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Ivy Rose Sep 2016
Drag me by my bloodied ankles,
beat my body with such vigor.

Remember my face before you twist it,
look into my eyes as you pull the trigger.

To me you were the closest of friends,
you helped me up when I was low.

But here I am at your mercy,
and instead of love I recieve hard blows.

Little do you know however,
that the blood you draw will heal.

My skin will seal itself again,
and my life you will never steal.

Ivy Rose Aug 2015
It freaks me out.
my breath increases in speed

It makes me worried.
my thoughts begin to jumble into one mass

I feel frightened
my eyes water

He isn't yours
you don't understand

Don't call me that
you don't understand

Just let it go
you don't understand

She wants to take you back
but there's more she doesn't know

They want to ask me out
but there's more that they don't know

no one knows
no one can

Ivy Rose Aug 2015
You stare at your feet for a few moments,
you weigh out the odds of surviving,
and you jump.

You start falling, or rather, flying.
you get the chills.

Thrills. Sparks. Genuine laughter.

You feel free, you feel more alive than you ever have.

In the back of your mind there is worry,
will you make it? Or is this rush only going to last until the water hits?

You don't care,
in fact,
I don't think you ever did.

You scream, you feel as much as you possibly can,
and then you hit the water.

Passion, rebirth, lust.
A new beginning.

And that's what loving him is like.
I just hope I can remember how to swim.
Ivy Rose Aug 2015
She always seemed so synchronized,
To the thoughts that crossed his brain.

Picking up her feet to dance,
To distract him from the pain.

She kissed his worried temples,
Wiped his tears away like rain.

All the while still syncing with the
Thoughts inside his brain.

He wondered why she danced there,
And focused on his thought's.

"Maiden don't you think that there
is something you've forgot?

You spend worry on my brain waves,
you dance around and sing.
But don't you forget fair maiden,
that your thoughts can also ring."

She stood a while and faced him,
and focused on her thoughts.

"No my dear it's clear that you
are something I am not.

Your thoughts they never linger,
they come and then they go

And unlike me the bad ones
never stay and never grow

So yes, I'll dance about you,
and I'll kiss your temples pink.

And dance about you daily,
just to hear the thought's you think."

Ivy Rose Mar 2015
There's something odd about it.

How I know their names, their personalities, the jokes they tell.

How I know the plans you guys have made and the fun activities you'll all do as a team.

How I even know the costumes they'll wear and the conventions you will all go to.

And I know what I'd say in conversation with them,

How I'd get to know them better,

How I would put my best foot forward,

How I've longed to actually hear their voices so I can match them with their persona.

But that's not in the cards.
It's okay, I'm okay.

But sometimes I realize how disconnected I am from your world.

How far away and far removed I am.
And I remember that no one knows me.

None of them know my name, or my personality.

They don't know the plans we have made or activities we are planning.

They don't think about what they'd say to me in conversation, or how they'd "get to know me better".

They wouldn't need to put their best foot forward or hear my voice to match me to the rest of my persona....

Because to all of them I don't exist. I'm a distant acquaintance from a long time ago.

I am a passing name in very loose conversation every couple of months.

I am the one who knows but isn't known.

I am a ghost.

And no one in your life can see me,

Except for a very special person,

And that's you.

(i. r.)
One day is far away, but one day it'll come. And I'll come to light as most other things do...
Ivy Rose Jan 2015
It's funny how you're the only one.
You're the one I see by my side with wrinkled smiles,

You're the one I see proposing in some painfully poetic way,

You're the one I see myself getting a little yellow house with,

You're the one I see throwing our children into the air and playing with them till the streetlights come on.

But in another sense you're the only one who scares me.

I'm scared of you walking away,
I'm scared of things getting to difficult,
I'm scared of you kissing me goodbye,

But I've never felt more alive.
Ivy Rose Jan 2015
At the end of all this,
When your spines bent
And when I have arthritis,

When our wrinkled and spotted fingers reach out for each other,

When we still kiss eachother goodnight every single night,

When our grandchildren grab at our faces and question the meaning of life,

When we are wrapped up in eachother on our bed just as we did sixty years before,

We will look back,

And our old pale cheeks with blush with color,

And our blurry tired eyes will brighten,

And we will have the most vivid memory of how it happened,

And our time-worn old souls will be woven into a perfect pattern,

Just as the universe had woven our lives.
(i. r.)
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