Sun Jul 15

Dusts glittering in the air
A spring of minds that never dies
leading the wild winds
taking the shape of waves
on different lands

Moon bestows her grace on darkness
when shadows make love with the eternity

The blood in veins rejoice for solitude
The  untouched old souls  
seek for salvation
forgetting unbound distance
urging to touch the breaths of fire

Unloved  tears scream deeply inside
for the forgotten promise of their love
in the lost reign

Can you remember?
Ron Gavalik Jun 13

You should know,
I love the way
you mourn
the end of laughter
in the silence of night.
When the laughs return
you rejoice.
I always smile.

Margo May Mar 25

In the fellowship of believers
I lift my voice;
in the fellowship of believers
I make my praises loud;
in the fellowship of believers
Your marvelous name is proclaimed.

Let every nation,
let every tribe,
let all creation,
gather as one
in harmony.

What power there is in unity!
Unity under the Holy One;
unity under the Lord our God.

When we come together,
He is there!
Evil has no power
for His goodness triumphs!

Our God is undefeatable,
our God stands unshakable;
He remains,
He endures,
He withstands
the test of time.
He always persists,
always perseveres,
always prevails.

I fear not for the world will not conquer me;
I fear not for the world has no power over my life.

The Lord shall keep my feet steady on His path!
He keeps me steady as I walk in His ways;
He keeps me steady for all of my days;
therefore, He is worthy of all praise!

The righteous rejoice in the Lord,
but the wicked do no such thing;
The righteous experience true freedom,
but the wicked remain slaves to their sin.

Let every nation,
let every tribe,
let all creation,
gather as one
in harmony.

Again I say Rejoice!
Lift up your voice
and make your praises loud;
proclaim the marvelous name of the Lord;
so all may know and be saved.

for one of my classes i had to compose my own psalm, and here is the result.
Pamela Rae Mar 20

I keep thinking I'll awaken to the day
and you will not have really gone away--
but reality dawns and I know it's true--
I can no longer reach out and touch you--
Still, the thing that comforts me somehow
is knowing that you are free of all pain now
and envisioning you being embraced by an abundance of love
and knowing too that you are watching all of us from above.
I cannot lie and say I do not miss your laugh, your voice
but I will admit, I do sincerely rejoice
in the comfort your unending love brings to me
and I know somehow you will forever be
a part of my heart and others' hearts too
And always I will be thankful for having known & Loved You.

Goodbye for now, my dear loved one
I'll see you again when it's time for my own setting sun...
©Pamela Rae 03.20.2017

I'll never stop missing his physical presence, but I know he is free of all pain and embraced in an abundance of love and joy.
That sustains me when I miss his presence in my world.
Thank you to all who have helped me through this most difficult journey.
I love my brother so dearly.

Do not pick yourself up, O lover
Remain scattered, like leaves of autumn
The merry cries of the wounds you suffer
Shall reach my ears from the lake bottom

Scratch and shriek, kick and scream
For each time you fall, I shall reap
And in your sadness, I shall beam
Until you crumple, a lifeless heap

The scars that mar your beautiful face
Shall entrance my titan heart
The blood you bleed with such grace
Shall be my medal, my piece of art

And your tears, O lover, your tears
Shall wash and cleanse my empty grave
Simply plead, for years and years
For your pleas will make me slave

Don't compose, O dear, I beg thee
Let your face fall, your heart break
I rejoice your pain, do not you see?
While you burn upon the stake

Deprived of hope. Broken. Crushed.
It becomes you, O glorious joy
Your mewls silent. Whimpering hushed
Shall continue, and I shall cloy

Your tears, O love, let them stream
Let them embody my greatest sin
For when you cry, I shall scream
A sound of joy. Along with a grin

Do not you see, I love your pain
Your broken bits, revive my dead
Carry on, love, slash that vein
Paint beautiful crimson my lonely bed

SøułSurvivør Nov 2016

I'll share a tune, I'll sing a song,
Raise my voice... please sing along!
With the angels! With the birds!
Let's be sure the Lord has heard!

Rejoice! Rejoice!
Let's sing a song to Him!
Rejoice! Rejoice!
The victory to win!
Rejoice! Rejoice!
Though some may find it odd...
Rejoice! Rejoice!
Sing praises to our God!

We've had hardships, we've had trials
But Jesus Christ still lives! He smiles
When we defeat our dreary foe
Depression flees! It HAS TO GO!


Ol' Joshua & Jehoshaphat
Went to war, knew where it's at
They didn't doubt! But instead


Rejoicing will bring change, you'll see
In Christ we have the victory!


(C) 11/2016

I'm feeling much better! If you're on Facebook look for my video describing how i beat depression through Jesus Christ... Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes! I appreciate you all! ♡♡♡♡♡
Ty Smith Oct 2016

Make way for the Jesus the King!
His angels dance and sing,
For he has returned,
To save the sick and the burned,

He rides from the white city,
He cries with great pity,
For his people are far away,
They have turned long astray,

Cursed are the ones who ignore him,
But blessed are those who follow him,
For he will lead them to land,
Composed of pure blood from his hand,

Rejoice, for Christ is here!
Rejoice, His power has drawn near!
Stand up and follow in his sight,
And he will lead you back into his pure light

Whitney Drew Jul 2016

Silently, here I lie,
And peacefully, I now must die,
And my heart beats and strums
Like the sound of a thousand drums.
Be it his way, be it his will,
I will with all my heart love him still
Because joy waits on those streets of gold,
I miss them so much both young and old.
Here I will write my legacy
As your pour out an entire sea,
Please don't mourn, dear heart, rejoice,
Don't you hear the peace in my voice?
I am pleased with what I have done
And now I can see all my loved ones
Don't steel your heart dear for it will rust
As I turn back to ashes, as I go back to dust

This was written for a French class project. The topic was to write a poem like *La Ballade des Pendus* by Francois Villon in which we knew that we were about to die.
Nelize Jun 2016

Ever notice the hope in everyday life?
how nature declares peace over bitters of life?
how little birds rejoice,
so unconcerned
even the kettle sings at the top of its voice
when the water left its body burnt!
despite the dark cloud, the silver line shines
rainbows run through rainy lines

wolves howl praise in silent darkness
crickets chime through echoed abyss
if stars could audibly wink at you
their message would be that they hear you...

Pamela Rae Mar 2016

I ache for the closeness,
for just knowing that someone
who I love so dear (you)
is near enough to hug
and tell my devotion and deepest secrets to.
I do know that
The day will come when we will
no longer need these physical bodies
and that we will realize a joy far greater
than we can envision in the here and now,
but I am in no hurry for that day--
for in this realm
and in this physicality
of what we now know as life,
there is still so much yet to learn and glean

so that when we travel on
all this knowledge
and blessed gift of discovery
will follow us through
to the realm we are going to...
So I will live with this ache
and rejoice
in all the moments given
in the here and now
that I get to spend with you
and I will know
that whatever lessons of love we find here
will follow us and comfort us
all the way through
©Pamela Rae 03.20.2016

Each day is a gift and a chance to learn and grow in Love ♥
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