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Reg Aug 15
fewer scars
faith in stars
and a slight will to live!

an addiction came and left
I'm told its for the best
though, now I have no friends.

to my surprise,
and his demise,
I'm now in love with a man!

things aren't great,
but times are better
and I think I'm here to stay.
this is a little depressing but I still found myself laughing throughout? I'm in a better place than 2015 for sure.
I know your young feet have the urge to drive a high heel,
but they cannot feel the heartbeats of the ground of soil,
beating beginnings and growth.
So, abide to this simple troth for your naked feet,
to meet with beginnings and growth,

Justine Louisy
Copyright © Justine Louisy 2020
All Rights Reserved
Mahesh Shroff Jun 12
Between embrace and abandon,
between misery and mild whines,
in stories and scripts,
in scuffles and in triumphs,

between patience and tantrums,
between distress and sangfroid,
with brothers and with foes,
at childbirth and one's decline,

I live and perish in my thoughts,
neither defunct nor abiding,
between isolation and eminence,
I'll live forever or die trying.
Tyler Cobain May 28
I see you, you are
The lights that are
Making the earth see

And I, I've failed
To recognise the torch
That's inside of me

So please,
Please help me see
I can be better
Than present me
Ever thought I could be

Show me, we can break free
From the constraints of the ropes
That we once walked

Please help me see
That we're better
And that we're free
We've grown to believe

My pillow once grabbed me
By the hand
And I felt laden
Like a beach full of sand

Please make me see
Now I'm better
Than I thought I could be
I promise I'll grow

Please, Please
Make me see
That we're better
We've realised our dreams
'cause now I know
You're the light I reach for
Four May 22
An ordinary river is continuously flowing,
Where different water species are roaming,
But none of them are really surviving,
They stay for a while and later end up dying.
Until one day a master came in,
Everyday he is deeply staring,
He noticed a fish that is not dying nor moving,
That made the river realize the fish is not leaving,
Together, the river and the fish began blooming,
People started recognizing, visiting and appreciating,
From then on both the river and the fish live to be seizing.
There are lots of ideas in our minds, that's making us do and try lots of things but it tend to be end up failing everytime. I believe we all have that one great thing which will lead us to the path where we will live significantly. If we once find it, embrace and focused on developing it and enjoy the previledges it comes with.
nance May 18
Slow down, you're doing fine.
Everything comes in time.

patience has not always been a virtue
rowdy lee May 10
maybe someday you'll meet a man
who will never blame you
but at the same time you may find out
how good it is to develop a character further
if development is going in the right direction

honesty must be cruel
that's how it moves on

I am wild
and lazy
and needless
sometimes I win
and sometimes I lose

but the main core is clear
nothing is a competition

so be tough
and do not cry
nance Apr 30
The pieces beside you
are the ones you need
to have by your side.
The opposite end
are the enemies
you'll meet
through life.
This is the game of chess;
and it's your life.
To win, make a move.
To lose- you'll meet your
Life is a game, as chess is one too.
Where we gladly accept without fully
knowing what to do.
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