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Skyward Sep 2020
The messenger must be ready
To pack his bags and leave.
He will not cling to useless weight,
His message is too sweet.
He will not stop to catch a breath,
He cares not for his needs.
He runs to tell of what he knows
— A poet with his feet.

The soldier stands in shining mail
And seems, of men, the best.
Because he stand on guard all night,
The citizens can rest.
He has no need to question if
He’ll pass the final test.
In bravery he'll meet the foe
— A poet with his chest.

The farmer tends his crops and reaps
The produce of the land.
He plows the field and tills the dirt
According to his plan.
His yield, year round, is sustenance
For animal and man.
He helps the tender seeds to grow
— A poet with his hands.

The scholar can by careful thought
Reveal the source of rain.
He takes a youth with passions wild
And makes him wise and tame.
O’er books and notes he slaves all night,
Our hearts and minds to train.
In gold he never found his wealth
— A poet with his brain.

The poet fills a simple verse
With wisdom to the brim.
He feels within his breast that beauty
Is his closest friend.
Where does the humble poet fit
Among these noble men?
The poet, with his measured words,
Is all these with a pen.
a rise
Irondale as
home fries
are those
building law
in let
your love
of leaping
volt that
inquiry is
now our
world with
substance the
insistence only
flat with
an arc
of love
Irondale of student housing
Tuan Do Mar 2019
For ten long years, a brush in hand,
Its ink stained bristles, as yet, untried.
Today, I hold It before the court of kings;
For all I seek is recognition and ink.
Bristles are the hairs of a brush.

Explaination-So the poem is about a scholar who writes and practices for the ten years until he is finally summoned to the imperial court to show his skill.  He only wants the recognition for his ten years of practice and the ability to write more.

All of my works are heavily influenced by Chinese poetry.
Charleigh Huston Sep 2018
A divine road awaited;
Above the university of pain,
A pathway to the fortune,
And mysticism of divine glory

The scholar beamed his delight,
Another student opened to the world’
; A World of fright
Of Darkness - Nobility,
Chivalry, and Solitude
Away the Scholar proclaimed,
“Tear down your artistic walls,
Turn yet another page
And let it echo through hallowed walls,
All the World’s a Stage.”
Corvus the Crow May 2017
Like a scholar in love with life,
And a warrior in stormy rage,
That's how he lived,
And that that's how he lived,
Austin Bauer Jan 2017
I heard of a man
who never owned a
Instead he bought
a set of solid oak
bookshelves stained
like mahogany.

With the money
he saved on cable,
he filled them with
classics like Plato,
Aristotle, and Dostoyevsky.
He studied Darwin
and Descartes, and
memorized poems by
Whyte and O'Donohue

Because he never
made the switch to
high definition, he
could afford trips to
Rome and Tuscany.
Walking those ancient
streets and resting
in those heavenly fields,

he learned the art
of attentiveness,
minding the
genius loci
of a place,
and setting
one's cadence to
the breath of the wind.

And in the end,
he had a few books
of his own,
but they taught
nothing new
other than
how to truly live.
Thinking about Carl Dennis and David Whyte's book, "Consolations."
Neeraj Sharma Sep 2016
He neither attended any college, nor did he go to school
  He didn’t even know to read and write, I just labelled him as a fool...
But when I had a talk with him, he proved me wrong...
Behind stupid attire, he possessed knowledge
I can never extract, even if I study lifelong...

That day I learned an important thing,
     Harsh realities of life teach you much better,
Than what they teach you at school...
And if you think you can survive this world only with theoretical knowledge,
You are no genius but just an arrogant fool...  

At last I just want to thank that uneducated scholar,
For opening my eyes...
And guiding me on the path,
That leads to endless knowledge and ultimate truth of life...
In daily life, you often come across some people who change the way you look at things. Yes! I met such a person. He's not someone with higher education. Instead, he's a simple worker who struggles hard to feed his family. Still, he managed to impress me with his knowledge and wits. At last, i want to thank that uneducated scholar once again...
SøułSurvivør Jul 2016
"What price love?" The scholar asks
"Is it lust which breaks the bone?"
The rock he hefts leaves him bereft
Ossified as stone.

Here we have the question
As we lift the weighted pall
'Tis it better to have loved and fully lost
Than to never love at all?

(C) 7/2/2016
"Jude the Obscure" is a novel written in the late 19th century by Thomas Hardy. A tale of dreams (the protagonist, Jude, was a stonemason who had ambitions of being a scholar) Love vs. Lust (Jude marries a woman who claims to be pregnant. Is divorced, then finds his true love, Sue) and the price of both. Jude has an extremely difficult life. Due mainly to his poor decisions regarding his love life. In the end it destroyed him.

The scholar sits,
To ponder his cursive.
Words are intangible;
Yet, so intricately immersing.
The garden of old.
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