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C H A T A N T May 30
A misunderstood soul
With many complications
Walking a steady pace
Into the darkness
Nisha Fatima Jan 20
Kneeling down on this filthy floor,
Filthy with guts and audacity,
In the hands of every form but me,
While im here still dreadfully desperate for an ally,
But social interaction, though I covet for it a lot,
Its still unendurable to liaise,
With all psyche and be extant,
Except the unseen ethos,
That i seek answers from at night.
Sean Devlin Oct 2018
This time I feel more than nothing
some curiosity and a want to be near you
that runs deeper than those surface charms

Her soothing voice, I could listen to that purr
until I lay myself in the grave
Digging holes deeper than her soul
though not as misplaced
There was a gracefulness in the way her crooked
mouth spit out the words
"If god exists, the curse has been cast upon me"
In that moment I wanted to devour her like a rogue wave
rushing towards a beachside village
a hunger so old and archaic my roots were
twisting themselves
in the comfort
of possible disaster

With her teeth gnashing against my bones
Her skinny legs entwined in mine
My mouth pressed against the heartbeat in her neck
I wanted to drown in this fever between our bodies

"If god has forsaken you, I will crush the ******* into a powder"

She didn’t hear me, deep asleep, finally
finding peace as the dreams come and go
with her head against my chest, breathing me in
until there was nothing left

These daydreams stab through the veil of my solitary safety
Wake me from this madness, I’ve been here before
Way Rest Jul 2018
the world is there,I
am here—
a puzzle-piece which doesn't
fit anywhere

I read a book once
it said— "To get ahead in life,you gotta break some eggs."
so I did

I cut my edges to take a different shape
to fit in a certain set
it hurt, but I wanted to get ahead
and so I broke some eggs

I fit in, slid in like I was
not a separate piece but
a part of the whole from
the very beginning

yet only then did I notice
that I was of a different colour
than the rest of the pieces

so I was kicked out
but I wasn't gonna give up

I plunged myself in
a paint can—
and assumed a different colour
I broke some eggs

I fit in perfectly
yet only then did I realize
that I was made
of a different material
than all the rest

I was kicked out
cut, drenched in alienness
wet, by the roadside gutter

only then did I see
a puzzle set
of the colour
of my hidden flesh
of the material
of my own bones
with a missing piece— the shape
of my old self

yet I was alien to them
to the whole world
to me

I broke myself
I once wrote a list of things
That represented me :

Smoke from a discarded cigarette,
Rain on the Ocean,
A saturday matinee.

I wrote that I was a penny
On a train track, waiting.


Well guess what, folks-
The engine  has arrivd.
THIS IS A REVISION.  I was a lot younger when I wrote the first part...trying to figure out who I was - I listed a lot of things that I thought represented me.  Now, I add the coda to those thoughts as my world comes crashing down around me.
Poetic T May 2018
The stars are better off
                    without us.
Not mourning our final
              in to censorship.

We voice confusion from
             our snow globe,
            ready for it to be forsaken .
Shattering the existence
            that was never meant to birth.

"Silence is wondrous when we never hear it coming"
Brokk66 Apr 2018
bruised and battered
i weathered the storm
clinging to an island
in the ocean of you
tomorrow i may drown
and no one will know
i am forgotten
and forsaken
i am just floatsam
on the island
of indifference
here i will reside
for all eternal
gazing out to sea
from time to time
what could have been
For her.
toward thee spunky gal,
     whose impregnation and debut appearance
     way to brief a tale for Aesop
cuz, (umpteen iterations recounted),

     out the birth canal aye did bop
analogously compared
     to a mealy mouthed measly crop
a spindly tangle of arms and legs

     radiated (starfish like)
     dangled and would uselessly drop
like a raggedy ann male counterpart
     (raggedy andy - how original)

     with limbs that didst flop
and tis no small wonder, thyself as one
     newborn baby body electric
     easily confused with bony glop,

which skimpy weight
     leant convenience as sigh grew older
     to alternate jumping
     (ala pogo stick mode) and hop

from one skinny spindle shank leg to another,
     and manifold orbitz whip
     sawing round the sun
     bore witness to puny laughable specimen

     of a nerdy lad, who (in hindsight)
     grew long straggly hair,
     which NO ONE (except me) could touch,
     nor most definitely NOT lop

off (this fetish) compensation
     for very slight physique
     in dewed time begot
     pencil necked geek milksop,

now at an age prowl lix sing viz
     dragging, crawling, battling...
     slight abdominal bulge  
unlike widower octogenarian biological pop

whose once strapping superman
     like build atrophying (sad sight)
since grim reaper put objectionable stop
upon head of harriet harris,
    whereat two and a half score years
    her longevity did top.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
now, comb may tooth how zen,
sans eight plus ten
'twill be thirteen yars
when me late mum agonizingly relinquished

     an indomitable loo ving life,
     which strong fighting spirit
     (spittle and vinegar) yen
reached a juncture,

     (sans metastasized ovarian cancer)
     forewent heroic measures, which ken
not avail bottled anger within this sole son
telling thee, he didst love ye
     never communicating NOR often!
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