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Her hands are delicate from the burden she carries,
The lines seen on her palms trace journeys her ancestors traveled for her to be here today,
Her fingers grasp the pen firmly as she strokes a new narrative into existence,
Rings sparkle in the light with each motion as a symbol of sovereignty and culture,
Mehndi celebrates her heritage in a bashful pursuit for representation,
A female successor in the works,
Breaking the norms and defining her identity one step at a time.
Apr 29 · 88
Melody Mann Apr 29
Your silence holds me captive in an endless loop,
I spiral not knowing whether you're alive or dead,
Pondering aimlessly I drift solemnly,
Holding my wits I persist despite the confusion,
A wanderer amid lies I readily seek truth and salvation,
An escape from the turmoil,
A relief from the wordless.
Apr 29 · 75
Melody Mann Apr 29
You are integral to the functioning of this universe,
You hold merit in your pursuit and ambitions,
Be present with your body and still your mind,
You are capable of overcoming even the worst hurdles life has to offer,
This too shall pass,
Be patient with yourself.
Apr 29 · 63
Melody Mann Apr 29
Stardust shimmers in night's darkest hour,
Constellations gleam across dreamscapes unseen,
Bask in the moonlight child,
Apr 27 · 175
Melody Mann Apr 27
Rough around the edges she's a ravenous piece,
Capturing light and reflecting elegance at every turn,
Raw to the core her wit is unmatched by trivial mineral composition,
She's a gemstone to cherish,
A glory to salute,
A sister worth a thousand leagues beyond that of this realm,
An emerald in our wake.
Apr 27 · 144
Melody Mann Apr 27
Push and pull forevermore as you bend to the moon's will,
Enter effortlessly into life's oasis as you heed the universe and its call,
You are a reservoir of potential and abundance,
Flow courageously at your own stride,
For this too shall pass.
Apr 23 · 91
Melody Mann Apr 23
Gloriously unbound you grow ravenously,
Spreading your roots as far as the earth can bare you reach limits unseen,
A survivor despite the climate your radiance is saluted,
Such beauty in the unrecognized you thrive,
Sparkle in silence young wildflower because your time is near,
To be adorned in April showers and masked in summer's sun,
Magnificent is your journey and true is your existence.
Apr 23 · 91
Melody Mann Apr 23
Take the "La" out of Label for they are more than a diagnosis,
They are fathers who have immigrated to a new country while hiding the schizophrenia they battle just to uphold employment,
They are mothers who sustain households while silencing themselves for their family's protection,
They are sister's who step up and raise siblings while charading stability,
They are brothers who mask realities to rejuvenate positivity,
They are families that have undergone generational trauma to pave a path for a brighter tomorrow,
Disabilities - mental illness - mental health - are not deficits of identity; they bolster morale and resilience in the BIPOC community.

These are the students that fight the notions of normality to reduce the stigma,
These are the scholars that rewrite the narrative in pursuit of decolonizing the education system,
These are the individuals who are representing an ever-growing population,
These are the souls that have abilities which surpass the medical  confinement of their disabilities.
Apr 23 · 85
Melody Mann Apr 23
Shatter the mental snares that claim your mind solemnly,
Break free from the cycle of repetition that endlessly subjects you to karmic toil,
Cleanse your aura of sin to bask in radiance as your soul shines purely,
You are an essence from beyond.
Apr 21 · 68
Melody Mann Apr 21
Vanquish their speculations to oblivion at noontide's kiss,
Allow these subdued hues to muddle your vision as serenity cascades through the foyer,
You are safe to inhabit this space renounced,
Savor the taste of solitude as it dances upon such pursed lips;
Bliss be found within those who seek silence.
Apr 20 · 105
Melody Mann Apr 20
Stuck in a societal routine she hustles a monotonous 9-5,
Shuffling through days that melt into weeks,
Awaiting to escape arbitrary rituals - she seeks release.
Apr 19 · 51
Melody Mann Apr 19
illusive incantations illustrate iridescent impermanence,
inspiring intellectual integrations past impartial intentions,
interdependent identities ingrained in innocence improve infrastructural spaces,
invite implausible involvement to instantly inform change.
An alliteration of the works, power to the voices of the underrepresented. Spark change in the institutions that you occupy and make your stance clear!
Apr 16 · 177
Melody Mann Apr 16
She harbors resilience as the
skies cast shadows on
adversities endured,
flourishing evermore
- she lives.
Apr 14 · 107
Melody Mann Apr 14
Stranded among deserted dreams she folds her hands,
Prayers whisper in weakened ears as her punishment beams,
This reckoning will magnify throughout decades for her exile awaits,
A lonesome retreat for a somber song,
Broken soundtracks repeat reconciled tunes,
A sanctum of regret welcomes her remorse,
For deeds cannot be undone and the words spoken stung;
Ghastly hours await.
Apr 13 · 76
Melody Mann Apr 13
Look beyond the borders of the walls that contain you for the world is vast,
Push past the horizon that surrounds you because your heart is true,
Let the raindrops dampen your existence as you begin your journey,
You embody light and emit potential,
Let your work be your legacy,
May your diligence be gracefully saluted,
For you are more than their minds can ever fathom.
Apr 12 · 69
Melody Mann Apr 12
She carries a past painted with murals of adversity,
She treads towards a future adorned with jewels of potential and prosperity,
She upholds responsibilities with dignified clarity,
A consolidation of the contributions of those transcended,
A goddess embodied; who leaves even broken hearts mended,
Her generosity embarks on a triumph unfolding.
Apr 12 · 77
Melody Mann Apr 12
Kneeling at the shrine she pays respects,
Acknowledging those before her and the universe beyond her,
Grounded in humility she stills her mind,
To bolster discipline and refine the conscious,
Welcoming grace and bliss from divinity undefined,
Celestial vibrations sync to her prayer's call,
Moonlit gratitude summons heavenly hues,
A moment of fortitude and reflection,
Sheer tranquility engulfing her surroundings,
She is basked in the beloved's protection.
Apr 10 · 560
Melody Mann Apr 10
Boundless is the darkness that blankets our consciousness,
Infinite is our desire which lies hidden in our whispers,
Empty are our hearts at sunrise,
A forsaken encounter for memories unified.
Apr 10 · 80
Darkened Doorstep
Melody Mann Apr 10
It was a somber retreat that walk home,
The streetlights beckoned her every step,
A haze of doubt and suspicion lingered in every corner,
Guilt climbed her spine and caused her to shudder and pine,
An endless agony of mistakes foregone,
Perched upon the darkened doorstep she now steadies herself,
Bracing the confession afoul.
Apr 10 · 51
Melody Mann Apr 10
You struck a chord the moment you entered the vicinity,
Captivating all that crossed your path,
The stride in your step coupled with the pride held in your respects,
Unified by the reverberance of your allure enchanted most,
She was not fooled by the glee celebrated by the free,
Naïve she once was only to awaken to the taunts of the mistaken,
She exits from all viewpoints,  
Holding a guarded heart with precarious intent.
Apr 6 · 86
Melody Mann Apr 6
Aimlessly the wind blows carrying the cloth across the seasons,
Soiled was its surface that was cleansed with the nectar of redemption,
Clean is its slate that's used as we enter the new age,
A welcome opportunity of rebirth and renewal,
Draped on the line basking in warmth and rays,
It dries with promise of better days.
Apr 5 · 237
Summer Love
Melody Mann Apr 5
Sun-kissed moments dancing across memory lane,
Wind bearing whispers of dreams past,
A lifelong promise broken upon a summer love,
Seasonal were the conditions of his infatuation,
Temporary was the forever she had mistaken,
Young remedies await.
Apr 5 · 80
Melody Mann Apr 5
The vessel that is set to carry out its mission,
Is the very utensil the architect uses to craft the map,
My the courses it charts with swift motions and firm strokes,
It dispenses the virtue of possibilities onto the surface,
Opening doors to a world beyond comprehension,
How the mind wanders to conceive dreams the heart can only fathom,
Endless is its creation aiding all who heed its call.
Apr 3 · 158
Melody Mann Apr 3
A gamble of will we duel our hearts in an arena,
Tried is the match in which we wager personifications of emotion,
Unknown is the end where we place our bets,
Risking it all on infatuation's roulette,
Entrusting one another amid poker faced facades,
Weary are we who foolishly tread the tables,
Striking a loss tonight we walk separate paths.
Apr 2 · 91
Melody Mann Apr 2
Lavender lingers to mask the hues of the wounds inflicted by memories of what once was,
A somber retreat past the stratosphere is where my heart now seeks refuge,
Away from this dismantled construct - the fantasy you led me to believe,
I sit solemnly to listen to my spirit and how it yearns for the beloved,
The distance enforced left me astray,
Now my days are painted in lavender as I hope to heal,
Brighter times of union and divinity,
Of peace and prosperity,
Filled with redemption and revitalization.
Apr 1 · 51
Melody Mann Apr 1
An epiphany manifests in the wake of her devotion,
Celestial hymns strumming in her mind's silence,
Eternal melodies paving a path to beyond,
Transcending mortality,
Relinquishing the shackles of karma,
She escapes samsara.
Mar 30 · 66
Melody Mann Mar 30
Entrusted with sovereignty they set sail,
Prepared to face the threats that lie beyond the horizon,
Responders to the call of the weary are they who defend our fortress,
Mystics and heroines hoisted to battle at the drop of a flag,
An alliance to marvel by all in the land,
Legends are they whose sacrifices sustain our livelihood,
Its power vested in communion.
Mar 29 · 74
Melody Mann Mar 29
Blinding and radiant the sunshine trickles through the windowsill,
Bringing life to the shadows as it kisses the surfaces surrounding her,
The rays bare news of a world afar,
Reminding her of a beginning anew.
Mar 29 · 375
Melody Mann Mar 29
A bundle of decisions and and actions,
A synergy of cause and effect,
The push and pull from the benevolent,
A wild and precious life lived.
Inspired by Mary Oliver
Mar 28 · 82
Melody Mann Mar 28
Reckless and carefree I pursued my beloved,
Without a thought I entrusted my spirit to his prose,
Only to crack at the seams at his departure,
Put a leash around my heart for I can love no more,
I mistook two moments of affection for a forever,
Ghosts of his memories lurk in every corner of my conscious,
Restrain my emotions for they know no more;
A momentary lapse of judgement.
Mar 26 · 125
Melody Mann Mar 26
Tightly stretched across the frame I am cut from unbleached cloth,
The coarse craftmanship of my canvas awaits an artist's touch,
Outline the path to discovery and redemption on my surface,
Paint me with the colors of hope and prosperity as you guide my creation,
Let the pigments dance across my existence as I glisten and gleam,
I am a sight to behold,
A testament to the contributions of all before me,
Unified together through this masterpiece I now carry their legacy.
Inspired by Mary Oliver
Mar 26 · 193
Melody Mann Mar 26
I grow weary as I am separated from my beloved,
I yearn to transcend the known and discover the vast,
Restless wanders my soul in search of its origin,
To submerge in the current and be carried by the ocean of life,
To shed this exterior and unite with the superior,
I seek truth to end the feverish peril I quarrel.
Mar 26 · 63
Melody Mann Mar 26
Internalized mayhem stirs within your being,
Storm clouds brewing in your mind's horizon,
A scatter of recollections and discoveries surface in your conscious,
You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts,
This banter hangs in the foreground of action as you contemplate your next steps,
Treacherous thoughts,
Disconnected mind,
Heart aflutter.
Inspired by Kahlil Gibran, this poem explores thought to speech
Mar 23 · 98
His Rose
Melody Mann Mar 23
Judge me by my acts not my words,
For the world may be filled with roses,
But I shall be his one and only unique rose,
My importance will reign above else now that he has watered and sheltered me in this glass globe,
The caterpillars he has killed and the butterflies he dismisses are acknowledged,
To the listening ears he lent and the hours we have spent,
To the silence shared and the agony of separation I bare,
I am his rose.
Inspired by The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Mar 22 · 74
Melody Mann Mar 22
If I could repeat this life there would be much to do,
Hearts to mend and deeds to undo,
Time spent mustering courage would transform into acts of expression,
My journal would be blank for my prose would meet your ears and not the page,
I'd share my mind's cavern with you,
And the journey would be ours to conquer,
If I could rewind and reverse time,
I'd relish a life with you.
Mar 19 · 245
Melody Mann Mar 19
Temporary is my existence on this planet I have mistaken as true,
For I am from beyond where my spirit flies free,
Celestial currents flow through melodiously within me,
As constellations hidden in my soul shine through my daily decree,
The wind whispers of limitations on my visitation rights as I fall to the illusion of security,
I am reminded by nature that I am not from here,
For I am from beyond where my spirit flies free.
Mar 19 · 113
Melody Mann Mar 19
She who lives in accordance to nature unfolding is an entity who governs with equity,
Embracing the beauties of organic origins she preserves life's virtue,
Holistically embodying the spirit of now she carries an impartial tranquility,
Restoring balance towards fickle fabrications many are led to believe.
Mar 18 · 219
Melody Mann Mar 18
Withered by time the rose wilts,
its beauty transitions to realization,
in awe of the formative manifestations,
petal by petal the colors fade into a rust red,
shedding its youth and accepting its maturation;
Mar 18 · 150
Melody Mann Mar 18
Carry me once my feet give out,
When my will slips from my being and I lay frozen in life's meadow,
For my voice will silence and my thoughts will still,
I will reach serenity in your arms,
Carry me home,
Where formless is our identity and the current merges our souls.
Mar 16 · 326
Her Silence
Melody Mann Mar 16
Hear her silence for it tells a tale to seeking ears,
Through pursed lips she spills secrets the mind's eye has led you to fathom,
The wisdom that lies in her intellect is that of awe,
Spare her a mere moment to witness a world of constellations and revelations.
Mar 15 · 78
Melody Mann Mar 15
She is a woman to marvel,
Igniting a passion that lies within she illuminates the darkness,
Crackling with aspirations and exploding exuberantly she propels into the unknown,
To face the foreign and conquer speculation,
Leaving behind a trail of glitter in glistening light,
She is but a breathtaking sparkler dazzling all in sight,
Blessed is he who gets to hold her and bask in such glory.
Mar 15 · 96
Melody Mann Mar 15
Within my grasp yet beyond my reach lies my beloved,
Whose eyes illuminate the darkness I yield,
Whose words hold captive my conscious past reason and rhyme,
That is the snare that traps me.

This fulfilling void I've come to embrace bears the essence of times forgotten,
Hidden alone in the ruins of dreams broken I reside,
Within the means of prayer and composure I sit and meditate on a virtue,
To transcend the physical and join the formless to meet my beloved I try,
I collect and render a feeling that my heart that will lead me to decide.
Mar 14 · 60
Melody Mann Mar 14
The fork in the road nears as we prepare to go our separate ways,
This journey we shared in unprecedented times steadily halts,
Leaving the future to create distance among us,
A bittersweet departure lingers as I watch you take off,
Understanding it'll never be the same,
Letting go with every step you take in the opposite direction,
This is goodbye,
to the hopes we birthed,
the dreams we forged,
and the memories we shared,
this is goodbye.
Mar 12 · 102
Melody Mann Mar 12
The courage of your convictions
       lies dormant in veil of
          ignorance society
              has casted upon
                 your conscious.
Mar 11 · 102
Strangers Again
Melody Mann Mar 11
A stranger amid a room of familiars stumbles upon her in the path,
She resonates with life on a continuum,
As he beats freely to a vibration he strums,
Acquainted by unprecedented occurrences they muddle among the mix,
Gaining comfort and solace in the energy exchanged.

A union of continuous vibrations orchestrate their story unfolding,
Painting glories and wonders defying logic and time,
In colors unseen and promises refined,
All to abruptly halt steadfast and still,
This departure creates distance and barriers afoul,
Sentenced as strangers staggering aside to tread their own courses, Echoing of an ache still.
Mar 10 · 736
Melody Mann Mar 10
Breaking free from confinement her roots emerge,
Cracked ceramic cascades across the fractured memories she bore,
She is growing past the bounds they placed her in,
She is defying the norms they mistaken her for,
Her overgrowth is fierce and intimidates all so.

Dealt grief - heartbreak - and trauma this woman survives,
No vessel capable of containing her spirit,
Overgrowth is her resilience that pushes past the comfort of garden beds,
The skies sing her praise as nature paves her way.
Mar 10 · 180
Melody Mann Mar 10
It was misguided attachment as you were broken and I was shattered.

We brought our shambles together and crafted what would have been forever.

Yet I awaken to a reality more fickle than fragments my memory can bare.
Mar 10 · 98
Melody Mann Mar 10
Clinging to her every breath does it restrict the flow of energy and reason,
In each passing moment the space surrounding her melts into bounds of solitary confinement.

Her thoughts aflutter begin to frenzy into a spiral,
Clouding her recognition of self,
It is a feat beyond wit and will,
Marvel at how her anxiety prevails,
But she persists still.
To those of us battling in silence everyday, this is for you.
Mar 9 · 268
Melody Mann Mar 9
The scripture recited harmoniously was once a collection of disunity seeking clarity,
the hymn illuminating worship was but a misguided prayer given direction,
for the devotee of truth was merely a traveler led by lies.

Evil is good deprived as sin is a deed misguided,
wrongdoings are not but acts of oblivion as harm is to an interpreter's call,
light only cascades when darkness prevails,
and lessons can only be taught when mistakes derail,
oppositions engulf our beings as we factor their cause,
a melody is but a discord discovered - realized in flaw.
Mar 6 · 195
Melody Mann Mar 6
Oh moonchild,
it is safe now,
Unfold your layers till you discover the stardust and ecstasy residing within.

You are but a speck in the creation of life,
born of constellations your mind cannot fathom,
existing parallel to each equinox awaited,
although the vast is mystified and serene,
remember oh moonchild,
you are deserving of the radiance you shine onto others.

Unfold your layers and look inward for there you will find,
the glories the skies contain confide the very heart which you thought benign.
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