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English Jam Feb 4
The grey noir ambience posing on the wall
Shiny black whips that won't hurt at all
Listen to the rustle of the chains on her hips
Leather velvet skin and satin lips
Fall to your knees

Femme fatale
High-heeled boots on the bed
Femme fatale
Frame the words she said
Femme fatale
As she strikes the blow
Still you can't go
Your femme in leather is waiting

The foreboding cold that breaks you into a sweat
That rushing cacophony you won't forget
You feel her eyes pierce your skin
As you realise who'll win
You softly whisper please

Femme fatale
Watch her mouth turn red
Femme fatale
Hands lightly tread
Femme fatale
To her a debt you owe
So put on for her a show
Your femme in leather is waiting

And despite all this you know
That you still love her so
Your femme in leather is waiting

How good it is to please
Fatalism arrives  in ghostly leather, riding the wave of your depressing thoughts.

Well, this isn't very subtle is it?
n Jan 14
He tasted dry,
When licked with sour spit.
His scent was foul.
Broad hands rejected
Curling feet.
Met by scowling eyes,
He criticised me with love.
Emily Dec 2018
In the smoke and haze
I could lie for days
Bound by dreams
Of vivacious scenes

A matriarchal mistress
From Sacher-Madoche novella
Gleaming eyes; a cruel smile
Courtesy could not last for a mile

Spank and strike,
Dearest love and goddess
Do not shirk from such duty
****** and tantalising

Bask in decadent moonlight
By the wisp of cold wind
Cure your ******
And sate your masochism

Within piquant smell of leather
Find your balance
Between **** and love
Dealt with swift blows so keen and easy

All whilst recounting your ****** burden
Unto lovely Aphrodite
She is taken with vile passion
And laden with fur and velvet
Inspired by Venus in Furs
Alienpoet Oct 2018
Broken hearts
fresh leather
you break my heart
like an stiletto on an egg shell
and yet the **** you give
is to leave your voice live in my head
and I still love you
it’s blood red
like my heart
and I still know I love you cause
I have butterflies in my heart and stomach
whenever I see you I am flummoxed.
Németi Csenge Sep 2018
A dozen white maidens in ivory silks
Grip the rich tissue in your tempered skull.

I hide from them in my own clinical whiteness,
A kind of peace in prayer,

For what once was a promise of decadence and excitement,
Is now a character of lavish leather lilies.

I'm sorry that I hurt you so
With my actions, words, or mind.

I am but a child
Stood in grass-stained whites.
ph Jun 2018
My covered eyes see nothing through darkness
but my other senses have heightened

I hear every footstep crush softly over
the carpeted floor beneath me

I feel his hands gently move across
my skin, caressing

I smell the leather I’m wearing, and it reminds
me that I am home, and I have found
my center.

There is only one that remains, taste.
And I have no doubt it will be
Arturo Hernandez Jun 2018
There was a girl
With a plaid skirt,
A red bow,
And lovely pink cheekbones.
She carried a smile,
Sometimes a laugh,
When we ran through
The church parking lot.
She was so fast
In her white stockings
And little black shoes
That it became hard
To keep up with her.

I wonder when,
I wonder why,
She stopped playing tag,
I wonder how it was
That she forgot
How to run.

I miss you, my friend,
You were the best there ever was.
He had a voice like an old leather belt.
She had lips like fresh feathers. They felt
electricity that night
in an abandoned corner
of the city at half-light.
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