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Annoyed and whiny little fools.
All led astray with their keen writing tools.
Moan and ***** enough and you'll see
that my poetry isn't for you, it's for me.

So *******, **** your talent and charm.
Go write your feelings out and drown
amidst this ocean of mediocrity.

******* all.
Worthless people.
Spew your trite.
I'll spew mine.
Let's ignore each other
for the rest of time.
Everyone is a fire fighter
when it comes to calling it a night.
You can either watch it smolder
or give it a good splash, right?

But seldomly indeed
does a feeling exceed
the joy of having to ***
whilst simultaneously
having a fire that needs

Ahhhh, what a sense of relief.
Smoky the bear is smiling at me
through the yellow-tinged cloud
wafting gently through the trees.
He thought she'll be sad a long time,
regardless of the beautiful sunrise.

Light broke over them and she sighed,
the warm touch of the morning rays
felt good on her closed eyes.

He saw her smile and he knew why
yet he still thought she'll be sad
a long time.

Sometimes moments like these
can last an entire lifetime.
Memory, always tangled up in
idealistic webs of rose-colored light.

Perfect as that morning was,
she was sad a long time.
Hey Candy and Chris
can't you see that this
ain't no way to spend the day?
The slots' bright lighting
make the light inside her
fade, fade away.

J-J-J-Jenny and the bets.

Hey! Don't waste it away
the years come and don't stay
when you're spinning that roulette.
Still she sits down beside them
filling up on the tidal
feelings that she gets.




Jenny Jenny Jenny Jenny

Jenny and the bets.
Just good enough
to enjoy it.

Can't make money on it.
Can't stand out in a crowd.
Not quite special.

That's me and
that's okay.

At least I can afford
a good steak once in awhile.
Not a great cut of meat but
just good enough
to enjoy it.
Whether on an evening dinner date
or out for a long walk in the afternoon
I see them glare vapidly
at little rectangles of doom.

Time accelerated.
Everything will be gone so soon
yet still I see their eyes glued
to little rectangles of doom.

In joy and despair
love and contempt
the feelings are there
and they feel so true.
When black rectangles of doom
gaze right back into you.

Become abyss.

Remember when
I was me
and you were you.

Now we're just
the things we've watched,
rectangles of doom.
God I want to *******

I think about it
all the time.

For what?

I don't think so.

Either pass this mindset.
or die in the cab of a

I pray for the pain of
this mindset passing.


Either combustionless
or insane.
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