You've changed.
I don't have room to say that, do I?
I know I've changed too.
But there's a difference in changing for the better and for the worse,
and you, my friend, have chosen the latter.
If it's not in the way you move, it's in the way you speak.
It's in the way your heart has taken to another form- one less affectionate than before.

Who did this to you?
Was it me?

You used to light candles in darkness, but now you blow them all out. One by one. I wonder how it makes you feel.
One of those candles resides inside of me, you know.
Do you dare to blow it out?
Maybe my light will burn your lips before you can even gather the breath in your lungs to expel the force that brings death to my flame. Maybe you'll feel the pain as it is inflicted against your body and you'll think to yourself;

"I've changed."

Maybe one day that self realization will hit you. And maybe that will be the day that you realize;

You were wrong.

Refuses to comprehend
How he
can misunderstand
Maybe he was misled by her signals
But he
Has gone too far
Too far
She supposes, to him, means too far to stop
Too far to take his hands off
Her top
Once on her now lays on the cold ground
If you look closely, you just might find her dignity lying next to it
Her shorts
Lost underneath the covers
Just like her muffled objections
Her bra
Is unhooked
By the hands that used to comfort her
The same hands
Have become a merciless vice
Locked around her, with no key to undo them but his own will
Her lips
Are smothered by his own
Every kiss a death sentence silencing every sentence she tries to speak
The only sound to be heard are the cries of her limbs
Screaming to get away from him
But they
Are never heard
Their words falling on deaf ears as he pushes her to the breaking point
until the word "no" stops filling her lungs until the word "stop" no longer passes her lips
until the word "please" is taken as a yes, and not as a plead for help
She could use some help
As she lies there wondering how she got in this situation in the first place

Kimberlee Sep 12

she bites her lips to keep the words in
she keeps them locked away in her mouth
where the only person they hurt
is her

and she keeps them there
and waits
either until she can turn them to ink on a page
or until she finds enough strength to swallow them

serpentinium Aug 27



1. did you know we were all stars once?

2. our brains string together branching stars like fairy lights, beacons through the uncharted darkness of humanity's last frontier. the brave wear armor made of starched nylon, wielding scalpels as they forage through the shells of asteroids, the red of dying planets, to find the origins of Adam.

3. they only find shallow graves. decaying neurons grow cold, silver, myelin pooling into tear-stained letters written by trembling hands. forgotten keys. forgotten birthdays. forgotten names. stars collapse one by one, an orchestration of color and sound that feels familiar in its chaos, comforting-- like coming home.

4. they bury each burned-out galaxy with their bare hands. tomorrow,  they promise to the dirt and ash, tomorrow we will voyage to the edge of the universe, full of bright stars, and we will find a new hope.

inspired by my neuroscience textbook which said something along the lines of "there are more neurons in the brain than stars in the universe."

a therapist
prescribed me rose-tinted glasses.
she told me
my view was too blue and the pink
would counteract my countenance
so i would
see normally.
a “shift of perspective”
she called it. i didn’t
tell her that the color i saw wasn’t blue, it was gray; i didn’t
tell her i had fifty pairs at home, perched pristinely on the vanity; i didn’t
tell her i pressed them onto my nose and stared into the mirror; i didn’t
tell her the only shift of perspective
was the way the world
became blurry,
water welling up and
flinging a flimsy filter
onto my mirror when
i realized this wasn’t working,
this wouldn’t work.

instead, i smiled
and added another pair to my collection –
this time,
it was different. this time,
when i put them on and
nothing changed,
i convinced myself that it did.
i swore i saw swirls of scintillating salmon in the sky,
swore sunrise was less montonous and sunset less muted.
“it’s gonna get better, it’s better, i’m better” ran through
my mind, up
my throat, out
my mouth and swirled
in the air and coated every surface until
my breath was reduced
to those words:
it’s gonna get better, it’s better, i’m better.

and each day battered the words,
each hour chipped away at their strength,
each minute batted them out of the air until
i was lightheaded from oxygen deprivation, stuck
gasping with a gaping mouth in a vacuum.

when i shattered my rose-tinted glasses
and used the shards to carve
two neat little lanes up my forearms, when
i smeared the rivulets of
blood across my eyes –
because a pink filter hadn’t worked, but maybe,
maybe red would –
i whispered to myself:
it’s gonna get better, it’s better, i’m better.

Millions of shadows rushing past
Fleeting contact, sparks in the void
Only a smallness of reason and rhyme
We talk in circles whilst
Not smiling beyond the veil of light
A tangled web we've chosen to weave
Now our relations are binary.
Just a number, a user ID
Lost in the machine,
I become
A lone,

J Jul 28

I see you.
I wonder if you know how beautiful you are.
With the way you smile, the way you laugh.
I like seeing you having fun with your friends.
And I love that you are happy.
It makes me happy, too.
Exploring and discovering places with you.
Profound feeling, knowing that you're only inches away.
I laugh at myself sometimes, for always being nervous and awkward around you.
Because I know I'm not always like this at all.
Only when I'm with you.
The stairs were a pain in the ass but you made it bearable.
See, I don't really care if there's anything to be seen up there.
All I know is, the view ain't worth seeing without you.
And you're just too damn cute when you're pissed!
But I do hope that you won't be pissed at me.
There's just so much to see in this beautiful country.
But what I realized was,
I did not come with you to see Taiwan,
I came to Taiwan to see you.

freyja Jul 25

She turned her eyes to the night sky
Light pollution be damned
And spoke to the gods of her woes
Only the silence of a thousand lives on the ground answered her

ashlee layne Jul 18

until you've stayed on the phone all night with someone-
until you've written endless messages of devotion-
until you've shared every corner of your soul with them-
until you've captured the essence of pure adoration ;

do not preach to me about the physical distance that separates us.

speaking from a part of your soul burns deeper than you'll ever know.
ashlee layne Jul 18

"but i don't see you how
the rest of the world sees you,"
he said as the tears fell from her eyes.
"...and it's a damn shame that the world took such a beautiful girl
and broke her down the way that it did."
she opened her eyes
and asked him,
"how do you see me
if not through the same eyes as everyone else?"
to which he replied,
"i saw your soul before i saw your skin...

...and so suddenly my idea of beauty became much different."

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