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I bleed as not in pain or anguish
Nature reminds me of the beautiful crimson within me
My body celebrate in its own way
The crimson flow burst in its fullness rich in colour
Embrace the moment with joy, I am anxious,
Flows between my thighs, warm and thick,
I bleed a beautiful flow

Piercing glances shame me
Disgust is the flow that defines me,
Fear and Silence draw into the depth of a dark cloud
Rejection drowns the beauty in my flow
Joy and worth is ****** with each drop
My voice is silenced by my helper
I bleed a beautiful flow

Golden yet crimson is my flow
Anxiety unravel the shame  within me
Hideaway from my helpers just for a while
The flows leave traces of its existence on
Drenched in the cloths that cover me
The ground  I sit tells the world my misery
The crimson brighten only the ground I sit
Only darkness will hide my shame
I bleed a beautiful flow

I crawl away to my own dark place  
There dignity is nothing but a dream
A cloth to drain the flow is all I desire
My hope is on my helper but no,
They withhold their helping hand
I am drowning silence unable to speak yet,
I bleed a beautiful flow.

I yearn to plead with my helper for a moment
To lament my desire to hide my shame in a cloth
They throw a dark cloud over me, I am a disgrace
I am silenced even by my own kind
They too who have been pulled into a dark hole of silence
Their hope is far Gone with the Wind
Buried in the voices of those who claim to own my kind
My thoughts wander in misery and grief
As one lost in an unknown world,
I bleed a beautiful flow.

A voice from within calls out to me
It reminds me of the strength embedded in my kind
A gentle whisper tells me to celebrate my flow
I must rise and say the first words although fear grips me
I rise like a tide and fight for my own kind
I speak although silence is expected of me
I must fight for my beautiful flow
I bleed a beautiful flow
******* is a beautiful experience that every woman should celebrate over and over. I am raising awareness about period poverty through poetry. We would like to see an end to the negative social norms that exert girls in a place of vulnerability so much that they cannot ask for help when in need.
‪Oh Eve!‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
Oh Eve!
Thou embraced gluttony
And gave us agony

Oh Eve!
Oh Eve!
You Rest In Peace
While red, we release

Oh Eve!
Oh Eve!
Thou touched the tree
Now we are only 26 days free

Oh Eve!
Oh Eve!
I detest your creation
Whenever I see *******

Oh Eve!
Oh Eve!
Pray heavens gates are closed
If I behold you, I won’t be composed

Oh Eve!
Oh Eve!
You let women Down
But you bestowed unto us a crown
******* is the pain that yields glory. In that moment we feel regret, especially when we know the biblical story. Thankfully we are bestowed with honor even as we *******. It’s all good and bad feelings at once
Nqobile Victoria Nov 2018
Blood red,
My adolescent friend.
I've had to accept that
You'll always be an unwelcomed visitor.
Knocking at my door at the end of each month.
My body starts to ache
upon your arrival.
Obviously Blood Red I can't
Be a tyrant every time you knock at my door.
Sometimes I'm even sweeter than most days.
You wouldn't even tell that I have an unwanted guest.
When you're around I can't help but to have the urge to stay in bed.
Your presence expands my appetite and palette.
Your presence tests my patience.
Your presence builds up insecurities when I'm in my favourite finely pressed white dress.
Blood red, you old friend
I've had to accept that
You'll always be an unwelcomed visitor.
Knocking at my door at the end of each month.
Munia Islam Oct 2018
I sit on my toilet seat,
legs uncrossed but guts wrenching at 5km/hr speed,
staring at the blood stained ******* by my feet,
wondering why merely being a woman makes me bleed.

"Shame, shame, shame", they huff,
as if being a woman was not a burden enough.
Bleeding in shame is now considered religious,
no matter how natural,
For us, 'the time of the month' is never auspicious.

I sit on my toilet seat,
with sore thighs and a pungent stench in the loo,
wondering if it would be as shameful
If men bled the same way as women do.

Shruti Dadhich Oct 2018
Hey guys!!!
How will you feel,
If you are stopped from entering in kitchen for next five days???
What will you do,
If you are ordered to sleep on mat leaving your comfortable bed for next five days???
Will you not have a fight, if they stop you from entering in a temple saying you are impure for next five days???
How will you feel if you have two big  fights every month,
The fight with bleeding pain,
& the fight with society...
I can easily defy the pain,
But tell me how to fight with this society,
How to answer this question on my purity???????
Cause if this is impurity,
Then the one who made these rules is himself impure!!!
& you all are also impure!!!
If it's impure then God is also impure!!!
The problem that we face is thought to be pain, but actually the main problem is the poor mentality of people...
Cause girls have enough strength to fight with this pain, but how to fight this fight with society, the one who didn't know this pain made the rules mentioned above, & my anger is for the ladies who followed them blindly, without asking "Why?" , but I'm not blind & also won't follow anything blindly, so now I'm asking "Why?"
Pagan Paul Sep 2017
In a garden fair with flowers
is where she whiles away her hours.
Especially in the months of Spring,
gently rocking upon her mood swing.

Flying high and dipping low
she lets her emotions freely flow.
Not caring what the feelings bring,
gently rocking upon her mood swing.

Hanging beneath an apple tree
a virginal symbol of her purity.
Listening quiet to the songbirds sing,
gently rocking upon her mood swing.

© Pagan Paul (25/09/17)
Puspanjali Sahu Dec 2016
When my imaginations
started stripping in front of me
and I saw  
its naked body,
I realized  
stains of blood
on my white beautiful cloth

and I cried a lot  

Do not know why  
Maybe I was afraid of  the pain
that will return to me
in every month
or fingers, eyes  
that will point out on me
if I could not hide bright red stains
on my cloth  

But I was not knowing
those drops of blood
will grow into
bones and muscles
tiny eyes, hands and fingers
and the most beautiful smile  

Those are the brave drops of blood
that could make me  
a “Mother”  
before which
neither pain nor fear
Periods are normal for every female. Sometimes it is abnormal because it comes with irritability and mood changes and these problems are severe in approx. 3-8% women. But when we talk about it, we never discuss problems and ways to solve it. We find them icky.
Because of this type of mindset of the society, when a girl is in her period, even though she suffer from a lot of body pain, she prefers to keep silence. This also makes girls to hate and feel shameful about their periods....even though periods are the signature of their ability to create a become a mother.

Word help: When my imaginations started stripping in front of me - childhood is considered as a period of innocence imagination and this phrase indicated entry of girl into puberty phase.
those drops of blood will grow into bones and muscles: the birth of a child
Pea Jul 2016
in the middle of july
i dream of red poppies
it comes out from my baby hole
it's not forming a line
like one day in april 2015
23:13 i drew a bridge
swamped with lil red poppies
not long enough to reach
the wrist
of my left hand
Why would I choose one
if I could have them all
Ismahanwrites May 2016
Sometimes it comes and I see it
and at Times it doesn't
I wait for it like I wait
for phone calls and text messages
and When it comes it comes
with all this pain
I can't endure it
Starts from my feets feeling weak
to my back feeling like it's broken  
to my ***** feeling so swollen
to red dots all over my body
mixed with mood swings hating
and everyone around me
makes me wonder at times
why I was a women But yet again
it has its blessings For only
a women can take all that pain.
AK Jan 2016
Each sunday,
the owner's face lit up
as I popped in the neighborhood bodega
in need of paper towels, soap, toothpaste.

Occasionally, when I uttered the word “purple,”
his brown eyes glowed and he flashed me a smile
as he fetched the Trojan condoms behind the counter.

This week,
I came in on saturday,
he looked pleasantly surprised to see me,
earlier in the week.
until I reached the counter
holding tampons, desperate to stop my leaking body.

In my humanity,
I was no longer ****,
not worthy of a smile.
Nor the well wishes of a nice evening.

His greetings had always had an invisible price tag,
exchanged for a glimmer of hope.

The hope that his kind words would
earn him a discount in the time it took

for me to live up
to his fantasy
one day.
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