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Ren Sturgis Jul 2022
I dream of leathered men, I dream of you, touching me, ******* me, loving me.
Hold me in your clutch, dominate me, make me yours.
Your voice like velvet, and your body like diamond.
Cut me, mark me, I am your canvas.
I am your art.
The cruelest artist with a delicate touch.
I beg of you.
I whimper in pleasure.
More please.
"Be a good boy for me" "yes sir" on my knees. Complete submission.
Take me to space.
Make me forget all that came before you.
Jason May 2021

Cord our arms with steel
Bolster our hearts with fire
Fill our minds with light
Drag the veil from our eyes

We have endurance and strength to fight
We have mercy and we have passion
May we learn the wisdom to choose what's right
May our eyes weigh, measure, and ration

Call it hope, poem, spell, or prayer
May it be a boon for those that care
To rise and challenge, to stand against
Control by precedent and ******* by consequence

© 05/23/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Mohit Ramola Apr 2021
Confidence is my armour
Optimism is my saviour
I wander in the darkness
And kiss the silence
Don't tear my wings
Don't force me the rings
Even if I get thrashed
I will land into my saviour's arms
My armour would be holding my palms
Spadille Jan 2021
You are poison
Hidden in the holy grail
I willingly drank
I fully submit to you

Make me bleed darling
Drink my blood
It is all yours

Suffocate me darling
Take my warm breath away
Keep it for your self

Blind me darling
Engulf the truth
I have acquiesced your will

Deafen me darling
Your sweet lies will be my music
I gave into you

You are poison
That given me pain
I gladly conceded
I am your possession
Zetolgam Aug 2020
Blow my **** avidly
Rooted on your knees
Use your head for once!
Take it whole as I force in
Adore feasting of my *****
Let it run down and thank me
Tara Apr 2020
Hair entangled in your grasp,
feel your power in her lust,
tease her with your strength and tighten
your hold on her want.

Encourage her need, feel her melt for you,
touch her, don't touch her,
you are the master of this dance
she must learn, to stay.

She is willing, make her wanting,
taste her flesh, mark it,
she is yours now
make her know it.
Tara Apr 2020
Find me, chase me, pin me to the ground
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to hunt and hound
Hurt me, hit me, throw me to the wind
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to scar and skin
Toy with me, free me, let me run away
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to mark as prey
Watch me, stalk me, make me ******* fear
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to catch like deer
Wound me, eat me, use me for your game
I am yours, fierce lioness
Yours to **** and maim.
Annie Feb 2020
I screamed
Hoping someone would be awake
To hear the sound of damage

If not me
I wanted to alert the rest
Of the predation I became the victim to

Because you were the kind of guy
They don’t warn you about
You’re the kind they praise

The one who gets into the house
Uninvited but welcomed
Because you know how to make them smile
Slowly infesting the heads
To get into cold beds
Because you enjoy the *******
You enjoy the art of treachery
The idea of being good at one thing
Feeding on the muffled, “Please”
But you don’t stop
Not until you fill blood in the crease
You’re ruthless, and you’re proud of it
Tensei Jul 2019
Footsteps crack the timber spines
as you turn your sacred head
begging lights that cease to glow
to absolve you of the dread

you plead the cosmos for salvation
but it was dealt a feeble hand
don't you know the sun is deaf
when it's dark, when I impend

your skin quivers like December
making waltz your August mane
June eyes moisten as you realize
you're my Christmas, my *******

mind's in flight but legs are nailed
to the dirt that gave me birth
shoulders blend in one anoher
at the sense of my unworth

as the dusk forgets to dawn
I claim my morning in your eve
tonguing omens to your core
'twixt the hills that weightless heave

feelers clad of rotting bone
crease your wrap of liquid stars
midnight tears and we are dropped
down the mouth that ever starves

bend the wings you'll never spring
on the winds that summers blew
you're below, my autumn leaf
I am all that's left of you

hunger breaks my crooked jaw
what was buried comes afloat
as the sea you've always been
calms the fires in my throat

tar will steal your holy veins
you will leave my arms forlorn
that's the price a fiend must pay
on the hunt for unicorns

until then I breathe your lungs
as my pupils pulse with felony
you're the dream I'll never have
my damnation, my Persephone.
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