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Take the chance they don't today
May be risky who's to say
The stars above

Blindly stepping off the cliff
Move too quick while they're all stiff
Fool for love

Look around as they despise
Mocking stares at the one who cries
Away you shove

Take a lesson from the fool
The hero others cannot rule
Fly like a dove

a criminal guts and glory is,
a celebration of a century
a century is a celebration,
of a century
a century celebrate a criminal,
celebration of a century
guts and glory celebrate a,

criminal guts and glory
glory of a crime is glory’s crime
a crime is a glory of a crime
a crime is a glory of a criminal
a crime’s glory is a crime’s guts and glory
celebration is celebration of a glory crime
celebration is celebration of a celebrated century

guts is glory’s celebration
guts is guts of a glory
guts is crime’s guts
guts is crime’s guts of glory
glory is crime’s glory
glory is crime’s crime
glory is crime’s guts and glory
my writing is called philosophical writing. i only uses middle ages words,words from the renaissance for instance words liked gracious,extravaganza,etc... this poem is about crime’s guts and glory. i don’t add capitalization’s on my writing.
Why do I feel embarrassed,
That no one has the heart to hold me?

Why do I feel embarrassed,
That no one has the guts to save me?

Why do I feel embarrassed,
That no one has a mind that can see me?
You know the self consciousness and embarrassment you feel when youre all alone and lonely?
Dave Robertson Oct 2020
bracken memory,
rock and boot mud,
air above with voiced winds,
water flowing, thoughtless,
and fire, embers, ashes
you are to me
AF Sep 2020
glass in my foot
thought i walked on clouds
a penny and a dime
what's my purpose here now?
weakness in my flesh,
but strength in my soul
scouring my insides
for something that i've never
even known
Nana Alli Jun 2020
License to die,
Contract to ****,
That was the deal,
Buried my heart,
Wore a mask
And blood spills

Inhumanly human,
Tears floods my heart,
Yet, I stand head high
Even with death
Staring into my eyes

No guts!
No glory!
For I am a lethal weapon
And no one dies twice!

As I leave my body
I remain loyal
To Alfa,
Died a Romeo for my country,
Served as Mike,
Till we meet in Yankee,
Even in afterlife my symbol is peace
But my loyalty belongs
To the
Alfa Romeo Mike Yankee.

Thomas W Case May 2020
When I find myself in dire straits,
which is quite frequently,
my guts will get me through.
My feet tend to want to run.
If my guts and courage are on board,
my feet will follow, but left to
their own devices, in any given
situation that is troublesome,
if my feet could talk, they would say,
"**** this, run! "
But usually my guts win out.
I forge into the various battles that
need fought.
Win or lose, when my guts and
feet are in one accord,
it's a glorious day.
Austin Morrison Mar 2020
skin left sore and damage.
My purple flesh leaves marks that signify hate within others.
Pain left from fathers and mothers, sister and brothers, friends or foe.
I  believe the skeletons I hide, have more guts than I do.
Being pushed around and abused by those close to me without fighting back.
But I know I would rather take a thousand cuts before giving one.
I may seem so well put together from the outside, but I know on the inside I have been torn apart.
This is part of a project I am doing called the colour wheel. It is a draft piece and isn't very organized right now. I would love feedback moving forward with it.
vanessa ann Mar 2020
sorry, did i stutter too much?
i hope you don’t mind.
it’s just that i’m scared my heart will fall out of my guts
if i keep talking to you like this

because how do you say i love you without saying i love you?
“i miss you” is too general to be perceived as anything but platonic, isn’t it?
but “you matter to me” is too personal for my comfort,
and “you are my world” might just be too much
for the both of us

it’s not like i’m in love with you or anything,
i just think it’d be nice to feel your heart beating
against mine.
—but if the universe aligns...
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
You broke me into millions of little pieces

I am never going to be even close to who I was before

We both tried putting me back together

But I am missing too many to hold my guts inside
How I feel right now
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