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Deepali Aug 10
Harmless but hardness!
something or someone.
Deepali Aug 9
Walk, the way you talk,
Talk, the way you walk!
Originality hurts,
But its pure.
'Im'..  Said.
Deepali Jun 30
Entering into the old age
Years passing like a boardgame
One dice of 3 other dice of 6
Gliding gliding all we sight.
Miracles are strange,
No such happiness so easily to gain
Jumbling and cumbling all our way
I tried to be and stay.
Still darkness never lead me aside
Its our journey of life.
Its tough journey right now, but i hope i find a good path.
Dipesh Jun 20
The Universe, is it big? Or is our imagination of it is?

Are we alone? Indebted to the loan of the


who created us and the other organisms

who we disown,

How far will we go?

Where will our tempt to know more lead us?

Will it take us to other places with other organisms whom we

shall fight because we are nothing but


we care about the selfies

and the money and the things which we


How far will we go?

I am more fascinated by other organisms because

they are


then us, they don't

fight over a spilled bowl,

they don't have emotions like us all,

but still, they survive, at least they try to and we

do them the


our own fall,

How far will we go?

I don't know when we will find

life outside of our planet but if we


Mark my words,

we shall not leave them alone

because it is our nature to


for our own survival, no for our


Now, we will **** them


How far will we go?

~A poem.
Humans fascinate me. Our differences, our indifferences, are so small, yet large?
I don't know where we all are headed.
Deepali May 27
I want to talk to you
And you and you too...
Filling the words in sentences i was fetching into...
Peace! I had great conversation last night
But it was not enough for rest of my life.
Deepali May 20
From delivering self through and out
Till filling the moment with joy i found
Its the situation that brings forward the talk
Not presenting the love from heart
Its the mind which plays with heart
Conditional emotion all I got !!!
You got emotion only when you have condition for it.
Deepali May 6
Have you ever wondered ?
being creative ?
have you ever tried to explain it?
remember when you tried to explain certain things,
making them understand what all you feel within;
and thought them to be people like you
which you were sourcing in your'
inside ique !

Ever felt some breath lost,
when every time you speak,
the listener might not revert off---
your voice, what exactly you mean?
reverting in a disrespect manner
not "YOU" but,
your creativity.

Find your creativity,
and this human be the only,
the only person who shall see;
the actual dimensions going fleek,
from travelling through time to universe
leaving human soul,
the mirror soul.
come out from mirror and explore your creativity.
Deepali May 2
Not everyone suffers
The way you did
But everyone sufferd
the way they lived !

Not everyone observe
The way you did
But everyone observed
The way they saw !

Not everyone stayed
The way you did
But everyone stays
The way they wished.

The way they wished
The way you see
The way they observed
The way you feel
They way they left
The way you suffer
Its a game
Its just the way you did
Not me!
The way you did only you know it.
Deepali May 2
its all a game
keep it to yourself
not everyone know
keep it to yourself
not everyone understand
keep it to yourself
not everyone support
keep it to yourself
not everyone observe
keep it to yourself
not everyone  listens
keep it to yourself
not everyone applause
keep it to yourself
its a game
there is no one more lived with you than your own self.
Deepali Apr 27
Even after doing great to them
they tend to ignore you in the end
making faces they will sit back quietly
pretending as if its you who made them melancholy.

Hey you all jealous ***
keep swelling your faces and act
i know your tricks for making me guilt
but i don't care no more
i know where to fit it.
So today in office i caught up very bad impression from the lady for whom i did so much, as i helped the girl she had fight with... some people will remain dumb low quality thinking.... hahaha
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