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Michael Sep 10
There are times in life when we all change
Nobody is born then stays the same.
Every single moment of every single day brings its own engine of change.
Who you are today is not the same as who your were yesterday.
Why fear change when it’s the only constant in your life?
Why fear difference when it’s the only thing we have in common in life?
Embrace the change,
Try not to stay the same.
Because the effort alone will drive you insane.
Constantly fighting the change will drive those you love away
And you’ll be left wondering why everyone changed.
We all go through changes on a daily basis, so why fight it?
Old debts have been paid
Love has subsidized the pain.
Heart; open for trade.
An affirmation and a plan
Ryan Joseph Aug 15
                ­                Babyhood
                                             Early Childhood
                                                       ­  Middle Childhood
                                                       ­                        Puberty
                                                         ­                            Adolescence
                                                                ­                                   Maturity
                                                        ­                                                    Old
         ­                                                                 ­                                        Die
human's development
If it doesn't grow by 10 years
Never expect, after 12 it grows

Save the effort
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Human Nature || Latency
Ash Jun 20
I asked you,
what do I do when the devil on my shoulder
tells  me to bawl on a blow-in
just to get all the pent up frustration  out.
You said
"Take your emotions to school"

Last week
I asked you,
what to do when my pride and selfishness
make me believe that I am larger than life?
You said
"I wish you could be more specific"
So I told you in terms
I don't know anything that feeds to my ego.
You said
"when you feel like this in terms of riches
remember there is someone out there who has a lot more than you do and if not so if you are deemed the richest according to your definition of richness by everyone around you and even the whole world then look at the sky with  stars so rich,the moon a mystery  and the sun so hot  and ask yourself if you can be that rich or that full of life or that mysteriousness."

Last month
I came to you bitter
I asked why is the world biased
always shows a side to it that I never knew(the ugly one)
why I got hurt despite
my tenderness
my altruistic
You said
"My dear life is never fair and
things won't always go the way you want them to most days and life doesn't revolve around you
so before you go somewhere or make any move
before you speak
study your environment and learn to live in it
for some people are accustomed to
violence and a have a wrong philosophy towards life
don't change them,
don't fight them
do not advise them
they think you are weak
against them
they will
despise you,
kill you
and always be in your way.
Instead plan ,calculate your moves,think,never forget to think
and be the better person and version of yourself despite what is going on the outside.Plus always remember you are the only person who can never be your own enemy,your family,friends and lover can but not you."

Four months ago
I came to you
Proud and boasting,
I judged all those who weren't on my level
I spoke ill until I noticed it
and asked what to do when all
I want and seem to do is judge people
You said
" What another person's accomplishment,
style of mind or dressing is,
is none of your business so whenever you feel like judging
shut your brain up by telling it that it is none of your business only judge when it is your business to"

Eight months ago
I wallowed in  depression and regrets
those what ifs,those shoulda,coulda ,woulda
that I never did knowing that
my life would have a different turn about if only...,
I came to you
disgusted by feelings towards myself
and asked
where can I find the light when I am sinking to low in depression's
confines due to  regrets caused by addictions, my mendaciousness and constant state of guilt
You said
"When the mist of depression darkness fogs your brain just remember no amount of guilt can change your past and no amount of anxiety can change your future.You have the power to have make decisions that will pull you out the confines of future depression,anxieties and paranoia."

Today I woke up to your letter
It said
Dear Z,
To mark this being the last day of the ninth months
since you started catechizing me
I will spring something that has always been inside you
but by a medium of words
always work on improving your character,relations to people
and your philosophies
Never think you know to much and that can't learn from others or situations or in general  stop trying to learn more because there is always something to learn try being open minded and you will see this is true
If life knocks you down wake up look at what caused the knock out study  the what not's to and then shake  it off but never forget.
Mostly learn from other people's experiences read ever chapter feel every emotion and the what not to and what to then use it.
Then finally remember to live
you don't only live once
but you live every day
and die once
so make the most out of today and
whatever happiness means to you chase it everyday follow
it just
most of all
be happy.
Raghu Menon Jun 1
Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
But violent and angry at times
At the ruthless manner in which
The man destroys the nature...

Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
But angry and turbid below
At the greed and arrogant manner in which
They carry out "development"

Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
But sad and lost
at the poor lives and livelihoods lost
At the hands of the rich who creates the catastrophes

Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
But helpless and depressed
At the ignorance and stubborn attitude
Of the people who aren't willing to learn from their mistakes.

Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
Sometimes overflowing and destructive
Time and again, to teach the humanity a lesson
In not learning from the past, learning from their mistakes
Because, history repeats itself..
And we are suffering today at the hands of the
People who are not creating a welfare state
But extracting, extorting, exploiting the commons
And the common people
To the benefit of a few, arrogant, "smart" rich...

There is something wrong somewhere..
Unless we learn ...
Unless we change...
We get what we deserve...

So if we need a change..
Let's change first ourselves..
Our action, Our decisions, Our choices...
There is nobody to blame..but ourselves...

It is not enough we give our choices
Once in five years ...
And then blame everybody else
For what we get out of our choice...

Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
He is a teacher, a friend, a father (and a mother)..
A brother, and a God (if there is one)...
Let us learn from him, the nature...

Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
So magnificent and great..
Angry at times..Destructive at times...

Still the lifeline of the people
Quiet flows the Brahmaputra.
Brahmaputra is a river in Assam, and having a male name unlike most rivers having female names. The river is known for its flooding and destruction year after year, due to the unplanned "developments" that is done.  Inspiration: My friend's poem "There is something wrong ..." https://hellopoetry.com/poem/2513480/something-wrong-need-to-start-it-again/
I feel like I’m breaking:
Snapping in half
I feel like I’m drowning
And can’t find a raft

These words are falling
out of my mouth
They come out like rain
After a drought

My reflection in the mirror
Looks like a mirage of me.
Almost myself
But not quite what it seems.
How do I keep from unraveling at my seems.
Written last year.
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