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chang Sep 2020
i have forced myself
to fit into different skins
so many times ;
like how water takes the
shape of its containers.

how many persons
do i have to become
before i could truly
become myself?
June Jun 2019
skinny girls jump for beauty
the sad truth that hooks with reality
i used to think eating less would
be better than being blessed
why not think highly of models and magazines
that says you're not pretty otherwise?
perhaps i may not be the brightest with
my age, but fret not.
the distress you form when you eat,
the anxiousness you feel when you
drown in a sea of thoughts that serves you
nothing but ferociousness
that makes you look upon more models
and magazines that says you're not pretty otherwise.
it's tainting.
skins in different colors,
beauty will always be found within.
Luna Fides Nov 2016
skins aren’t skins
in this world.


death threats
inked permanently
on your bones
covering your body
with scratches and stereotypes,
bringing bruises and bullets to your head

and the only way to stay safe
is if the ink is white.

skins are signs
to know which ones
will pay the price
if you close your eyes
you will see the color
to marginalize

warped in a wrapped world
do we even see beyond
what pigment we have
or are we
wrapped around a warped world
where pain is really
skin deep.

isn’t it strange?
we live in a world where
the color of your skin
indicates how people
see you and
the darker it is,
the more invisible
you become.

i wish
we were all
color blind.
Arcassin B Jul 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

Let me take my paint brush to a place
worth while and recollect all of the memoirs,
A body full a decadent bliss is something I look
forward to like butterflies in jars,
...Like why you gotta do that to me?,
......I don't bruise easily,

take me away with your skin in heaven where
they wash and feed the turkey not feed on it
having second thoughts about their recent lives
in favor of the Lord saving them from utter peril
and stages and phases and escapes of sin,
I'd be more than gladly to just look within,
pouring passion,
into the art work,
attention is all that you're worth,
........But why you gotta do that to me?
Natalie Hughes May 2016
I want you to see galaxies
And breathe the universe when you look at me.

Instead I'm howling at the moon
And feeling like a dim star
on the verge of collapse.
Shay Feb 2016
She ran as fast as her brittle legs would allow
without catching her breath once as she ran miles somehow.
And she reached her favourite bench overlooking the countryside
surrounded by swaying trees and an air of grace as she sat and cried.
There's creatures in her mind that won't allow her to think clearly;
the belief she should go beyond the veil plays on her mind severely.
So she swallows a bag of pills washed down with strong tequila,
and stands upon the bench with her earphones in, dancing like a ballerina.
jacquelyn Sep 2015
go to the doctor
keep weights in your pocket

don't forget to eat
change topic

"i'm not hungry"

"i ate earlier"
don't forget to eat
this is so ******
Dylan Lane May 2015
lovely, lovely, lovely.
didn't eat for three days so i could be
baby, dont listen to black and white
of Cassie
from skins uk,
she looks like something
i once wanted to be.
she also looks
cassie is a character on skins uk who has an eating disorder. a lot of people idolize her.
roxy Oct 2014
these days, girls
strive to become
effy stonem- a
fictional character on
a show where
everyone drinks and
has ***, and
does drugs.

in the end
of the program
she looses her
mind, but yet
every girl wants
to grow up
to be her.

enticing? i think
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