Asha Hassan Feb 20
As reward for my patient years
Of sorrow, laughter, joy and tears
Life's handed me (to my surprise)
A "me" I cannot recognise

Her hands are bigger to catch pain
That weighs her down like heavy rain
Her eyes brighter, so she can see
The world I found a mystery

Her heart's stronger than ever mine
So she will handle life just fine
But there's so much she doesn't know
And so much more she needs to grow

So, when I think of years of yet
I remind her to not forget
That though she stands a better chance
One day she'll need a stronger stance
I wrote this when I was 16 because I always saw the ways in which I could continue to improve although I appreciated my growth.
B R Sigerson Jan 21
No where in a child development book
does it tell the child how to develop
Allesha Eman Nov 2017
The goal is to acquire the understanding, capability, and the hardships of living. Survival has outrun us, the race is still beginning
And as you open your eyes
The exposure of light, sound and intelligence of man
Is what will shape your morals into the prosperity of your generation
Because as much as we read or write about our past
Our future is still unwritten.
Leila The Kiwi Sep 2017
Some people slip,
When their clay gets out of shape
They accept what they're given
And set it in stone.

But you keep improving;
More water,
A faster or slower pace,
Viewing from different perspectives... etc.

You know there's a possibility
You refuse to give up
And be stuck the same way forever.

A description of the man I love. He's someone I look up to, I'm trying to learn from him and I hope I can be as helpful for him as he is for me. I love you, Zac.
Karoline Oct 2017
Maybe this is where I truly start living,
maybe it’s here I’m awaken. 
Maybe this is where my burdens are taken 
by something greater that sees that I’m tired,
and the demons inside me will leave me inspired. 

Maybe this is when I truly start growing, 
my naked soul will finally be showing. 

So firmly I stand, and deeply inhale, 
never again stepping back on the scale. 

Maybe it’s now, right here, that I see; 
it is my soul, not my body, that should drop to its knee. 
Because it’s our souls, not only bodies, that should be connected, 
without any worry of what is expected. 

So firmly I stand, sigh and breathe in, 
realising not loving myself is my only sin. 

Maybe this is where I truly start living,
maybe it’s here I’m awaken. 
Maybe it’s here my doubts will be shaken,
to the ground where I will leave them forever,
consciously choosing to always endeavour.
Madeline Kennell Oct 2017
324 square miles

and 94 vacant

we build up our city to great lengths

but the majority of our population

poor, impoverished black families

cannot afford to eat at a tapas bar art gallery
Benie Jul 2017
The fear of wilting grew like a weed in my head, but the gardener next door kindly pulled them and gave me new soil
thus started a new revelation
Upon tending to my brain flowers began to bloom, spreading to its furthest corners
Except this empty patch
A peculiar spectacle which brought me to ask my neighbor "why?"
and with a smile he said "you'll understand soon"
Along came a boy I knew and greatly admired for his kind eyes alongside a sunbeam smile
Shy as we may the universe still beckoned for our meeting
thus grew vegetables in the empty patch under his sunbeam smile
Curious, I asked the gardener next door why vegetables grew instead of flowers
To which he responds "love brings not just beauty, but health and an opportunity for growth. upon being picked these plants are ready for consumption; a healthy lead to living. love acts not as merely an art to show but a power to grow."
And grow we will, together
the first happy poem i wrote in 6 months
Prabhu Iyer Jul 2017
Lingering in clusters around the idle seas
leaning inward dotted by
dried, them channels of hyacinth rivers
come like an old city emerging
out of the clouds like hundreds
of coloured cardboard boxes
packed away parted by unruly lanes
and withered lakebeds
and winding roads laden with lamps
the hunger for the sky has skived
away granite, now lakes
them empty quarries that grin
like the old grandmother
toothless, whitening hair thinned out
those forests now reservationed
rises a spire, aspiring for heaven
from this mud rolled windwashed earth
Touching down from the air into my city
We don't learn by Doing the Right Thing,
We learn from doing the Wrong Thing.
We actually develop skills in our sins.
That are applicable
When we are trying to do something
BENEFICIAL to others.
That's the Strange thing about Life.
Virtue can be Cowardly,
But Evil is Bold!
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