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Mr Morningstar Nov 2018
Could you capture patience and haste
Skin softer than silk a body with delicious taste
Inhibitions non existent
Lustful desires persistent
Entangled like vines
Who have weaved through the fence
A sadistic touch to watch you tense.
Submission a form of primal love
Pain and arousal both in the same glove
What we do a release
A moment of peace
Lost inside chaos.
Scarlett Nov 2018
momentary feelings of contentment
appear in the solace of substance abuse
my personal pockets of happiness
presenting itself in seductive caramel pills

family tradition collapsed in my bottomless glass
thick fluid dancing amongst cubes of comfort
sacrificing sanity for seconds of clarity forgotten
four minutes of freedom from my insecure narration

i awaken to mistake stained sheets mangled violently beneath me
but this alien form I present in doesn't communicate my thoughts
for my aching fleshy cage is not made of meat nor cartilage
skin of sin engulf my devious bones pulse ticking like a time bomb

I still feel the grime stuck beneath my fingernails
I claw and scrape but the sludge takes permanent residence
the harmfully minuscule reminder of failure pushes me off the edge
falling forever but never reaching my deserved demise

stuck in limbo I'm trapped in a bleaker version of purgatory
last nights choices weigh painfully on my intestines
boulders of regret forcing my anxious form to fasten in its decent
but the comforting splat never reaches my deformed ears

it is here in the free fall I carry out my personal catastrophe
shirt ***** stained as my permanent plummet sickens me
years of sinking pass as i endure my eternal punishment
my immortal agony mutates into a sadistic contentment

a sheen of sweat sticks regularly to my aching soul
a permanent hangover and a never-ending come down
i find more than peace in this cataclysm
amidst my deserved torture pain melts into a masochistic enjoyment

Now I'm absolutely mad
flesh falling away from my body
the only tissue that remains holds my grin firmly in place
Happy as sin
DJL Sep 2018
You cannot create a monster
and then condemn it
hate its **** features
it’s terrible gait
You cannot be afraid
to look into it’s cold eyes
touch it’s rough skin
or feel it’s hot breath
You must face the consequences

when I look into the mirror
I do not see myself
but all of what you’ve made me
I see pale skin
and bruised lips
and bloodied knuckles
and a demonish grin
I see a monster
ready to do monstrous things.”
Majd Abbas Aug 2018
The long-forgotten cigarette slowly eats from my fingers..
It's just me..a glass of whiskey..and a handful of stress..
To keep me up all night..
I ***** up all my there's nothing left but a white page of nothingness..
And I slice the anger out of my veins..
Instead I'm rewarded with warm..thick...blood
I step on the broken glass shards to escape my dark chamber..
And I think I must burry the dog lying in the corner for five days..
I try to embrace the grass that dwells outside for some rest..
Yet her screams keep following me..
Madly I'm running to the bathroom..
Relieved to see she was still swimming in her pool of blood in the bathtub..with my knife in her heart..
Oh! The joy I'm in.. seeing her with me at last..
In bitter and sweet..until life do us apart..
I can't stop laughing..I can't stop loving you..
Why won't you talk..speak to me!!

I remember that silence is your language..
So I bring a needle and my mouth shut..
So I can speak your
Oh! The anger is slowly draining from my veins..
So I lie next to delicious you blood tastes!!
I fiddle with a fork as I'm waiting for my life..
Sticking it over and over in that funny- looking rat..
Oh! How hilarious his squeaks are!!
My head is lighter vision..blur..
And I to my pale beauty..
We live together as nocturnal animals.. silently wandering in the night of a bleeding moon..
September Rose Jul 2018
When the day comes
That my light leaves
And I go to descend
What ever will they do with me
All the way down there
Where fire pours like rain
Main population: pain
The one place
in the earth,
sure to drive you insane
I suppose they would start normally
With pitchforks
And burns
But what ever would they do,
When those things just dont work?
I suppose they'd try to drown me
In magma
Or flames
But when that smile
forms across face
They'll see
I like the pain
So this might go on for centuries
They'd try as well
To hurt my mind
But when all they find is numbness
I might get hired
the darkest of my fantasies whisper
Your body is a scuba suit
insist i breath with your *******, through your mouth
dive deep into claustrophobic waters, sink heavy to the rock bottom
where we petrify by gorgans gaze
i know we'll turn to stone because, of course, the gorgans can't resist gazing at You
nobody can resist gazing at You, land or sea.
Our permanent legacy, lost under layers of life
barnacles clinging, moss burying Our chimera ***/snake skin

i am without Your oxygen
when breathing would terrorize the wind
where words belong
still, my forked tongue writes

i'm a theif to say i only want You to be happy
when i had You, it was still selfish
the revolving doors of pain and perseverance
more time invested in us
then money invested in the Pills that kept me from killing You
out of habit
You begged me to beat You
it's been seven hands dealt
rubbing my 5 o'clock sandpaper chin
on the tarot card of death
my tolerance for vacancy
a brownish red stain
i've only the thin line of medication between necrophilia and sociopathy
i want to lay with You at the bottom of the sea

the Pills... where are...
please no, ***.
The Voice,            run!
         get out!

I would gladly go to prison
to **** your lifeless body.

I would gladly **** Myself in the afterglow
of your affection.

there is only one true Sin, Objectification.

I indulge relapse
in every memory, find

your shed snake skin
pull it on, like your *******

how disturbed I've become
with you gone

how selfish of you

of course "I" blames You
when the Pills dull

i indulge by studying Your location

i know where You escape too
i want to go there
does that scare You?

i want to bump into You
apoligise for what i want

"want" as a word
is like plexi-glass, or kevlar

standing between Us
keeping the bullet safe.

i want a hard impact
in a school hallway

where we drop all our
Books and look up and You

see my ghost, that would be enough for Me

i want the impact to hurt.
i want the tumbling of all our Book's
i want the messy hair and ripped knees,
then Our
eyes to meet
and linger
I want to watch the fear fill you.
i want to sit there,

petrify from parcel tongues
as i gaze at Your gorgon body
shedding skin

if i shed my snakeskin,
maybe i'll see You

i can't leave this Poem
i can't leave this Poem yet
i won't leave this Poem
please kick me out
end Me
arra Jun 2018
She was born to be a lady
But raised to have a military body
She killed thousands of enemies
Brought hundred of heads to the king
And her reward was only praising
When she went home, her father told
"Change yourelf and look for husband now"
Stabbing his heart was her answer
She undressed herself and cut her breast and said
"You can't tell me what to do,
This my life and this how I'll live"
I love Mulan. Let's just regard the Disney movie because it really *****. They gave her a too soft personality which is too far from the real story where she really has a strong one. But , I'm still looking forward for the live action of this story.

P.S. Hey, mind to check my poetry collection "Princess and Gore". I'm just turning my/ur favorite princess into sadistic and horror one. Thank you. :)
Nyx Jun 2018

Whats the point in giving my heart away
Whats the point of giving it to a boy who wont stay
A boy that is full of lies and deceit
A boy that somehow I found to be sweet

What is it about the dangerous and the bad
The hurt, the broken and all of the cheats
What is it about them that draws us in
What is it that causes our hearts to skip a beat

Though they lie, manipulate
We fall for their traps
Too perfectly set up
There are no gaps

Our hearts are drawn in
Its so perfect and right
Sweet whispers in the air
Cold kiss of the night

Within their dark and stormy eyes
We see our reflection
They hold the same hurt, Same pain
The desperate need for affection
Though these feeling are in vain

We can fix them, Help them
We can be the one who changes their ways
And there we are trapped
imprisoned within that deceitful gaze

Intoxicated by sugar coated words
convincing ourselves we want nothing more
That we are more then just any other girl
That we can feel their love deep within our core

It takes time and pain to realise the truth
The harsh, cruel reality that knocks on our door
Just a game to them, it was never anything more
To them we are no different to a common *****

Suffering in silence, crying a flood of tears
Then being filled with anger, the rage and the fears
Questioning ourself worth as we thought we knew better
But all of these feelings just seem to bring them pleasure

A never ending cycle of victims and pain
Hopefully karma catches up to them one day
As too many have fallen as they decided to play
To All have been enslaved within this Sadistic game
arra Jun 2018
She woke up from a nightmare
A strange Prince was toung tying his lips to her
She never wanted to be engaged
So she poisoned the king and killed everybody at her young age
When the poor Prince arrived to save her
She throws some gas and put him on fire!
She says "Prince are not my interest,"
"I just want to sleep and have a beauty rest"
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