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Melody Mann Sep 2021
It is not a mere assortment but a testament to the sentiment we share,
A bundle of heartfelt glee I present to you,
An array of colors crossing symbolism itself,
A gesture reigning classical to say the least,
A bouquet of roses for you my dearest,
My sincerest regards.
Melody Mann Sep 2021
The monotonous haze of suspicion clouds her perception, Uncertainty meddles with speculation as she ponders,
A decision avowal.
Melody Mann Sep 2021
An exhale to rid the conscious of deliberation and doubt,
to cleanse the body from worry and anxiety,
to center the soul to its origins,
a moment to bask in solitude;
a solo journey through life and it's many triumphs.
Melody Mann Sep 2021
The final cadence of our union dismantled at the maestro's gesture,
A well sought forever concluded in nevertheless,
Promises ceased at the symphony's end,
A distraught reality remains.
Melody Mann Sep 2021
A companion through the seasons you welcomes our every phase, From the bittersweet triumphs to the deafening cries,
You stood alongside us through the mayhem.
Whilst mortality is fickle and forevers aren't certain,
You were the constant that prevailed,
Alas at summer's end you submerged with the currents,
Washing away any potential of tomorrow's sunlight,
Basking in infinite radiance you rejoin the promised,
Memories strike annually of your departure,
A forever friend.
An ode to my uncle whose passing truly left a mark ~
Melody Mann Sep 2021
Grace your presence on each living entity that roots itself solemnly in your grounds,
Rejoice at the mercy of the infinite as he showers his benevolence on your path,
The road to redemption is a tedious feat,
May you guide the course with light and serenity.
Melody Mann Sep 2021
Life is but a brief blink of an eye,
Awakened at the clock's end to infinite light,
An endless continuation of the benevolent.
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