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Atop the ladder twenty-twenty,
I was enjoying the view.
Care Home visits a plenty,
Faces old and new.
Singing songs to raise a smile,
And vacant minds re-awoken,
Music to boost morale,
Mending souls once broken.
Frail voices murmured approval,
For favourite singers of their day.
“That was lovely! - Just wonderful!
Have a tea! - Please stay!”
Then, we talked all afternoon,
For little did we know,
What was around the corner,
The invisible foe.

And just like that, we were separated.
Back down the ladder I’d go.
Down there at the bottom,
The flowers would not grow.
The rays that kissed my cheek,
Were hidden from my gaze,
A tortured isolation,
As we entered a new phase.
Yet in your darkest hour,
I wished to shine a light,
So I worked to find new ways,
Tirelessly through the night.

Springtime and summer,
Brought with it a new hope:
Outdoor shows, joy and laughter,
(Needed to help us cope.)
My feet were on the ladder,
And life was on the up,
But slipping on the rain,
I fell back in the muck.

Atop the ladder twenty-twenty,
Now that seems long ago,
Through all the loss and tears,
I did the only thing I know.
Which was to carry on,
With a stiff upper lip.
I’d see you all again,
Once I regained my grip.

Twenty-twenty one flew by,
Just like the year before.
With notes of heartfelt lyrics,
Hidden in my drawer.
What awaits atop the ladder
For twenty-two, who knows?
But I’ll never forget,
When I helped them through their woes.
Winner of the 'Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022' poetry competition, 18+ category - Serendipity Gift Shop
©️ Joshua Reece Wylie 2022
Nylee Jan 2022
In a matter of time
I've been losing my mind
the heat rises, and the ice melts

we've suffered enough
or was the last year, just a trailer
to what is to come more

escaping it ain't easy
it is driving me dizzy
thinking about it

Simply, there are no answers
To the times unknown
and the life that are gone

do we refuse to look up still
Or are we so used to the drill
this is no more surreal.
Dave Robertson Dec 2021
First footing towards
what could be bridge or precipice,
hard to tell in the usual mists
of another spin round the sun

The groundhog sting
has left us wary of what’s to come:
with an alphabet begun
how many masks need to be worn
before omega calls?

But the sun is shining
and it’s abnormally warm,
so that’s good,
isn’t it?
mariella Dec 2021
Page 365 of 365.

It was a rollercoaster
ride of a year
but I am more than proud of myself
for reaching this far.
It's tough to say — bye!
When you know, From tomorrow...
You will not exist!
For u — 2021... Goodbye... "We'll meet again"... I wish I could say so but we can't ...And that's what, this life teaches us... That, nothing is permanent, everything has to be vanished... Even our existence!!
Ken Pepiton Dec 2021
short thread long line very hard to tie tiny knot

being sentient,  breathing, waraware, give begiven
for of by you,
UR us Toyz, told as legendary trips, and bags, and scenes.

Testify if I kept my head when all-just-if-ity if one little bit
that'd been me, see, lost theirs, at the crossed roads,

any legend needs a choice, freedom, for free, or
duty due on demand, wanna
bet better off dead, or alone, tossed in historical
legends far vetted,
oft from the deepest pits questional able ibility
I'll go rythms's interpretation as how
to make up interesting times to be experienced
in phrases.

Bubble-wise, by now, you know, all bubbles pop.
At the top.
Free at last, past all ever wasery ifery weifery weight
height, arching
angels, Golden Archesmcdondald boyett,

linking bio-six-pointer, aim, related to you
by the legendary kevin bacon matter of fact
AI knows, I know, we all know, this is that a
we state, as we read, awe, full
we o bey ance dam dam da, dam did we ever

imagine freedom of the press,
blowing bubbles in the milch of humes kindness,

kissed with a wish as well as a wonder ifery why
High water, sabbath, good Lord willin', creeks agonna rise...
Farah Taskin Nov 2021
This year is passing so fast!
Why time is flying?
Will the span
of the earth's life
This is November!
Can you believe it?!
This year has been
dull and devoid of variety
Anais Vionet Oct 2021
ring* ring (A Facetime call)
Mom: “Hey ***, what’s up?”
Me: “Well, let’s see..
“We have an armed law enforcement that’s scared of the civilians they police.
One political party so corrupt it’s no longer interested in serving the people.
Half the population ignores the one real power mankind has - science.
Hackers shutting down pipelines, schools, hospitals and companies.
News networks that are allowed to just make up lies as “news”.
Half the population that’s determined to be uninformed.
Social media is destroying the minds of our children.
A political party that encourages its followers to die.
A world that’s quickly poisoning itself to extinction.
Religions that endorse obvious liars and guns.
An economy that depends on our self doubt.
Foreign enemies manipulating our elections.
A supply system on the verge of collapse.
A party encouraging resurgent racism.
A badly neglected infrastructure.
Inflation starting to heat up.
A near endless pandemic.
And a **** culture.”

Mom: after a moment of silence

“Have you been reading the news again? You KNOW you tend to obsess.”
I shouldn’t watch the news - adults are such idiots
angelique Sep 2021
Two people, faces on
A screen, and two
Voices telling us how we should be
What’s new in the world, why we should
Avoid doing this, avoid doing that
What’s in, what’s not, what we should all do best

I see some nods
I see disapproval, approval
I see shifty glances in eyes
I see mouths start to move and talk
I see phones, many phones
I see the consumerism kicking in
I see unwavering doubt

I see lies, a mirage
I see the contours of deception
I see material eyes and material hearts
I see heavy minds and empty heads
I see people wondering about how they should look instead
I see people dreaming of a better life
I see people forgetting their own beautiful life
I see insecurity, stinging idiosyncrasy
I see flaming ******* media hypocrisy
I see romanticization of all things ugly
I see faces that look so young and glossy
I see big lights that cancel out all the imperfections
I see makeup that covers all the unwanted
I see ivory and I see bone
I see a curated life that I’ve never known
I see this image stitched up
And I never see it become unsewn
Something thats been on my mind lately with the influence of media and social media
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