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Sean Achilleos Jan 2019
Like flowers of different colours decorate a garden
So we through our differences adorn the earth
For there is beauty in difference
Written by Sean Achilleos 13 January 2019©
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All of my dishes, stacked in my room
Am I a slob? Please don't assume.
Clothes—whether *****, clean, or worn—
I know the difference, though they're strewn.

Twinkling lights strung overhead
Match the lamp beside my bed.
With dust my dresser is adorned,
And my favorite chair is red.

I see the beauty in the mess;
Why do you cry in distress?
Mom, I like to live like this.
And I have no one to impress.
Jayantee Khare Jun 2017
broken pieces decorate the night,
creating galaxy in darkness by writing poetry,
to wakeup healed next morning...
MdAsadullah Jan 2015
In the streets of Mecca
and Medina I pray I get lost.
Searching my way whole
day in heat I will exhaust.

Who knows after being
much tossed and shoved.
I may find the stepped paths
of my Mustafa beloved.

I'll garland and decorate those
paths with flowers nice;
As those will be paths of
success leading to paradise.__
mustafa- muhammad(peace be upon him)

— The End —