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Long awaited you have been
Please don’t make me spin

last year had enough twists and turns
it’s certainly a time that’s been burned

into my brain and the memories of us all
As I am sure you recall

Please do me a favor
I’ll take you as my savior

do not make this year hell
I just want everything to go well

Be the opposite of last year
Let’s create a new frontier

a better future
where you are not the same abuser

2020 striped me of so much
but 2021 it is you that I trust
Karly Codr May 6
I think that you should know something.
The truth is... I'm scared.
Not scared of this virus.
I start my senior year of High School next year.
That's what I'm scared about.
At least the Class of 2020 got to experience what I might miss.
I don't want to miss it.
My last time at band camp.
My last time at the band picnic after the first week of band camp.
My last time marching at the competitions
          Wildcat Classic
          Capitol City
          NSBA State
My last time marching at Seacrest field
My last time marching on the muddy band [football] field
My last time marching at a football game
I don't want to miss the marching season.
Everything that makes the school year fun
Could be gone in a heartbeat.
That's why I'm scared.
I don't want to miss homecoming
The awful pep rallies
Playing Keyboard in the Basketball Band of Doom
I'm scared that I am going to miss everything I have loved these past 3 years
I'm scared that I get to be a part of the family that I found in choir and band.
This is what the Class of 2021 might miss out on.
Football Games, Pep Rallies, Homecoming, Volleyball Games, Basketball Games...
WE could miss it all.
I wrote this last night crying and I felt that I couldn't post it because I wasn't in a good mental state last night because I figured out that we might be not going back to school in August and I was scared... TBH I'm never in a good mental state but it's fine
Did you read today’s news?
Ah! It’s making me so confused.
We have been already living the blues.

And now they say April Fool’s Day!!
I’d thought we could all use some fun.
But Alas! We’ve been asked to shun.
Coronavirus has left us spun.
What do you say, anyone??

— The End —