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Cyan Oct 8
If I had the guts
to stand barefoot before a rolling tank,
I wonder if I’d also be concerned
about the feeling of dirt
between my toes
a little bit
Mike Aug 20
there are spiders in my hair
building nests and killing flies
there are spiders in my hair
cobwebs in my heart, and fangs in my eyes
you don't have to do this, she said
as the lights flickered dim
and the rain started to fall
you don't have to do this, she said
i know, i said -
i know.
O Sir, dear Sir

Don't mind the dirt

on my shoes.

For I've been

running with the pack.

For I have fallen but

I kept going,

And I kept climbing.

Until I reached the heaven

where I lost my breath,

but I found myself.

The dirt on my shoes

is a proof enough

that I came a long way,

that I never gave up.
Wrote this after a long hike to a place breathtakingly beautiful.
Lu Aug 5
It's one moment away from the reality,
Everything you desire and dream of,
To pursue it, it takes guts,
To realize it, it takes time,
To think about it, it takes your fantasy.
How far are you willing to go,
To live it at least once?
To live it in the moment, almost sounds unrealistic,
But to have your heart skip a beat for it,
Takes only a feeling,
To daydream-
One moment away from
the reality.
And when I see YOU

And when I see YOU
I wish exquisite moment
Last forever
How dare I?
And the way I feel
How dare I?
And I see future in YOU
How dare I?
And I just don't quit
How dare I?

I have peace in mind
Thus, I dare
Genre: Observational
Theme: Reflections
mercy party Jan 1
in the pitch black water
standing not knowing which way the shore
it had to have been in summer
i don't remember being there before
but i know that it happened
the surrounding memories
who i was with, how i got back
it's not so clear to me

i wasn't the same since Florence
i hide and hope for the best
and i quickly down the rest

in the pitch black water
all i know is that i didn't drown

come dawn on Monday
i never knew you
Iz Dec 2018
You lent me your flesh
And I mistook it for
But it was merely
Skin and blood
Bhawna Nov 2018
You know what
You don't have guts
To face me up

The more you ignore me
More you ll think of me

I thought you to be strong
But thanks
You proved me wrong
Ekuu Nov 2018
You can have a favourite political party
You can support it publicly
You can point out others mistakes.
You can state facts
You can crack a joke on anyone of them.
But you have no rights to use your 'public figure' status to influence someone's mind.
You are playing all wrong.
You can outsmart/ outwit someone's thought here, but only here!
Being a public figure, you have the freedom to speak and write your thoughts and the bheed will follow you.
But from being an important person you have some unsaid responsibilities which clearly, many ignore.
You can state facts without portraying your filthy  brain Divisive Mindset on people who do not know how to counter question you.
So, basically you are being smart to those who aren't actually questioning you!
Which indirectly means you are weak... Very weak indeed.
My advice to you people is, start talking to the people who beg to differ from you and have the write wit and the words to question you.
So that even you can be sure of your lovely choices.
Thanks for reading this!
Bheed: crowd
b Jun 2018
theres a
blue jay out there
with a
for my

will it take
my guts for
or see the slash
in my belly as

would it take
me naked?
glitch personified,
i knock three times
at the door.
its cold and i
am ready
to die in your
arms again.
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