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A M Ryder Apr 2022
What intrigues
The flint
To spark a thought?
Is it sadistic?
Is it sympathetic?
Do you ever
Know enough?
Lost in search for
The heart
Of the matter
Do you truly believe
In this world
You've created?
mark soltero Jun 2021
the fool
created his own woes
sorrows laid into his red nose
dirt fills his mind
nothing pure and full of sin
sadistic miseries fill him within
the fool only knows negatives
his life called for nothing but ridicule
if only the fool knew
that he could command an audience
he rather cry in silence
die and rot away to the dirt that used to fill him
Dylan McFadden Nov 2020
Sadistic, sinister:

              The evil twin sister

I fight, I resist,

              But sometimes I still miss her...

From birth was a friction –

              Affliction – a blister

Now alive, I must die

              Every day and dismiss her

A poem about that ugly shadow of myself that still follows me around everywhere I go...and which only goes away when I consciously make a choice to **** IT - to "die" to it - each day.
Marri Feb 2020
Break up with your girlfriend,
Shatter her heart in two.
Make her cry every night,
Make her hurt over you.

Leave her today,
Tonight, or the ‘morrow.
Abandon her and leave her laden in sorrow

Make her drown in her tears,
Make her shake with her cries,
Break her, break her,
Break her down with your lies.

Come back to me,
I can love you forever.
Come back to me,
And we’ll be together.

One kiss,
One kiss,
Is all I ask.

To honor the present and remember the past.

One kiss will do no harm,
Where’s the shame in that?
Kiss me once and maybe the memories will flood back.

Break up with your girlfriend,
Leave her for me.
Make her feel so worthless,
All while we feel so free.

You know you want to.
Don’t deny yourself this.
Break up with your girlfriend,
Break her with one kiss.

Make her never forget.
Make her never lose sight.
That love is sadistic,
And so are we, right?
Jessie Taylor H Oct 2019
Sadistic minds think alike,
our bodies create a work of art.
While my ******* side,
gives you full control of my body.

Your deep moans and rapid breathing,
feeding my darkest desires.
I'm trusting you with my life,
as your grip around my neck tightens.

You use my body for your pleasure,
while your hands forget to be gentle.
Leaving marks across my pale skin,
as a reminder of the night you owned me.
Vraj thakkar Aug 2019
I broke down once again , in the middle of my journey,
The tears on my face , do they really seem to be funny?
I scream on my mother , call my father a ******,
I m really sorry daddy for opening my mouth.
I go crazy on my failures , i can't bear them anymore,
I don't want my parents to fight and my little brother to sore.
I just hate myself for breaking their precious dreams,
Sorry mama , i couldn't get you anything , but just tears and screams.
How do parents manage to love thier children and never negotiate?
Those children who think that their parents are their worst fate.

My mother
She wakes up in the morning works up until late.
She washes up the dishes regardless of the date,
I never see her complaining about the pain that I give her.
She always motivates me and never scolds for my failures,
My father
He works day and night for us , so that we can have fancy meals,
He used to give me what i wished, a kiss was all he asked from me,
I couldn't do at that time and now regret upon those deals,
I can't describe his generousness in words , i feel afraid god might curse me.

As I feel myself broken and everytime I sigh,
I sob upon my father's shoulder or sleep on my mother's thigh.
I don't know why they love me the way that I be,
Are they tied towards relations? Or its their unconditional love towards me?
I have seen two of the best people in my life,
And I wish they stay safe, happy here after cuz now,
They are free from their toughest phase,
I am sorry I couldn't do , what you wished for,
I worked hard completely ,but i can't manage to hurt u anymore.
God give them all the happiness and their life's best days,
Give them someone who can manage to be worthy of their praise.
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