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Alexander Oct 2018
I ripped my heart out
then put it on your silver platter
and all you can say is
“ I’ll text you later .”
I guess this is how heartbreak goes for some people.
Alexander Aug 2020
slip away
These hands can’t hold onto you

Like sand you give away,
through these cracks you sink
maritza 5d
he spends money like its an ocean tide
as soon as it's gone more takes its places
he knows that it won't stop coming
i save money like rain in a desrt
it comes rarely and when it does its small
im grateful for my rain but sometimes i look at his ocean
and compared to him the water in my cupped hands seem so small
Nina Jul 21
it's so late out there
when I am sitting on the roof
sky cries over my head
and this rain makes me feel like a fool.

I wish that you were real
we'd run all night long
and this tear of sky
would be happy tears of seeing us together.

but you live in my dreams
this black rose that I still keep
was given in a moment
that felt so real even it was a trick.

It's a night out there
this night seems it lasts forever
where are you, where?
when I am looking for you

this moon is touching my tears
that came from my sadness
every day I get more fear
that changes in phobias and leaves me full of loneliness.

I will wait for you forever if I have to
I will hit this loneliness and all my fears
my dreams will come true one day
and this rain will be not sad but happy tears.
I wish that you were real.
maritza Jul 19
I wish my wishes were more possible or at least more tangible
my wish for happiness is impossible to fulfill
happiness doesn't come in bottles I can drink or pills I can swallow
it comes in waves and never stays long
my wish for people to change is also a difficult one
there is no one that you can change except yourself
I wish that they were realistic so instead when I fall I have something to reach for, a goal or a dream that could be accomplished, instead of grasping at air
this is depressing
Melody Mann Jul 19
It all led up to this moment,
The dedication we casted our ambitions in,
The triumphs we rooted our adversities in,
It brought us to the next chapter of our lives,
And for you I'm forever grateful to,
Thanks for joining me on my journey.

The California dream is what we were living,
From the adventurous summer splendor,
To the heartfelt bittersweet departures,
Those unified celebratory cheers,
It was summer 21' of unprecedented affection,
Onto the next phase of life we go where unknown possibilities lie dormant,
Here's to the discoveries to come,
The gratitude to bestow,
& memories we'll create.
Shea Jun 30
Warm weather
Come together
Larvae grows in the water that collects
Underneath the house
I'm using you to,
Hate myself.
I feel like you might love me
If I choke on what you have to offer
Shea Jun 30
I laid in bed all day
I can't be here any longer
I wake up just to stare
At my face for a minute in the mirror

I'm travelling 'cross
The miles stretched across my face
And the marathon my fingers run
Across my expanding body

And in my dreams while i'm awake
I see this brown haired girl
Even though there is no face
I know that she is beauty and grace
And while i drive
I hold the hand
Of someone who does not exist
And taste the smell
Of somebody who only lives inside
The cracks of my brain

And maybe she is me
Cause i'm the only one
So far that could love myself
As much as I deserve
And I deserve more
Ritz Writes Jun 28
Take my hand, for as long as you want to hold.

Lean on me as you unburden yourself from the baggage you'd been carrying around. And if you wish to do neither, I'll sit right beside you and share your silence.

It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.
Aaron Combs Jun 22
In the summer night, an unexpected light,
I met you darling, here, and all of your friends.

And like you're golden earring, you became my energy
the whisper to my night, the sparkle in the ocean deep.
And when we waited for the morning song of the sunlight,
from this time on, you became a part of Romania to me.

For below the skylit ocean, in Varme Vece
Stefan and Stefani, and Sabina, and you.
In all the colors of the blue, I want you to
Remember America golden skies when I leave.

So in the "Glo"of the clubs, or light and fame
of another day when you lead in therapy,
and when you restore the might of the weak,
Or between the wine and dine, and good games,

in the same way, my dear, you know you can find meaning
From these summer nights or darker days -
from a broken heart, you also can be mended - you do know.  

So when you struggle and trying to find the words to say,
When you yourself feel lower than the ocean sand,
you can trace these memories, and search for my hands,
and fall in line and feel warm and safe in these summer days.
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