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Deepali Apr 2021
"On my god, whats that roar?"
- its the love stuff babe, you are looking for ;
**** your collar up and shout out the show -
"Nooo, i doubt will it announce the ***?"
"What's going on ? What's real or fake?"
- Relax honey its the purple lane -
"Oh! a ball of sugarcane or slime?"
- chuck all mothe"r"fucke"r" -
( LET'***** A LINE )
Lets hit a fresh line .
Deepali Aug 2020
It was just like a war
When unexpectedly it was flawed
packing all the stuff,
it was dream when OTP volwed
3116 and the KM started proceeding
with the psycoactive sight
I had him beside playing
the tracks which went unintresting
as warmth of travelling together was more cherishing
6:24 AM the driver dropped us
Dehradhun! My,love huged his bread
calm and refilling both retained and
fed me with immensity of togetherness.
The story of my first travell experience with imon chatterjee.
Deepali Jun 2020
I choose to be an ignorant freek to you
why the **** my thumb types back on you
Is it you who makes me feel less worth in street
Is it you that gives me lessons to fight back for esteem.
What should i say to myself?
what should i convey to the space inside the mind shelfs?
And then there is me diving again
into the mute voice
scattering the pixels caught in dimension of the "subway"
that connects the ultimate source of art,
The Heart.

And innocent heart
keeps the shelfs filled with goodness of invisibile atoms you blow from far
  which enter inside my brain and regards
   by altering away all the siniater
migrants apart
leaving virtue symbols of faith, hope and hault.

Alas, I stayback and breathe the air you blow
which is still unseen to know the true node
And so i read back the lines again
entering into the shelf of the mind games
switiching the lanes
I go back again through the subway
to ask the heart the remaning pain
the shelf is still empty with sublimations
haunts for only one collection
and so it says
You, or you?
answer would never get open
Amilie wants to know the answer of Stan's presence into her life. But he keeps the atmosphere in an illusion nature staying as a far away zone but still whenever the conversation happens the spark is back.
But somehow when Amilie never tells Stan her feelings of missing him as she understands his part of life.
And she always keeps the words inside and waits for him to come back.
And during this ongoing gap she asks her mind and heart to tell her that is he really there in her life? She fears to let herself get hurt and ignores him to stay away but again she falls back for him with his beautiful words and lessons he gave.
And thats the reason the question is never answered.
answer would never get open.
because he love someone else. he broked up with her but still have a drop inside him.
amelie knows everything and thats how she struggle to keep it inside and stay
or not stay?
answer would never get open.
Deepali Dec 2019
And when i notice that yes my heart is beating,
And its useless thinking of you because its only my foolish mind diverting my thoughts from reality and dream of you again.
But yesterday it was magic
When my tears dint stoped and thought for your name again and again,
That my cellphone ranged and it was your name reflecting to take the call again.
Its there vibrations and emotions
Its there love is there.
And iam on zen not interacting with anyone he called me after many months but i dint picked up iam strong...  ZEN is on.
Deepali Dec 2019
And its only a one life
We all are living it for the first time
Same human cycle
With emotions soo true we all got sad and happy, still the same!
Hey people i love you all
And i love myself
And if its the humanage
I see everyone, if you are a star or a common folk
We all are living life for the first time
And i believe we all rest in peace.  
Its the human life we all are living for the first time.
Deepali Dec 2019
Its been only 5 days,
I remember how i use to fight,
Fight for only one thing
Love from parents, but more love from friends,
And in search of depth,
I forgot what i really missed
I missed myself my boosting capabilities,
I remember how i use to love myself...

:') .
I am focused now to achieve my goals...  
Detox is painful but it reminded me myself again.
Deepali Aug 2019
Harmless but hardness!
something or someone.
Deepali Aug 2019
Walk, the way you talk,
Talk, the way you walk!
Originality hurts,
But its pure.
'Im'..  Said.
Deepali Jun 2019
Entering into the old age
Years passing like a boardgame
One dice of 3 other dice of 6
Gliding gliding all we sight.
Miracles are strange,
No such happiness so easily to gain
Jumbling and cumbling all our way
I tried to be and stay.
Still darkness never lead me aside
Its our journey of life.
Its tough journey right now, but i hope i find a good path.
Dipesh Jun 2019
The Universe, is it big? Or is our imagination of it is?

Are we alone? Indebted to the loan of the


who created us and the other organisms

who we disown,

How far will we go?

Where will our tempt to know more lead us?

Will it take us to other places with other organisms whom we

shall fight because we are nothing but


we care about the selfies

and the money and the things which we


How far will we go?

I am more fascinated by other organisms because

they are


then us, they don't

fight over a spilled bowl,

they don't have emotions like us all,

but still, they survive, at least they try to and we

do them the


our own fall,

How far will we go?

I don't know when we will find

life outside of our planet but if we


Mark my words,

we shall not leave them alone

because it is our nature to


for our own survival, no for our


Now, we will **** them


How far will we go?

~A poem.
Humans fascinate me. Our differences, our indifferences, are so small, yet large?
I don't know where we all are headed.
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