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Vraj thakkar Aug 7
I broke down once again , in the middle of my journey.
The tears on my face , do they really seem to be funny?
I scream on my mother , call my father a ******.
I m really sorry daddy for opening my mouth.
I go crazy on my failures , i can't bear them anymore.
I don't want my parents to fight and my little brother to sore.
I just hate myself for breaking their precious dreams.
Sorry mama , i couldn't get you anything , but just tears and screams.
How do parents manage to love thier children and never negotiate?
Those children who think that their parents are their worst fate.

My mother
She wakes up in the morning works up until late.
She washes up the dishes regardless of the date.
I never see her complaining about the pain that I give her.
She always motivates me and never scolds for my failures.
My father
He works day and night for us , so that we can have a fancy meals,
He used to give me what i wished a kiss was all he asked from me,
I couldn't do at that time and now regret upon those deals,
I can't describe his generousness in words , i feel afraid god might curse me.

As I feel myself broken and everytime I sigh.
I sob upon my father's shoulder or sleep on my mother's thigh.
I don't know why they love me the way that I be.
Are they tied towards relations? Or its their unconditional love towards me?
I have seen two of the best people in my life.
And I wish they stay safe
Happy here after cuz now
They are free from their toughest phase.
I sorry I couldn't do , what u had wished for.
I worked hard completely ,but i can't manage to hurt u anymore.
God give them all the happiness and their life's best days.
Give them someone who can manage to be worthy of their praise.
Vraj thakkar Jul 26
He was a simple guy with no big dreams.
He used to watch horror movies just to hear her screams.
She was as beautiful as an angel from heaven.
She was as red and sweet as a  fresh watermelon.
She said she had come from a strange place.
Their frndship had just taken a good pace.
The Warmth of her body made him forget all his pains.
Her soft hands had become a necessity for the blood in his veins.
He felt she would never ever leave him alone.
He felt her as protective as the earth's ozone.

But one day she vanished away.
Her neighbours told that she had gone to some place far away.
He had spent his best days of his life with her.
He didn't know that she ll make him suffer.
No one knew where she had gone.
With a broken heart he was left alone.
He  spent nights wandering about the streets.
Hoping for just one last meet.
But Nothing was expected to be better.
He remained just a lifeless piece of matter.
His only moon for the nights had vanished.
She was the only girl whom he had cherished.
On this night of despair he was alone.
Left with a broken heart , rather a stone.
Will his love drive him to her ?
Maybe god had chosen him to suffer.
Your body beneath me
A blade pressed to your chest
Do you trust me?
Sadistic thoughts swarm my brain
Like a nest of angry wasps
A thin line
Dripping crimson honey
Your breath becomes sharp
A dull ache in my skull
Demons speaking into my ear
The knife in my hand is so tempting
I carve another line
One after one and I still ain’t done
The steal comes down full force
Tearing past flesh and bone
I can’t help but to let out a little moan
Hands painted red
Shoving my fingers in the open wounds
Can I make someone so numb feel pain?
Watching the light fade from your dark eyes
I always wanted to be your end
I promise I’ll kiss it better
But now I have you
Nothing can take you from me
The cold metal to my neck
Slices past the cartilage
Feeling warmth drip into my lungs
My vision filled with dark clouds
I mutter and choke out my last words
I love you
Ugh I don't feel good. My brain is somewhere else.

he told his partners

unwitting souls
commanded by his

self assured

unwillingness 2 accept
anything but compliance

in his self assurance
many were led into his lair

some to escape
never the being they’d been

to flee
flogged into further submission
and eternal darkness

pleasure as pain
he told them

the once innocents

© 2017
danna22081 Feb 22
It might be said:

I stared into their eyes,
For the first, distinctive time,
And gaped at the discreet mystery
They held.

I stared into their dark eyes,
Opaque as the ever-gloomy pitches of night,
And gaped at the enriched, blooming flower of opportunity
Hidden from the rest of the broad, exposed world.

How could I have possibly known
To unmistakeably build, and mend
The shattered pieces of this young,
Discreet window, alone?

For the eyes of mine,
Brighter than the conspicuous flashes of light,
Of the beaming, incisive rays of the Sun,
Were lead through the eyes of the firm, charming window.

I peered into the placid, enigmatic frame…
Of their violent, sadistic life,
Of shattered, broken pieces of glass,
They were never inclined to reveal without rife.
They said they loved their eyes.
Sadistic Lovers

I'm not so sure that I can see your point
when your dagger is buried deep in the spine
that's wrapped around your finger;
A silver will bent across your golden trigger.

It won't be long 'til you find another guy,
that's willing to waste your time.
When it's all said and done
and your mouth's around the gun
you'll see that Sadistic love is blind.
Postal Leo Jan 30
Cutting and bruising,
Bleeding, while we drive, street cruising.
Live fast, die young,
All while trying to steal your tongue.

Your so cute when you blush,
And when you bleed just enough,
Do you trust me? Your forced to now….
I mean, your in love with me anyhow….

I’ll, treat you like in item, you just love being used!
Even though you you kick and scream, you want to be abused!
Call me a sadist, and we’ll get along just fine….
Just never ******* dare, touch what's mine!
Mr Morningstar Nov 2018
Could you capture patience and haste
Skin softer than silk a body with delicious taste
Inhibitions non existent
Lustful desires persistent
Entangled like vines
Who have weaved through the fence
A sadistic touch to watch you tense.
Submission a form of primal love
Pain and arousal both in the same glove
What we do a release
A moment of peace
Lost inside chaos.
Scarlett Nov 2018
momentary feelings of contentment
appear in the solace of substance abuse
my personal pockets of happiness
presenting itself in seductive caramel pills

family tradition collapsed in my bottomless glass
thick fluid dancing amongst cubes of comfort
sacrificing sanity for seconds of clarity forgotten
four minutes of freedom from my insecure narration

i awaken to mistake stained sheets mangled violently beneath me
but this alien form I present in doesn't communicate my thoughts
for my aching fleshy cage is not made of meat nor cartilage
skin of sin engulf my devious bones pulse ticking like a time bomb

I still feel the grime stuck beneath my fingernails
I claw and scrape but the sludge takes permanent residence
the harmfully minuscule reminder of failure pushes me off the edge
falling forever but never reaching my deserved demise

stuck in limbo I'm trapped in a bleaker version of purgatory
last nights choices weigh painfully on my intestines
boulders of regret forcing my anxious form to fasten in its decent
but the comforting splat never reaches my deformed ears

it is here in the free fall I carry out my personal catastrophe
shirt ***** stained as my permanent plummet sickens me
years of sinking pass as i endure my eternal punishment
my immortal agony mutates into a sadistic contentment

a sheen of sweat sticks regularly to my aching soul
a permanent hangover and a never-ending come down
i find more than peace in this cataclysm
amidst my deserved torture pain melts into a masochistic enjoyment

Now I'm absolutely mad
flesh falling away from my body
the only tissue that remains holds my grin firmly in place
Happy as sin
DJL Sep 2018
You cannot create a monster
and then condemn it
hate its **** features
it’s terrible gait
You cannot be afraid
to look into it’s cold eyes
touch it’s rough skin
or feel it’s hot breath
You must face the consequences

when I look into the mirror
I do not see myself
but all of what you’ve made me
I see pale skin
and bruised lips
and bloodied knuckles
and a demonish grin
I see a monster
ready to do monstrous things.”
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