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ari Feb 11
went up giant land ***** thing.
had to come down.
two giant anthills:
bites = fatal

they Swarm and eat you alive
journal excerpt, from when i was 11, almost 12. 2013
chris Feb 10
nothing lasts forever
you only live once


so live
your life not anyone else's life..
take chances and never regret,
never be late to do what you want to do
right now

because at one point                                
                  everything you did
will be exactly what you will be, right?
i descend into what i believe
to transcend into moments of you
like dark hues under eyes i used to pour into
i break into motions with men i fought on a darkened end
of streets where i scoured to find signs in the night
like which way to write, which way was right
and i prose you in thought
a slumber in deep hum
a hymn to a rhythm, a tango i once fought
in front of desire and passion
the way you hold a lighter in echoed moments
from mountains atop midnight
where i eclipse my mind and transcend to find out
how i used to sleep at night
in dire moments with a rhythm of you
as we’re slow dancing to a cause i fail to see
yet hide to ignore
because beauty sees and the ego hides in what it wants
like melting with you
holding onto past mirages of men in might
in false knight armor
darkened elixirs to bring desire
i paint you a picture
for what you want to see
i breathe you into a world where
i paint you to be
how i’d like to see
how i’d like you to be
how the fog at night masked you to be
in summer of thirteen
Que tonta
My love, I’m so much better than she

Que puta
My darling, looks don’t matter

Que cabrona
My world, can she fill the hole in your heart like I know I can?

Yo la ví cabriando
My sweet, I could never step out on you like her

Señor tan pobresito
My everything, I’m so sorry I am not there to take you away

Tè amo
My heart, my love is all for you and no one else

astro eyes Oct 2017
An innocent born into darkness,
A life unknown to be so graceless.
A world without colour,
This life like no other.

Below the depths of this flesh,
A girl lives craving new breath.
Stolen was her beating heart,
Given to loneliness, consumed as a withered spark.

The biggest dreams swim in her mind,
The longest amount of time goes by.
A slave to abuse, a slave to misery.
Will she escape from the chains to find victory?

Fortitude is what she seeks,
Peace and love is what she needs.
A life ready to begin and restart,
Her life ready to fight her way through the dark.

A journey has started, her journey awaits.
An adventure she'll recall,
has her saving grace.

“Arise” she screams,
“Arise and be...”
“Arise and be all that you dreamed!”
This is the first piece I am publishing. It's quite daunting to put my work out into the world. I have never before done so.
I hope this poem speaks to you in some way.
The reflection came too late
and now
I must wait,
for the mirror is

Dogged by the memory
of the years
that passed by me,

I see shadows,
halo's of lights.

I fight my way up
no use staying here
not when the new year
is on the horizon..

It's funny.

I always trust being
on the cusp.
Mbali Dlamini Nov 2016
World how dare you persecute me.
World how dare you judge me.
World how dare you trumpet me.
How dare you push me to the ground;
Having me fall so hard, I dare to doubt I'd ever stand.

How dare you fill my head with your lies,
Lies of corruption, hate and uncleanliness.
For have you not been told? I am;
Gods untouchable.

For it is my God who makes all the injustice not last long.
For it is my God who cures, cleans and constructs.
Persueing, protecting and perplexly loving me.
World , the hold you have will never last.
For my God is a God of everything, anything , entirely out of love for his children.
So world, don't you dare ever think you have an upper hand.
For I do believe in a God that lives
Believing in something bigger, when all fails and you just have to keep your head up high...
J B Moore Nov 2016
I'm trapped in here,
I can't get out
"Somebody help me!
Please help me," I shout.

I'm bound by the hands,
With steel crushing my heart
I can barely stand
So I just fall apart

I'm giving up hope
Of living happily after,
Of a life spent with her
And all of our laughter.

I gave away my heart
Now my heart won't come back.
Was I doomed from the start?
Or is it faith that I lack?

I'm bound up in chains
Chained up like monster
Still filled with pain
Over the fact that I lost her.

How is it possible for me to move on?
Moving on with out any hope.
Hope died like memories fade, sinking into the dawn.
A new Dawn binding my feet like rope.

Still I am told I must pick myself up,
For who else is there to lend me a hand
Or to hand me a way to improve my "luck",
Though, luck's never made a man stand.

I thought all this time that "us" was a blessing,
The blessing that kept us together.
Instead, now I'm left constantly guessing.
Guessing what kept us from forever.

Now I'm trapped in a nightmare where nothing has changed
Save for the change of a loved one lost,
I'm lost in a world from which I feel so estranged,
Estranged from love, a lost-love's cost.

I cannot escape from this terrible dream,
Dreaming of days long gone.
Gone, I have gone and died it would seem.
Seemingly nothing can make me strong.

Brandy C Zoch Jun 2016
I’m not loud,

I’m not aloud,

I’m not allowed.

I’m the exception.

I’m the definition.

I’m the truth and the dark.

I don’t bite but watch out for my


peeling off.

Cover your eyes so you can see

what’s oozing out of me,

the radiation gleam.

Obscene dream,

ladies in Vaseline.

Malignant wishes from a benign entity.

Change everything.

I carry water and arrows and my hooves smash the stars.

alien outside weird
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