If it doesn't grow by 10 years
Never expect, after 12 it grows

Save the effort
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Human Nature || Latency
Raghu Menon Jun 1
Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
But violent and angry at times
At the ruthless manner in which
The man destroys the nature...

Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
But angry and turbid below
At the greed and arrogant manner in which
They carry out "development"

Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
But sad and lost
at the poor lives and livelihoods lost
At the hands of the rich who creates the catastrophes

Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
But helpless and depressed
At the ignorance and stubborn attitude
Of the people who aren't willing to learn from their mistakes.

Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
Sometimes overflowing and destructive
Time and again, to teach the humanity a lesson
In not learning from the past, learning from their mistakes
Because, history repeats itself..
And we are suffering today at the hands of the
People who are not creating a welfare state
But extracting, extorting, exploiting the commons
And the common people
To the benefit of a few, arrogant, "smart" rich...

There is something wrong somewhere..
Unless we learn ...
Unless we change...
We get what we deserve...

So if we need a change..
Let's change first ourselves..
Our action, Our decisions, Our choices...
There is nobody to blame..but ourselves...

It is not enough we give our choices
Once in five years ...
And then blame everybody else
For what we get out of our choice...

Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
He is a teacher, a friend, a father (and a mother)..
A brother, and a God (if there is one)...
Let us learn from him, the nature...

Quiet flows the Brahmaputra
So magnificent and great..
Angry at times..Destructive at times...

Still the lifeline of the people
Quiet flows the Brahmaputra.
Brahmaputra is a river in Assam, and having a male name unlike most rivers having female names. The river is known for its flooding and destruction year after year, due to the unplanned "developments" that is done.  Inspiration: My friend's poem "There is something wrong ..." https://hellopoetry.com/poem/2513480/something-wrong-need-to-start-it-again/
I feel like I’m breaking:
Snapping in half
I feel like I’m drowning
And can’t find a raft

These words are falling
out of my mouth
They come out like rain
After a drought

My reflection in the mirror
Looks like a mirage of me.
Almost myself
But not quite what it seems.
How do I keep from unraveling at my seems.
Written last year.
The long lost cries
Are but distant memoirs of foolishness
Why conform to my misery?
When I have all that I need
Why the want to be great?
When I can just be
Why the feeling of disappointment?
When I'm not failing
Why the anger and envy?
When I can choose not to care
Why be like I am?
Why I can be how they are
Why must I be like this?
Why can't I just be?
If ever you feel angry, if ever you feel a failure. If ever you feel as if your past had a brighter future than your present, well guess you're in the same boat as I. No need to worry too much about it. We all need time. Time to figure things out, time to sort ourselves out.
I saw myself
in the making of a tree
and pleaded
not to become its fruits
So the maker made me
the part that i’d be
And there I was made
part of the tree
at the roots
Poetic Surgery, Copyright © 2018,  All rights reserved.
Another approach
Same strategies
Same chain of command
Different authorities
A mesmerizing complex structure;
Circumventing individual responsibilities.

How can we strive?
How can we grow?
Every being as important as the next;
For the success of a mission years away from fulfilment.

Everyone has a part to play
Every part must be played fully
Or else stagnancy is well around the corner.

For development,
The team must be strong.
They must be together.
They must have the same goals,
Or everything crumbles.
Thank you for reading ♥
AS Apr 14
Free to breathe and embark on this peaceful plane.
Years of feeling my brightness squashed inside.
Optimism, curiosity and excitability in return.
Enlightened and lightened my inner flame.
Fading day by day the destructive, overwhelming unhealthy yearn.
More aware, secure and a growing confident air.
An abundant flare energy rushing through my veins.
The beauty of losing the restrains and giving up the pain.
No more doubts, only more strength to gain and relieved to be out of the blame game.
Lighter, calmer, collected away from that mind frame.
No longer drained from frequent shame, never will I be treated or talked to that way again.
Watch me fly, watch me soar and transform like never before.

© 2018
Abigail Sheard
Asha Hassan Feb 20
As reward for my patient years
Of sorrow, laughter, joy and tears
Life's handed me (to my surprise)
A "me" I cannot recognise

Her hands are bigger to catch pain
That weighs her down like heavy rain
Her eyes brighter, so she can see
The world I found a mystery

Her heart's stronger than ever mine
So she will handle life just fine
But there's so much she doesn't know
And so much more she needs to grow

So, when I think of years of yet
I remind her to not forget
That though she stands a better chance
One day she'll need a stronger stance
I wrote this when I was 16 because I always saw the ways in which I could continue to improve although I appreciated my growth.
B R Sigerson Jan 21
No where in a child development book
does it tell the child how to develop
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