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Today, I tell you a story
Of past hoary
A chimp was born
A child was born
A strange quest
Arose in their minds
Could they make
The baby chimp
Learn human behaviour
They decided
To make a trial
They  adopted
The baby chimp
As if their child
And raised him
Alongwith their child
Thinking this would
Cause the baby chimp
Learn behaviour of
Human child
To their dismay
The baby chimp
Didn't learn
Human behaviour
Their child
Started behaving
Like a chimp
Compelling them
Abandon the baby chimp
Moral of the story:
The environment
And manner of upbringing
Important for
Child's development
Melody Mann Jul 18
& in the fragrance of yesterday I'll bow my head in humility to pay respects to the child that roamed free.

For she was a mischievous character who tended to nature, heeding the wind's call.

She was a ferocious mine, eager to answer the precarious pondering of mental illness and abandonment.

She was confused because she was young and couldn't handle such complexity.

She found solace in lavenders.

A scent that rooted her in spirituality and happiness.
A scent that reminded her of happiness and rebirth.
A scent that provided her refuge from the uncertainty of life.
A simple embrace from the mystic himself.
A simple flower carried her through tedious transitions and remained a stable symbol in her ever shifting life.

Bowing her head in humility she prepares to transition into the next chapter of her life.

With a humble heart I tread forward.

Onto a new state, a new journey, a new chapter.
Onto the next phase I go
SomaSonata Mar 27
Left me high and dry
With no room to spare inside
Consolation prize

There's no end in sight
Your favorite *******
Returns the favor

Supernova explodes
Into a spectrum of light
The colors bleeding

Gone without a trace
Absorbed into outer space
Totally consumed

Beings of light
Trapped in material form
Roses which adorn

Untapped potential
Systematically reformed
kevin wright Mar 16
Each day we wake up
At the end of our day
   the need to sleep is strong
Between each day
  we develop our being
In a life time of such days
  are the needs of the one met
Reflection on how we revolve around the day. Is waking up a function that we have rebooted our brain or needing to think on another plane in developing questions? Is going to sleep a desire to recharge or enter our school of learning?
hello dear,
I hope you’re on your way, 
hope you’re somewhere near.

I’m getting better, day by day,
and I just want you to know,
that I’m tired of waiting,
but I’m doing okay.

and I know that soon we will meet
and our souls will fall in love,  
so our life can be complete.

so dear, 
I hope you’re on your way, 
hope you’re somewhere near.

and if you’re currently working on yourself too,
you might be my man, my hubby, my boo.

so please don’t give up,
just keep moving.
I’m writing these lines,
because I know there is someone for me, too,
just like in the movies.

so let’s keep going,
keep growing
until the day we can water each other.

I’m searching for you, lover.

and I’m always excited,
while the story extends,
‚cause my favourite movies,
are the ones with happy ends.

- gio -
LannaEvolved Feb 14
Love is the feeling of what it feels like to know
without a glimmer of anything but certainty.
That Love is faith in what still exists
In the sliver of a piece of the life
you always knew lives and breathes deep inside you
A new life where the moon overlooks
the shadow of doubt and dust from a past one
It is to form the new horizon of truth happiness inner peace in silent deserved action. This truth you know.
Believe in that love.
A lovely heartfelt message delivered by butterfly that has found her wings again over the past 4 years; learning to understand the love that resides within herself and always has.
Cheers to the day all my amazing Shifters, to this day, and to the happiest and beautiful of Valentines to you all. Love is here for you now.
Kit Feb 9
I am distorted
Slowly, strangely warping
Bulging and divulging all my secrets to the haze

I am warped
All features long and short
Oozing breath without a step towards a goal to name

A sudden sorrow leaving
A mirrored mind, sweetly deceiving
And ancient trust that scrapes the rust
For the morrow's morning break
At a glance, not oneself was visible,
unaware of branches' stretch
but a hint, a shadow: moving foliages
,and leaves of september.
Till the chasm fronting it, submit
itself to summer rain and midnight cry.

At a glance, not oneself was visible:
Only a fissure beneath the cumulonimbus
covering it with lapiz tears, three meters
deep, and not oneself invisible.
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