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Ackerrman Sep 18
“You don’t know who I am,” Said the man.
I assure you sir,
“I no longer care.”
Had a confrontation with an older gentleman at the weekend, indicative of my point in life.
David Rusinko Sep 16
I have acted courageously many times in my life, and I am capable of becoming a man of true courage

I have succeeded at many things in my life and I am capable of achieving great success in all areas that are important to me

I am an imperfect but good man.  I will continue to do my best to be a blessing to others.

Although I may not see the path now, I believe that I will find the way to overflowing happiness/peace/joy.
A riddle that
No one
Has solved yet:

Abused as a child
They won't let you see them
Fully naked except

Under one particular
Set of
How do you make them
Chloe Aug 23
there is a method to my madness
                                                  i admit
      it may seem

Feel me

Branch out

You live


You’re a charlatan

Who dwells

One sidedly

Dark sidedly

Think you spew vitriolic criticism

Just abysmal blabber

You’re like an infant without wonder

You’re a void for joyousness

You’re incontinent of your blabber

Of your verbal feces

And vile thoughts

Read the room

We’re sick of your ****

The only depth you have

Is how low you make everyone

You’re so dismal

Break free

From your own restraints

And you can scintillate

Beauty can always root

Where horridness once dwelled
Carl D'Souza Jul 21
A father carries on his shoulders
his 3 year old son,
as the father walks waist deep in
monsoon floodwaters
seeking to escape the floods
and carry his child to safety.

Monsoon floods
happen every year in India
and every year people are in flood-distress.
I wonder
what is the solution to flood-distress?
Better infrastructure like concrete drains
linked to concrete waterways
linked to reservoirs
which save water for the dry season?
I wonder
who will build this infrastructure?
How will this infrastructure be built?
Who will pay for this infrastructure?
The development of poor nations
like India
is a mystery to me.
I wonder
how poor flood-prone villages in India
will develop the needed infrastructure
to prevent monsoon flooding?
m h John Jul 18
sometimes we have to soak
in the negatives
of our celluloid scenes
in order to develop
and see the color
with in the world
I am one, who lives by one
I am one, who rose up as one
I am one, who fell as one


We are many, who live as one
We are many, who rose as one
We are many, an so we still rise

I am my brothers keeper.
A wise man learns from others mistakes.
A fool learns from his own.

Humility allows us to develop and grow in leaps annd bound.
Gd Bubb May 29
It’s okay.
The winters were never that cold.
Even after you had left.
As I found comfort
in a warm blanket
and nice cup of tea.
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