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Melody Mann Jun 9
Bending to the moon forevermore the waves collapse against the shore,
The push and pull a rhythmic tantrum abiding by natural cause,
A sparkling realization to the infinite balance vested beyond our reach,
A tale predestined transcending script and linguistic compression,
Oceans galore.
Dinara Tengri Jan 31
I buried your name in the sand, deep down
where the tidal waves will not touch it.
Where it can't hurt me.
John Darnielle Nov 2020
It's not the barnacles that do all the damage
Figure this out too late
It's not the destination that makes the difference
It's the freight

Everything becomes a blur from six feet away
Get used to this
Every card ever turned over remains in play
Get used to this

Not every wave is a tidal wave
Not every wave is a tidal wave

It's not the mutiny written down in the diary
It's the manifest
Forgotten cargo in obsolete measurements
Anybody's guess

Even the proud, even the very proud
Probably die on their knees
Twin masts out on the open seas
Mistaken for trees

Not every wave is a tidal wave
Not every wave is a tidal wave
this song may or may not be titled after the Magic: the Gathering card
Fheyra Jun 2020
Streams— relay the slumber
Tributes to— the Waterfall's Sprite.

'Twas when— the compass— Dismantled
As the bedrocks gruel— Distort the ledge,
Confronted by— tidal waves;—
Imbued the Crush— of a Carapace
That let the Visions— Sprout;—
Abandoned— With the Barriers..

So long,— I do not know..

Sights— Times— are enclosing
Onto the lost,— And the Seafloor sinks
Slowly— Diminishing— The Sirens' Call..
It's just so strange not to remember anything.
Devin Ortiz May 2020
The liquidity of rage, swoons like a red ocean.

It is a tidal fury that rises, rises, rises.

Within its climatic ascension, exist an anxious torture.

Thoughts rush in, pacing on what conclusions will come.

These waves have come before, the carnage is extreme.

And while the destruction strikes the shore, the bastions will stand.

Ruin though, shall come, and each storm stands testament to that reality.

The walls will fall, and all will breathe a final sigh of relief, at the end.
Dream Fisher Nov 2019
She washes over me like the tide,
The water feels cool on my skin
The salt burns from within.
I'm lost in the sands of time,
As the world goes rushing by
I can exist for a minute here
If I just close my eyes.

She crashes down like waves
Pulls my hands and sways
Watching as that world fades.
Does she see this place from miles away
Is it just a dream we create
Or is it life for another day?
Tell me what you see in me.

As the night falls, waters recede
As the sun sets at the sea,
So did the day where everything. Felt right.
A little piece remains there, I believe
Tatiana Apr 2019
I'm going to ride this tidal wave of euphoria
          until it
                    on the
and the feeling exists no more.
Lily Feb 2019
Crashing and turning
So beautiful yet destructive
A young girl reaching out to someone
she can never quite catch

Maybe thats why tidal waves are so strong
Wanting to talk to the land
Tell them how their destructive humans are destroying it
Drowning in lack of love
Drowning in itself

So confusing
So overwhelming
Tidal waves rolling out of her eyes
Crashing into her soul
Cracking it
Until there is nothing left
But tidal waves
Devin Ortiz Oct 2018
Mania is like a wave,
High tide, and I'm drowning.
I take on water, feel it fill my lungs.
As the pressure builds, I fade into white.

I'm riding the wave, a ******* tsunami.
But no, that's not quite right,
I'm a part of the wave, this rage,
This powerful force of insanity.

And there lies the shore, closing in.
If I was of right mind, surely,
I would at least hope to cry pardon.
But I'm not, I see the imminent crash,
Only laughing, maniacally.

With thunderous approval the shoreline
Falls, within the vast ocean beneath me.

When the waves pick up,
When they come crashing down,
They ring with power, but mostly pain.

So I'm left in this basin of contamination.
The sewage of mind eats away the euphoria,
Leaving cancerous tumors of depression.
Now growing rampant, and lingering.

The tide in time recedes, the world grieves.
Sometimes there is healing, though often
There is only suffering and the waiting.
Knowing for any better or for worse,
The tug of war between the shores
Of mania and depression, goes on.
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