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We think it's gone
In better times we could have played
As weather's changed
You slipped away
Remembering those blessed days

September sun invigorates
Glimpses of glory warmed
It's riches clasp the back of neck
Absorbed in chest and flow to rest

Time be spent so look ahead
Aim to be your best throughout the test
This place is finite so be our heads
More to life than meets the end
Undefined redemption led
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Poetic T Aug 1
If we were exact copies we would find the faults
                                                      that­ make us un-unique..
For some would have a mole in a certain place.
                      Unclean to the others who view
themselves as a perfection of ignorance....

We must all be different to realise that perfection
                    is found in the intricate imperfections

of evolution.

Our faults are what makes
                                    every living thing outstanding,

as were a creation of random fluidity
                                   that makes us no better than those before us,
now, or those who are born
             before our fading
                      of our unique imprint on this pebble.

We all a grain that makes a mark no matter
             our finite moment in this ocean

of finite waves...
Is the cloudless sky....
Stretching above my head...

Is the bare ground...
That runs beneath my feet...

The only "finite" thing here is...
I and my life!
Random thoughts on the finitude of life and the infinitude of the world around me! Thanks for reading!
Finite Minds, Infinite Confusions
Love in the air, hearts in the hands
Great Ideals, little perversions
Vegan dreams, fishy cravings

Land full of dreams & plants
Mind full of ideas & ****** dreams
A place to grow at a pace so slow
To be or not to be ? O'lonely dreamer
My first impressions upon arriving a place called Auroville in India.
Poetic T Jan 27
What was warranted could not be
more out of lingering fingers reach,
but vainly was the goal still paused upon,
teased with the view of what each wanted.

But stagnant were there endeavours
                                  for but a centimetre,
a vastness that could not be gauged by touch
                                                 yet palms were placed.

An innuendo of what could be but was not,
there love was undeniable but their reality
                     was a vacant space in their hearts.

And they sat back to back on this
                                      immovable obstacle,
mourning the need to be in the grasp of another.

No tears were shown to the other but in solace
they fell like monsoons on the ground,
all emotions were departed from there clouds
of white that blinked upon time and then stopped.

They never gave up on the motions that stirred
within and even though time
is finite and what was unforgiving
                               in there needing was no longer.

But time is no friend to love, and bones were
all that was evidence of what once was.
Gazing with empty sockets eternally
                                                     gazing on the other.

But where that which kept them apart had now
                                            parted hands of white,  
now clasped within each others touching.

For an eternity where in the echoes of the past
which could not be obtained
                                  was now holding on in death.

Vacant puddles stare into each other
          and where there was two singular
now they are silently holding on to each other.
Silently humbled by birth
Too late to care in such positions
Both paused in bumbling notions of joy and despair
Times condition gapes and separates
Layers merge
Control lost, costs constructed
Impacted foresight of what might
Tight lines blind

All answers are finite

To suggest anything less
incrementally raises discrepancies
We do not falsify intentions
When mentioned only give to thyself what is true
Where we see the other in you
In what could be
Is and was
Nothing exist but her
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Be who you see further in time
Search along the beaten path
Higher self in mind
Opportunities arise

Recurring dreams and themes of
stepping stones with deeper tones
Echoes passed from distant lives
Duality is a cyclical sign
When life seems finite
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Mysidian Bard Nov 2019
We walk these shorelines
leaving nothing but footprints
that waves wash away.
Poetic T Oct 2019
Time is a construct of
       passing frailties,
We cling to them more so for comfort.

Not realising that we're already
                an echo just rebounding off
the moments that have conceded
to a  passing that is bigger than us.

But still we live for those mere seconds,
                                                 for meaning.

And to show that even though we were
                         just a flicker,

                     we burnt brighter than a star.
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