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The one that ventures
to look outside the window-pane
Is the one that kisses
the fear on its brow

The wars of oblivion
make love in the
battlefield of reality
Upon its ashen reeds

What i see and feel
is a sweet sentiment
of loss all along
the street
I think we all have some sort of such experience
JS Carie Oct 11
I would like to sit quietly with you
like to go all these places with you
Watch you change yet remain the same you
I would like to wear white with you

I would like to ride bikes with you
Want to be healthy and go slow with you
Put the top down smoking cigarettes too
Watch the powerful perfect tender you

Watch your rings see your necklaces swing
Feel the fire on our skin in the wind
Try and fail and **** up in sync with you
Try and fail and learn to just be with you
Sadness costs a fortune.
You spend more time in the shower because there's that seemingly comforting feeling of water falling on your skin.
You thoughtlessly go everywhere trying to force yourself to lighten up, and finding yourself in the farthest place you could go.
Also you could be mindlessly buying ***** for everyone, especially for yourself.
Because even if you know getting drunk doesn't solve the problem, you still cling to the idea of feeling a little better after you gulp all those liquor, and metaphorically drowning your heart to either numb the pain and dozing off the feeling, or mustering you confidence to say the things of your sober heart's sentiments.
This is not a poem. This is a sentiment of an aching heart. Sentiment is a chemical defect found on the losing side. And this is just losing.
JS Carie Oct 1
The early bird has nothing to attend
His caution cured throwing to the wind
Rising lands in a gold coat dawn
Blue Moon hangs out of spite to free insight
You and me under stars tonight

the best of both worlds
rolling water, blowing air
our heads aim zen but our bodies hang 10
taking ease limits risk in breaking leg
An act as planned should get out of hand
Snow in **** rang the rain check bell

Keep your view on the stars tonight
There's a common realm where our eyes align
You and me under stars tonight
The sconce on the wall
for crackling torches left burning for a returning
resents the assumption of infinite patience.
She's attached to an old brick wall;
not by affection, but by habit
and tools of the trade of attachment.
Occasionally-replaced simple screws worked into the bracket.
The wall is as dusty to touch, as divisive
as a tome of records, of laws of old.
The sconce respects history-- wishes more would become antiquity.
Knowing every flame left ardently lit, eventually burns out.
While here she stays.
Avery Glows Jun 16
I want you to know that
no matter how
                           ­      brusque
                   ­               fickle
are your emotions.
To me,
they are valid;
they are whole;
they suffice.
you are only as absurd as you believe you are.

And absurdity's boundaries stretches linearly,
into immemorial time.
2018 June
Love, that brought me into this world
Love, that took me into its arms to get cuddled
Love, that adored and celebrated me
Love, that understood and let me be
Love, that was boundless somehow
To that love, I bow
Love is everything, I believe
For having lost one, I now grieve

From showing interest in my extra curricular
To teaching me to ride a scooter
From being my tutor
To finding me a suitor
From fixing marital problems one after the other
To playing my children’s second mother
Every act of love
Just went far and above

For the unshakable support
For being a friend of sort
For the invaluable guidance
Which often left me in awestruck silence
For all this, to *** I pray
A chance to repay
In another lifetime ,
Only this time...
The roles reversed
To showcase my love at best!
Dedicated to my dad...
Briar Ren Dec 2017
She fades from your memory,
like weightless dandelion seeds
by a gust
of jealous wind.

And the next time you see her,
she is just another stranger
in a rough sea
of unfamiliar faces.
Vexren4000 Nov 2017
A sentiment of peace,
A concept of love,
And an idea of happiness,
Its odd,
Because that is all they ever seem to be.

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