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William Mar 15
He sits at the end of the bar

Wondering how he got this far

A life he lived so full of sin

Hidden behind his glass of gin

He stirs the ice with a wrinkled hand

Life had not gone as he planned

It all seemed to be in vain

Filled with nothing but pain

He takes a sip of relief

Trying to drown the grief

The memories fill his head

All the things he should have said

A glass now drained

A soul forever stained
Amanda Mar 5
I want to take shot after shot after shot of *****
Or whiskey
Or even gin

Any and all hard alcohol
To mask the resounding pain
Ricocheting throughout my worn-out body
As if it were a pinball machine

Swallow some poisonous liquor
Because I remember many years ago
How ***** intensified the irresistible attraction I held for you

YET.. there was always a tipping point
A few chugs past tipsy
Then I would begin throwing up
Finally intoxicated enough to set my mind free from your ribcage for awhile

Too sick to think about you
Because I would be
Too sick to think about anything

That is the only way I can hope to halt this overwhelming longing
To be embraced in your arms
One more time
An excerpt from a letter to, well, you- know-who..
Iz Feb 28
My kisses taste like ***** and the cigarettes I told everyone I stopped smoking
I drink beer by the case and eat like a bird
No wonder I haven’t gained weight

My eyes have developed bags that carry bags that carry bags
My heart skipped out on rent this month so don’t expect the mushy gushy **** this time around

My hairs tangled and I haven’t washed it in days my nails are brittle and my gauges are infected once again

I’ve worn the same outfit everyday this week
Because who’s really trying anymore when each night ends in in blurry vision and incomprehensible speech? Not me

Sand sits in the bottom of all my shoes because I can’t seem to stay away from the beach
It’s like my soul wishes to wash away in the riptides and finally be free

The water it calms me always rushing back to shore just as soon as it leaves, it’s peaceful something I seemingly cannot be
unnamed Jan 9
smoke to remember
                                  drink to forget
late night stress
                            no cigarettes
William Murray Dec 2018
I met someone... well, not really ‘met’
But I’m talking to a girl that I met on one of those dating apps.
Everyday for the past week we’ve talked
And everyday my heart has smiled.
I think I might like her. I don’t know, it’s been a while.
I’ll probably mess it up anyhow.
I was very very Inebriated when I wrote this. But it’s true, I like this girl, and I’ll probably mess it up.
Donna Dec 2018
I’m so hanged over
So today I’m watching films
And eating chocolate
So hanged over me and dean and family had our Christmas pub crawl yesterday x we went to a beer pong was such a great night but we all so hanged over today lol  Hic Hic **
Me and dean dressed up as Mr and Mrs Santa and our children and friends dressed as elf’s was so funny ***
Ben Nov 2018
Ah **** man, my bad
I wanted to write something
And now I'm too drunk
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