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I bought a bag, today
it is rectangular
I had forgotten about
the time you made fun of them,
and as I checked out,
I remembered.

I cried.

she looks like you.
i miss her so bad
Matthew Mar 10
how they see potential
where I never could.
everywhere I hope to be
on Earth,
but it is too late
my potential died
as well as me.

Silly, how tears
only fall down
your cheeks.
chalcedony Feb 26
varsity jackets,
badges of glory,
left by old, old money.
state champions'
to wander
pass female dorms,
late at night,
reasons of, not far
beyond her.
homecoming queens,
smiles permanent,
eyes glassed,
twisted sovereigns.
Lacey Clark Feb 26
I keep hearing that
in order to exist properly
amongst your peers
you need a strong sense of self.
I think that
the stains on my shirt
melancholic playlist in my ears
grumbling tummy
and agitation with self help websites
might be as good as it gets for my 20's.

and I'm tired of trying to be perfectly healthy all the time.
and I think capacity for constant self awareness is a privilege.
just want to exist and not worry about how I interact with people
Sounds of a generator and somebody
Shouting nearby. Reflections of
Blurred lights and a
Window playing television through blind slits;
This is it, this is it and
I shall embrace it.

Sewage surges below me and above me
Orion persists.
Should I take this as my glimmer of hope? Something
Of a trope belonging to my tragedy?
I shall embrace it.

Sitting in a cafe now, spilling
Tea on books and recalling my
Favourite of pages bound.
A mother sings a lullaby to unpacified baby, bittersweet
Melody of soft cries and
Soothing voice rattle against
Life’s ultimatum sits opposite.
I shall embrace it.
Are you King?
or are you Queen?
Which one of these are you?
Or, are you someone else instead?
Are you someone new?

Do you play the intellect?
Are you smarter than the rest?
If you are the intellect
What makes you the best?

Is your role the writer?
Putting words upon a page
Or, maybe you're an actor
Portraying characters on stage

Whichever one you choose to be
Always play it well
Is what you are a secret?
One you'll never tell

I can't play an instrument
A musician I'll not be
My brain won't work with science
A doctor, that's not me

At times I have played many roles
Sometimes, way back in school
I lost myself for a short time
And in the end, I played the fool

There are many roles that you will play
As you work your way through life
Husband, brother, father
Mother, daughter, wife

No matter which you choose to play
The fool is only one
Story teller, wordsmith
Make sure that you have fun

So, in the morning sunshine
Ask yourself "who shall I play?"
A new one, or an old one?
Just who am I today?
If only I knew
It would be like this
Late nights
Reading ‘til my eyes grow weary
Dinner, bath, story, bed
Read some more

I should’ve been done
Had that degree
Got that job
Nope, plans changed
Found you first
Then we had her

If I knew
Honestly, I’d leave it all the same
All the chaos
The goodnight kisses
Even the bickering
Cuz without you, I’d have nothing
No motivation
Barely even a dream
Soul Scribe Jan 25
Left sock right sock
Shirt then pants.
I throw them on the ground
Then I leap towards my bed
With one great bound
I flick my foot to switch off the
Lights because I'm scared of the monsters,
Or at least, scared of what I cannot see.
I don't know what's in my closet
Which is why I went to particular lengths
To close it so they couldn't unlock it.
As I'm flying through the air
I'm frozen,
There is nothing there, and I know this
But I'm scared of what I cannot see.
1 thing I cannot see is
2 years from now
I'll be faced with 3 stages of life
4 years of high school
5 years of college
And 60 years with the knowledge
That those aren't monsters in that closet.
But there are fears and there are problems
About my future and what is blind to me
So maybe I need to face my fears in order to solve em so I can live happily.
The monsters in my closet represent my fear of the unknown. The most unknown aspect of my life would be my future. 60 years of the unknown, hence, 60 monsters in my closet.
Kinaadman Dec 2018
A four corner chamber
where hardship intrudes and
darkness seems to be endless

Years of agony and anguish
have make the souls numb
yet still too sensitive

The anxious ones silenced their mouth
while those lionhearted tried to oppose
but failed as success is hard to reach

Many candles of aspirations and hopes
had flickered to its death
and the fires that are still luminous
are relying with prayers

They are all in place
but they don't know where they are heading
as the chamber changed the routes
to the paradise where they must be

The chamber separates their wisdom
and strangles their thoughts
to create mindless puppets
that forbids to move unless controlled

But don't worry,
as you can be free from here
moving to a wider chamber
where you will conquer "life"
a darker place full of inevitable trouble
Being student is not that easy
Annie Dec 2018
My first year I learned to do my work
The second one I learned to love it too
The third year I learned to talk to people
Finally, I fell in love with you
This was not written from my perspective :)
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