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The guy with the deep red hair
Feasting on blood red wine
To drown his bleeding red heart
In sorrow with his red rimmed eyes,

Sulking in pure rusty despair
With his red rusted hair
As his rusted feelings push through air
For which he received a rusted affection to bear

Full of projections of hollow care
The games he played, it wasn't fair
Hearts he sets on fire like his flaming hair Warming his cold heart with empty promises and hollow dares
The Blood Red Prince on his Blood Red Throne.
Empire Apr 2
Do you ever just have those moments
When your heart turns black and rots
Your mind gets high on the angst
The suffering is all you need
And you want it... more of it
Listen to gruesome, terrible songs
Sounds of screaming and pain
Loss and grief wrap you like a blanket
It hurts but you’re at home
It’s dangerous but you feel safe
And then the moments come more often
Blurring into days... weeks...
Until you’ve lived in your agony for months
Begging for something more
Tell me a story
Tell me of death and tragedy
Tell me of self destruction
It’s addicting to me
Move from there
and I'll keep ******* you until you
                                                can't move!

Send the heavy music
Into  o v e r d r i v e.

                              After you enjoy me,
                                 Explore my mouth with
                                    your tongue,
                                      I'll leave you breathless.

I'll simply leave you ignited;
ready to combust.

          Ready to be sent into ascension.

                 Ready to experience the little death
                  by my hand.

                         You make you wanna do bad, bad things to you.

As I tear off that secret little fabric of yours
That no one sees but me,

                   You'll be a good girl now
                     Or I'll cut your collarbones, sweetheart.

                                  Smirk good for me now,
                                   Because oh how I've longed to feel you.
                                     Explore you.
                                        Please you.
                                          From the inside.

                                             The velvet temptation
                                               between your legs.

My, what a ***** girl you are.
The simple anticipation floods you from within.

Behave yourself.

Don't touch me now.

I'm highly dangerous when you excite me.

                            You make me wanna do bad, bad things to you.

Drip with sin,
While I plunge my fingers into you.

Enjoy me.

Glorious, as I make you sigh with satisfaction.
Seductive, as I make you groan with need.
Alluring, as I make you whine with lust.

I'll beckon you from the inside.

The room in darkness.

In a 'come hither' motion.
Over and over.
Enjoying you shudder by my hand.

You know what comes next.

                        My, you make me wanna do bad, bad things to you.

                                                            ­                               more.

Shh, you'll wake everyone!



Now then, sweetheart...

I beckon you.
Indulge in me for the

Give me what I want.
Bestow upon me the music to my ears.
And the warm, damp constriction around my fingers.

As I plunge into you,
Over and over.
          Over and over.
                    Again and again.
                            Again and again.

Let your body convex.
Like a possessed ***** in heat.
Like you want it sincerely.

You're clenching your eyes rigidly.
Till the tears come.

Speak clearly, dear.

                      I'll roar belligerent commands at you.
                      God, you're a ***** ****.

          You know I just can't get enough of it;
          The way your eyes cry out to me in pleasure.

You're flooding my hand the more I
Assail you with commands
And i n t i m a t e l y get to know you in there.


What's that?

But of course.

You have my permission, mistress.

Let yourself squeal for me.
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Be a sensible girl.
M Grant Teague Dec 2019
I seem to grow in ever direction,
With new branches sprouting from every pore
They do not need the sun
To be true,
They grow faster in its absence.
My photosynthesis feeds so greedily,
It consumes light.
Yet the feast never stops, continues
With invisible source.
Light is the appetizer,
Smiles the side
With darkness bringing
Endless entrees.
Snacking smacks fill the empty air.
My skin crawls as my mold,
Spreads and consumes.
My own movement sickens me.
I am disease.
Ron Gavalik Nov 2019
Sometimes we crush a bug
in self-defense.
Other times we crush bugs
in annoyance.
However, there are times
when we go out of the way
to step upon a lesser life form.
Such ******* arouses
a sadistic pleasure
we cannot savor or even admit
in civilized society.

–Ron Gavalik
Alek Mielnikow Oct 2019
I pluck their wings,
like the tiny little
things they are, and
watch them squirm
for freedom as they
try so hard to fly.

by Aleksander Mielnikow
(Alek the Poet)
Happy Halloween!
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