous owner.
Layered away
We discolor,
In layers we
Bury them.
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