Noné Billi Jan 9

Listen please,
  I hear the call
As the paint drips
  From the wall and
Onto the floor.

We are redecorating
Only, we are temporary
As we splatter
To get out the past.
  But hey, I like
  This color
As my hands are
Coated with some
  Thick lacquer
That holds my nails
And wrinkles of my skin.

This hue will go well
With what we don’t have
As the brush smears
The globs
Of pastel
And wipes out
The wallpaper,
Of the previous owner.
Layered away
We discolor,
In layers we
Bury them.

Danielle L Cook Dec 2017

I can still feel it -- sliding, melting as it runs down my skin,
slowly dripping down my sides and into places only you've been

when it's gone you reach for something warmer to wrap me in
Celeste Briefs Nov 2017

The whole world is dripping
It is dark
And calm
And peaceful
The World
            Is tipping
Pouring its love
Into the arms
            Of the universe
With eyes the size of
Heavenly bodies
            Connecting the dots
            Singing to me
            Every night in my head
With sleepy eyes
And dreamy mind
I found my way
Into the light of
            Night's mystery
It's far from solved
            I know
            And yet
            I feel
By Night's grace
By the beauty
            of Night's intensifying
It's electricity
            excites me
This mystery
Has not yet been solved
            I know
            And yet
            It has been cracked
Wide open
            A churning
                        golden interior of
glowing, star-like bodies,
stars and galaxies
An electronic,

Vale Luna Jun 2017

When you get down
On your knees in front of me
I panic:
                 “Please don't.

I'm so used to
  Being the one to kneel
  Being your submissive
  Being the one
To caress your sensitive sugar cookie
With the tip of my tongue
Just not the other way around:

I'm scared
Because what if
You don't like the way I taste
What if
I'm not sweet enough for you
The thought
Burns up my insides:
                 “please don't…

But when you plant
A candy coated kiss
On my quivering
Inner thigh
I can feel myself
My frosting
Creating a damp oval
On the bed spread
A gentle moan escapes my lips:

Your body is hungry
And my words
Only make your stomach growl

So you lean forward anyway
And kiss away at the sugar
My tension growing:
                 “Please don't. Stop.
Dripping and melting
Into a pleading whimper
                 “Please don't stop.

I seem to be sweet enough for you.

Just thought I'd have a little fun and write a sequel to Dirty Sweets (for those of you who are a fan of that poem) :D
alan Jun 2017

The sea is overflowing and dripping from my eyes,
don't mind the pain of the hail, it's the rain that I despise.
The coral of the ocean, the bright and pretty hue,
all seem to fade away deep into the blue.
The wind blows outside and air escapes each lung,
as we scream for the same reason, yet in a different tongue.

Ryan Holden May 2017

As you slowly run,
Falling down a void,
Of never ending cycle,
Your persistence considered,
Never disappoints restless,
I debate wandering,
To stop the dripping tap.

Currently a tap dripping in my house and thought I'd write about it. Ha.
Seanathon Mar 2017

As the rain falls down
So my feet sound out
And pad the coated asphalt ground
And the truth is there for me to find
That running warm and in that storm
Those were the best few miles of my life

Truth. (:
Joe Black Feb 2017

Walked near her slowly,
Brushed with hand, breathing slowly,
She came closer, shaking,
Warm, quite, soft...
Her eyes were shing like a moon,
They were telling way too much,
I've start to play with her with hand,
Slowly put her legs apart...
Hand was filled with warmth of her soft breast,
Movement up and down she been waiting for...
Then thrill pierced inside of me,
And white liquid dripped..
At that moment i felt enravishment,
That's how i milked a cow for a first time...

Luna Craft Mar 2016

You were a leaky faucet
Letting words out on accident
Wasting what little water you had left
Draining into the sewer
All alone
You were slowly dripping away

dull-eyed mortal Oct 2015

Up in the branches,
Ripples dance across the sky,
And drip through the leaves.

This haiku is part of my collection dripping mountains. This is an abract collection on nature
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