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Siyana Aug 9
I pulled her hair,
I tore her clothes.
She felt the wrath,
that's as far as I know...
In the moment,
I caught my breath,
while I turned to see
her head a mess.
Strangled, bruised, battered, broken.
My actions caused her to break apart.
Now all I do is hope that,
I could go back in time to repair her heart...
This is a post about sadistic thought. Those who do have sadistic thought should definitely admit it to themselves and get help. This poem is emphasizing the fact that sadism is also a mental illness, and the relationship between two girls due to one's desire to control.
mia May 16
shiny black combat boots grind up
a model's flower
tears stream down her face
I look up and scoff

I am heartless
babies cries make me duck them under water
it is not me but a survival mechanism
escapism will be the death of me
but death is merely a pause in the whirlwind of emotion

a basin collects the heartstrings of my victims
I am that girl
or I was before my skirts got shorter and my patience as well
I slammed a girl into a wall to feel something
she felt her skull splinter into pieces
my heartstrings were not plucked by her pleas
but her screams did a number on me
I smiled, teeth gleaming as she retched
I'd consider it my greatest accomplishment
but maybe you won't

a stream of conciseness is uninterrupted until it is
that I've learned
but maybe you haven't
you make tears mean more than the cries of my victims
even though I silence them
I relish it

you take a feathered quill
why I cannot say but
I smash it
it grows back ink and all
you say smashing
will not solve all of my problems
but it has so far i
relish my anger you attempt to
annihilate it you are my greatest enemy
fear seeps from my pores but I know
I do not fear you

you sit in a leather chair
I scoff at you
I know you are in it for the money
you tilt your glasses and I smash them repeatedly in my mind
first your glasses and then your face your nose your lips
it's ****** but that's better than intact
throwing words at me that will upheave my life

your eyes bore into my soul
I see what's behind your kind smile it is daggers
and I must stop them before they tear my limbs off one by one

the bell rings and the pastel door creaks
it sighs open with a thud but I am running home
you call after me but I am free
free from those words and cards and calming letters
I am free
I might make this a draft again, but it's just a poem, a bad one at that. I know this is long, but if you read through it that would mean the world to me!
Shamitha Dec 2018
I once lived in a magnificent empire
of your love,
splendor than the ones
I have dwelled in before.
It is now aflame with the sparks
of my sadistic desire,
to set you ablaze
on your grand pyre.
Merry Dec 2018
In the smoke and haze
I could lie for days
Bound by dreams
Of vivacious scenes

A matriarchal mistress
From Sacher-Madoche novella
Gleaming eyes; a cruel smile
Courtesy could not last for a mile

Spank and strike,
Dearest love and goddess
Do not shirk from such duty
****** and tantalising

Bask in decadent moonlight
By the wisp of cold wind
Cure your sadism
And sate your masochism

Within piquant smell of leather
Find your balance
Between lust and love
Dealt with swift blows so keen and easy

All whilst recounting your ****** burden
Unto lovely Aphrodite
She is taken with vile passion
And laden with fur and velvet
Inspired by Venus in Furs
8M Dec 2018
Of the disposed
I give a rose
To all I see
Remind me of my beauty

But now, I know
How much you loved me so
The happiness I feel
Is sympathetic, synthetic

Golden threads
I spin every day
Why do you look for me
Can't you see

I'm not pure and fair
My eyes are dull and I am scared
Why do you love me so
When sadism is all I know?

Come, and know why
I feel this way
A sharp knife lands on your arm
Don't be shy and stay

Please don't run away
Do you know why you want me?
Open up your eyes and see
This elation I feel
French readers might understand the title better.
zebra Jul 2018
flex and perspire my darling
would you mind a small suffering for craven kisses
to have your dark fig **** and drenching *****
stroked with a tickling finger lingering
and strong hands around your sweetly curved throat
that shunt the breath
to yield willingly for sharp-toothed nibbles with surprise tongue whipping?

will you present your soft belly and cupping *******
for dark cruelties that excite beyond tabulation
will you present yourself with smiles
and goddess leg show
sobbing for feral pink spires gleaming
while quivering thighs
turn hot red from the slap of the leather strap splitting stings?

will tears of love
mix in wild berry utterance
and flashing spitfire’s tongue?

are you made for this?
your every whimper an invitation
like an open pink gate
do you need the saint of dark desires to rescue you
from banal dim-witted all american in and out?

do you need to drown in oceanic wave tsunamis
of hot butter **** glitter, blood flooding gasms
and tender aftercare?

my wish
that you shimmer like silver
by the saint of sadism
popes of eros
who fill you with the milk of the moon
all stars that melt you into the depths of paradise

and that this dark ecstasy
is the only suffering you will ever know.
your pain is my pleasure
paige tenielle Sep 2018
why wont you let me move on?
is it because you dont want me to?
you dont want me to find happiness
with someone else?
or are you just plain sadistic,
forcing this pain on me?

every time i think i can breathe,
there you are again
with your hands around my neck
cutting off my oxygen supply
making me lightheaded.

every time i try to move,
i realize my arms and legs have been tied down
and there you stand
taunting me at the end of the bed.

why do you have to be so cruel to me?
its probably because you know i live for the pain.
not just a metaphor.
girl diffused Aug 2018
(my darling)
You fed me
Shards of glass
(said "open wide")
And apologized for cutting my mouth open.
A/N: a new format after a fresh 12-hour heartbreak all over again.
SangAndTranen Mar 2018
Protector, I am.
Feeling the roar on my lips,
Fury and danger,
I am the shield.

Every sharp rip of skin,
Warm blood draining away.
Red mist,
Burning hole,
Rings of flame.

Wrenching apart.
Life will be taken
To protect my love.

The ones I love,
The few, only few,
Their hearts must beat.
A simple piece of flesh
Inside them all
That I would rip myself up
To protect.

Flashes, yelling,
Panicked cries.
No one can see
Through the smoke.

A twitch of the lip,
A burst of laughter,
Hysterically beautiful.
Come all and join me
As we serve out justice.

I come back at the rise of sun -
Hold out my red-coated arms.
This is how many died
So you can live on.

A twitch of the lip,
A smile once more.
Soft, softer.
For the ones I hold dear.

Steps, footsteps,
Backing away from me.
Fear, terror,
Disappointment, I see.

Glory shatters,
Tears tumble.
What have I done?
Why are you scared?

Don’t leave me!
I love you! All of you!

I   a m   n o t h i n g   w i t h o u t   y o u
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