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We each got aboard, life’s train,
Different years, times, and stations,
Never knowing for sure, our direction, or way,
As we ride on our journey, we choose,
Needs, wants, our values, hopefully, good relations.

There are times, everything, rolls smooth and fast,
Others, we will stop and go, slow like a snail,
Realizing, every plan can change,
Much patience, luck, needed in all decisions,
Honesty in all communications, hoping our wheels, stay on the rail.

Everyone’s ticket will expire, we never know, how or when,
As we pass much scenery, beautiful, fun, to sad, confusing times,
As our miles see, many faces, they arrive, and leave each day,
We cherish those who cared, knowing, one day we will hear,
God, the head conductor, say this is the end of the line.

                                                                                                                  The original: Tom Maxwell © 7/9/21 AD 12:20 pm
-elixir- Jun 19
The life's ride unravels
new visions yet to travel,
through the eyes of the old,
who lived through his life, bold.
Through the odes of the heroes
that survived the rain of arrows,
the blood that spoke in it's silence,
outliving the brutal violence.
The swords that reeked of cynical intent
that left the voices of the needy distant,
into the mundane walk of evolution,
into the urbane solution
of living through a window
of technology due to a limbo,

caused by a uncanny cough.
Each of us are very unique,
More than obvious ways,
Hair, color, shape, size, face,
Just our outer shell, during this stay.

Thoughts, from past experiences,
Our travels & journeys through time,
We are all A mixed breed, of sort,
After centuries, think back in your mind.

Any two people, will not always agree,
If to much time spent together,
Humans, sea horses, may be one other,
The only creatures, that try to mate forever.

Respect, learn from, enjoy others,
None of us are perfect, our actions, ways,
We are in this passage of time, to grow wiser,
A short lesson, preparing us, for future days.

                                                                        Tom Maxwell © 12/13/18
Thomas Harvey Jan 15
What if life stopped tomorrow
The sky's were no longer blue
And you never felt no more sorrow

Would you still feel sadness
Or cling to your anger
Though a great mystery lurks in the bliss

The day the seas give rise
And the nights where you feel empty
There where you wasted your time spreading lies

A greater place awaits
Where your actions of today, are washed away
No matter the cost, because in the end it's all left up to fate

Perhaps living is the hardest part
But at least we still get tomorrow
To try again and stay true to our heart
Thomas Harvey Dec 2020
While walking through the tress one day
I stopped and wondered of life before
How little and close everything was to the core
And how precious words were to the say

Now it's lies that prevail
Truth is buried down below
Dreams die, just as rivers flow
But perhaps the worst is the ones we lose along the trail

Yes, I find many lost souls
My discoveries let them live, how they should be: FREE
For the old cliché, even the blind see
While the ones who stay, search for the loopholes

In reality we're all just trying to buy time
The ones who can't, say life's not fair
The others, well they don't really care
And me, Well I just do anything to make me feel fine
Thomas Harvey Oct 2020
My friend fly's through the sky
He wears a coat of brown
Sometimes he's gone for awhile, but I never question why
Other times I'll see him right in the middle of town

I do admit I am jealous
For no creature of ours have felt such freedom
He does teach a lesson, that all life is precious
But I'd bet anyone would still pay to be him

Soaring through the skies not a care to think
Drifting to wherever and whenever
Flying so fast you don't have time to blink
And moving away when the leaves turn a golden heather

Maybe the lesson to be learned is the ones he leaves behind
Or on the way back getting lost
Or maybe it's that we don't have much time
I guess the lesson is to live free no matter the cost
Thomas Harvey Oct 2020
I write this today, with the knowledge of yesterday
Look past yourself and see the bigger picture
Think of all the ones before who never got a say
And the ones who came out as the false victors

Years of violence and years of war
We choose to ignore for it's already past
But what about the ones who can't because their family's been torn
What about the ones who couldn't make it to the door

A world full of hate
When I look outside I only see the night
For many believe the lies told and take the bait
But what about those who choose to still shine bright

I write this not as a plea but as a calling
For those of you who fell more and are sick of sorrow
To those who stand up and are tired of falling
We are the future, we can choose our fates, more importantly we can build a new tomorrow.
Sarah Flynn Oct 2020
fall in love with yourself
the way that you want
to be loved.

stop letting strangers take
refuge in your body.

you are not a
momentary place.

you were not built to be
someone’s hideaway
or vacation house.

you were not designed
to handle people
walking in and out
of your life.

your body is tired
of hurting.

tell these short-term
visitors to leave.

the scratches and
scuff marks left by
their careless actions
do not define you.

you expect abandonment.
permanence feels foreign.
someone staying feels
unnatural to you.

but please remember that
you deserve to be
so much more than a
resting spot for someone
to briefly stop at, and
continue on their way.

despite what you may
believe about yourself,
you are not temporary.

please, be kind to yourself.

as you travel through life,
remember that it doesn’t matter
whether you believe it or not.
you are worth it.
and not believing that doesn’t
make it any less true.

please, stop searching
for another guest.

find someone who
feels less like a tourist,
and more like a home.
Thomas Harvey Oct 2020
The sun rises everyday
And so, it sets every night
The same way a boat docks at bay
Before it goes out searching for light

Though it’s true what they say about fool’s gold
We spend so much time searching we become lost
In this we learn the true treasure is to be bold
So bold you would never know what it cost

As the sun starts to set
Instead of going out, go get some rest
And as the sun rises early in the morning, so it seems so far away
Take leave in your boat, go touring and sail along your own merry way
Aaron LaLux Feb 2020
So far gone,
leaving behind spent jet fuel & jeweled remnants of memories,
on a plane in the 3rd dimension sitting 1st class,
with a world class American Top Model chilling next to me,

gazing out the soft edged rectangular window to my left,
then over to the soft edged Coke bottle model to my right,
which is better I’m confused as to which view I should choose,
both views are cool highly prized self-realized & undefinable,

on a roll so after we change countries to change the weather,
we change clothes to match the country we’re adaptable,
not conditioned to air conditioners we prefer air that’s natural,
our connects are reliable, specs are viable, facts are verifiable,

always well equipped even though we pack light when traveling, must face facts ‘cause we’re verified & the truth’s undeniable,

so we choose to accept this life without a fight,
what film’s on the inflight entertainment tonight,
100s of options to select from hope I choose right,
I pick a good flick to watch with this chic as I wet my appetite,

dinner served soon what’s on the menu this time,
King Salmon arugula salad champagne & cloth napkins,
think we’ll eat & see a film starring one of my best friends,
he’s one of the leads in the film playing one of the X-Men,

my future has passed, been gone since way back when,
I went from hustling on pavements & cuddling in basements,
to my name on gracious invitations to amazing celebrations,
& obtaining the latest coveted creations of our generation,
placement upgraded I now lay in a place that is spacious,

on the top floor of a proper loft with views of the harbor,
not a golfer I don’t golf I find sports outrageous,
no jokes I’m sinking ***** in 3 strokes on Par-4s,
making cut shots not taking gut shots from Haters,

no mugshots the hate must stop success is an art form,
I work around the clock so I deserve this spacious hiatus,
hitting Top Flights with wise guys on Trump’s golf course,
hole in one I’m a Golden Son like Nick Cannon’s kid is,

terms of endearment rules of engagement **** with honor,
tears shed in statements still sad but thank God we made it,

out of the streets & into the seats of private choppers,

we’re done with the stress thanks to blessed chess moves,
we get offered so many options that it’s tough to choose,
flying through the friendly skies First Class,
as beautiful Goddesses like Venus & powerful Gods like Zeus,

we just hold on to sworn untolds & let everything else go,
until our wills give up our bodies fold & we’re cremated,
only thing that hasn’t changed since we’ve made it,
is the bond of our word so you’ll never hear convos restated,

we keep secrets that will never to be repeated ,
we run a tight ship no loose lips or leaks we keep our word,
just saying no statements just lots of amens & payments,
we’ll neither confirm nor deny those rumors that you heard,

most great men make no statements or engage slow agents,
they just make moves & arrangements in Asia like Statesmen,

we go off like the Mossad,
got those that **** caught off guard in a fictitious fog,
so lost they even begin to question our very existence,
no eyewitness our plots are so efficient they can’t see the ball,

suspicious citizens fishin’ for sufficient evidence,
dragging nets coming up empty they get nothing at all,
reporters on a mission to get headlines for the Sunday edition,
but I’ve seen things believe me they don’t want to get involved,

all star star crossed lovers,
all scars dressed in cross colors,
on Heaven’s Cloud 9 hovering in a helicopter,
surfing my brainwaves on a Rusty board as thoughts hover,

he’ll adopt her,
if she’s mean as the streets are still somehow nice & proper,
a marvelous heart stopper, with a solid heart beat bopper,
but if she acts up he won’t hesitate in a heart beat to drop her,
because the mean streets will always be his first lover,

so sick with the business he might need a doctor,
so far gone one what weighs him down isn’t worth the bother,
so far gone on a level so far beyond him that he’s honored,
with the type of resolve that gets all problems solved,
& a secret sauce along with a special recipe that conquers,

upwards & onwards,
a walking palindrome pantomime,
walking backwards I act out words,
& any friend of freedom is a friend of mine that’s a given,
I see the future live in the moment then kick back afterwards,

on a plane in the 3rd dimension sitting 1st class,
with a world class American Top Model chilling next to me,
rolling feeling high expressing these blessings in total bliss,
naturally high no cigarettes no alcohol no ******* no ecstasy,
finally “Free at last, free at last, Thank God almighty!”,

we are free at last celebrating like Martin Luther King,
Living the Dream in the fast lane spending Johnny Cash,
in the Fast Lane don’t plan to plane crash so I fly carefully,

Walking The Line,

doing fine,
so far gone,

a bottom of the 9th,
down by one runner on Home Run,

outta here,
en route to a beach,
outta of range & outta reach,
a place where the photogs can’t peek,
not hiding just finding a place we can shine like diamonds,
an island with vibes like the water,
clean crystal clear & stylish,
where we can fully relax,
at ease without fear,

20/20 vision,
so my decisions like my vision are always crystal clear,
crystal clean missiles scream through the star lit night sky,
with a Starlet don’t startle us or confuse our caution as fear,

don’t mistake kindness for weakness & try to take advantage,
or it’ll be “Nice try nice guy, you lose dude maybe next time.”,
no good guys just bad boys living the Good Life,
bad boys with good hearts Tom cruising through Vanilla Sky,

in the air experiencing experiences on the fly,
only spent jet fuel & remnants of memories left behind,
have everything ahead of me, just had to get lost to find,
truth is everything I ever said, all good things in all good time,

see, I’m so far gone, my sweat smells like sweet success,
living my best life, an American Dream in the flesh,
School of Hard Knocks did all my homework took no recess,
now it’s all recess allow me the luxury to reminisce & digress,

if you know how to read between the lines,
then there’s no need for a Reader’s Digest,

if you really what to know I let wealth get to know me,
I don’t work for the money the money works for me,
money doesn’t make the man man makes the money,
if you really want to get things done gotta do it on your lonely,

& when you finally get an opportunity to taste The Good Life,
don’t waste it savor it gently & take it slowly,
enjoy it while you can when you get the chance,
before it’s gone like I am on to the next one & only,

close The Book chapter’s finished on to Destiny’s next story,
done with this dissertation on all The Good Life’s temptations,
where seduction done through Life’s luxuries was my specialty,
had my fun now it’s on to the next one, next destination,

leave this life behind & let my actions & words speak for me,
which is why I leave behind these words as my literary legacy,
see truthfully I’m already so far gone,
leaving behind spent jet fuel & jeweled remnants of memories,

on a plane in the 3rd dimension sitting 1st class,
with a world class American Top Model chilling next to me,
full throttle on time like Movado, all shine no bravado,
I swim in more waves than the Royal Navy,

“living la vida loca” no Ricky Martin, my life & my love’s crazy,
gazing lazily out the soft edged window to the left of me,

then over to the soft edged coke bottle model to my right,
if every man’s an island I’m an archipelago & the architect,
Living Artifact, Futuristic Apostle Fossil, Prophetic Autograph,
I collect art & checks such a crazy life I need my head checked,

fossil fuels burn on strong, along with my memories,
so long I’m gone have been for centuries, so far gone,
so when they mention the greats, guaranteed they mention me, remembered in words & songs so the lessons can carry on,

so gone leaving behind only jet fuel & remnants of memories,
because just like now when the end comes I’ll also be gone,
only came here in the first place because they sent for me,
so when I go I will wish you well with a “So long & carry on!”.

So far gone,

on a one way flight with no carry ons,
leaving behind spent jet fuel & jeweled remnants of memories,
on a plane in the 3rd dimension sitting 1st class,
with a world class American Top Model chilling next to me...

Δ LaLux Δ

IG: @adreamerinthematrix
From The HH Trilogy Volume 3: Dark Lights & Bright Shadows; by Aaron LaLux
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