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Amanda May 2018
Spanking and biting
Tying me to the bedframe
You make pain pleasure
Sorry if this makes anyone uncomfortable haha
Stara Jan 2018
I have a short patience
for people who annoy me
by being too noisy
or being too boring

I try to listen
I try to be polite
but the more I nod and smile
the more I feen to bite

As I look at them
dead in the eye
acting like I care
inside I want to die

And I usually don't realize
right off the bat
as I ****** my fingers in
I forget where I'm at

All my focus is absorbed
by my nibbling need  
to every last nail  
I only stop to bleed

As I go at it
I only glance up for breath
But I never stop biting
For my nails are my ****

Only once they
leave me alone
I look around and
see what I've done

I raise my hand
to wave goodbye
but it gets caught
just below my eyes

and I open my mouth
to say something nice
words don't come out
I just bite on my vice
Joe Thompson Oct 2017
My mother dearly wanted  
to be Dorothy Parker.
She yearned for a taste of the power that comes
from a truly witty response.

She craved to deliver
A statement so powerful
and sardonic that it would terminate
all argument or discussion.

My proximity made me an easy target to practice on
as each of our arguments ended with a bon mot
delivered with the all the acerbic flourish of Bette Davis.

As I listened to her footsteps receding down the hallway
I had only to take one more breath
before the footsteps reversed direction
and - standing at the doorway to my room -
She would deliver another culminating witticism
turn, leave and repeat.

In the fifties and sixties an intelligent woman –
a single mother of three
with no high school diploma,
but a surfeit of imagination –
Savoured what little power she could find
even if it was a fiction, a delusion
or just a punchline sharp enough to draw blood.
Simone Sep 2017
sweet sweet seduction
tender kisses
and biting lips
you lift me up
I get lost in your eyes
your touches so soft
my heart is beating
I open up
you let me fall
my desire remains
hurting games
sweet sweet seduction
When you hear
Others back biting
Your friend
Listen , assured,you too
On the morrow
Will be a victim to the trend!
Amharic proverb back biting is a bad trend
Proxii May 2016
If my thoughts could be described as a Color,
Which one would You choose?
Do my eyes still search for You.
Do they peer Everlong from a field of Poppies?
Red like the color of this Stain on my Lips,
Forever the shade of Biting my Tongue.
Tanisha Jackland Dec 2015
The mouth
does mysterious things
tasting your skin
like wine
your fluid lost down
my throat
I kiss you in
deliberate licks
the musk in shadows
divine intervention
rises and falls like
soft petals
and wet as rain...
Cody Henatt Nov 2015
You can learn a lot about a person just by looking at their hands.

Is the skin picked off, do scabs and blood surround the nails?

Are their fingernails bitten down so much that small slivers of blood show atop each one, where nail should be?

These small indicators can point toward anxiety, and troubling lives. You should always remain respectful, because you don't know what a person is going through.
Cori MacNaughton Oct 2015
Fleas, ticks and chiggers
the bane of a rural life
animals suffer
The fourth of four Haiku written about 3AM on 15 October before I went to sleep.
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