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Keilah Dec 2014
The open windows
that look gently
into your eyes
are now gleaming
with nothing
a dead-ended path
to an unknown and
unwanted world.

The tears that I
could have dried
from the bellowing
emptiness or the
impending crack
on your nowhere

The string of pearls
that would have
looked perfectly calm
on your ragged breaths
and purple-dyed veins.

The brittle bones
of your fingers
that should have held
the pen and drew words
and written images with
are now dusts on
my empty shelves.

The world is nothing
but cruel.

The closed casket
that locked your deep
brown eyes
form the rest of the
enemies and the
of  humanity.

The empty IV dripping
with nothing
but the
the dreams, the nightmares,
the tears, the plans
of the lost and
the ******.

My dearest,
where are you?

Hold me close
and make me feel
the tiny patches of
coldness in your bruised
skins. Hold me close
and make me hear
the cries that I could
never console.
Hold me close and
read this with me.
Keilah Oct 2014
I never knew that self-solitude can
feel this lonely and lovely,
that the four walls of comfort
somehow found its way under your skin
and bitterly burns every inch of you.

Your proclamation of happiness somehow
found your center and bundled it up
with a dim shade of gray
and the only thing you find precious
is your packet of cancer

and your bottle of dread -
two things keeping you alive
in every way possible, every time,
every breath, every waking moment.

Chapped lips and dried tongues;
gasping lungs and spinning room;
loss of voice and the inability to scream.
Keilah Aug 2014
kiss me -
the bareness of my neck
the fragility of my collars

trace me -
the curl of my ear
the geometry of my spine

choose me -
over &
Keilah Aug 2014
When will your lips touch
the new scratches on my scars?

When will your fingers linger
just across my cheek, just
as the pain drips?

When will your spool caress
my fragmented windows?

When will your touch erase
the marks of his hits, the proof
of his existence, the crack
he left me with?

Where are you?
I've been waiting for you.
(Far too long)

Please come soon,
for the pain is quite unbearable
and I might not be here
when you decide
Keilah Aug 2014
It's tedious to care
for someone as much
as I care
about you.

And I hope that
the tiny fragments
you planted
inside of me
will never be so
left inside of you

For the indifference
in the beat of my heart
and the longing
in the depths of my soul
will leave a mark
indelibly - in me,
beyond me.
Keilah Aug 2014
Do you want to know
how I knew?

It's in the way
that you say her name -
like a criminal
caught red-handed,
yet forcing an alibi.
Keilah Jul 2014
I search for your face
in this sea of people and your voice
lulls me closer
even if
I haven’t heard it
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