Sean Scribbles Mar 27

As the rain falls down
So my feet sound out
And pad the coated asphalt ground
And the truth is there for me to find
That running warm and in that storm
Those were the best few miles of my life

Truth. (:
Joe Black Feb 23

Walked near her slowly,
Brushed with hand, breathing slowly,
She came closer, shaking,
Warm, quite, soft...
Her eyes were shing like a moon,
They were telling way too much,
I've start to play with her with hand,
Slowly put her legs apart...
Hand was filled with warmth of her soft breast,
Movement up and down she been waiting for...
Then thrill pierced inside of me,
And white liquid dripped..
At that moment i felt enravishment,
That's how i milked a cow for a first time...

Luna Craft Mar 2016

You were a leaky faucet
Letting words out on accident
Wasting what little water you had left
Draining into the sewer
All alone
You were slowly dripping away

The Lonely Bard Oct 2015

Kindly a hand cuddled my face,
Right then I knew that,
It's destiny's sun shining through for me,
Presents of my Karma showering on,
Iliad of mine it shone on to become.

If destiny's hands were mine then I'd control it.

Learning the ways of the world,
Of course it will help us both,
Vehement opposition we faced,
Exemplifying quality throughout.

You descended here as the perennial spring,
Of my heart you are the beat,
Up against the dark skies you help me shine.

My HP Poem #908
©Atul Kaushal
KILLME Aug 2015

i'm tired of these
black mascara tears
dripping down my face

A poor, weakling boy was held down as the eldest of the grumpy twats grabbed a torch. Blazing in front of the boy's face, the heat grew hotter and hotter near his eyes.
White, moist gel started dripping down his face like toasted marshmallows, pausing for a brief hiccup before breaking flat and fallen on the ground. Only a white sun could be seen at this point and there was nothing he could do to save his sight. A searing heat lit his veins, spreading his energy thin.
Finally, what was left of his eyes were decimated, leaving behind only the rawest, most atrocious pit of shadows and swallowed souls.

Tex Dermott Aug 2015

Watching water drip
Is boring
Still it can keep you awake
All night long

Kee Jun 2015

The red leaves fall off
But the thorns remains strong
It pricks your skin and watches you bleed
It enjoys the dripping
The dripping of your blood
Your soul
You should be.
These thorns were meant for
pricking the soul and nothing above it.

Rhianna Thorn Jan 2015

its like a tap,
that's broken and
wont stop dripping
the sound of it driving
you to near insanity
with every splash
every time i remember
you're gone its like
another drip from
that tap
and i try my hardest
to shut it off
i hold and tug
and twist and pull
but it just drips more
and more
and i cant stop it
because it is my constant anger,
and frustration you're gone
and i cant get you back

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