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Joseph Loggi Oct 2018
I heard you call upon
A stricter mood
To help you when
You yourself cannot
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
The sun and the moon beyond all lies.
Because liars I despise.
I feel sick.
Because all that I see will click.

Youth is my friend.
All I know is it will be until the end.
This dictation, my last and only point.
I can do what I want, I can anoint.

You and I lead different spirits to join.
When I was young I worshiped what will find in the finite.
Finish what I started.
Forever more will get unabated.

I understand that I could be left behind.
The kind of fate that is unkind.
The kind of things heroes do.
Enjoy in that I do cue.

The last and final answer.
Respect from more to serve the cancer.
What is this anymore than a cruel joke!
Because it is the truth I poke.
Arianne Gallardo Jun 2018
this is just a reminder that i once existed.
That I was born on a rainy day,
It was on a month in the middle of the year
– it just started, but seemed like ending all of a sudden.

This is a reminder that I was once part of your life.
Just another person on the list
with whom you may or may not have interacted with
– I was there, at the moment, then gone.

This is a reminder that I was once part
of this vacuum you call the universe
I was once part of this non-empty void,
always have been intriguing,

This is a reminder that I was once a being,
who felt waves of overwhelming emotions,
who have taken needles into my veins
who have tasted water
who have shared a bread or two.
I have thought about the very meaning of life
I was once there
Like how you are here,
right now.

But hello seems like incomplete
when not complemented with something else
Don’t you think?
Surely that hello wouldn’t linger
in the air forever.

Sometimes, infinities are a *** to our limited existence.
After all, infinities are reminders of what we can’t be.

No, Uncle John, we’re not infinite
I’m sorry but all we are,
are just shells and caskets
conscious, we may be,
but even premium caskets rust.
There’s no way around being ephemeral.
There’s only one way.
One way to go.
One way to go…
for all of this to go away.

And I’ve chosen to go that only way.

Thursday May 2018
I looked at you as if you were bottled love

Because a bottle's worth is all that you were offering me
Wyatt May 2018
Ripping the sense from my self
while sipping our poisoned supply.
A pretend utopia which borders ****,
we've damaged our comprehension.
Waking up to another tabloid,
your kings I cannot come to avoid.
Pushed in my face, eating out agendas.
Heartless charisma surround us all.

Laughter at the viral,
controlled by the dial tone.
Dreams we have to be the same,
but our intricacies state otherwise.
Molding the minds of a generation,
vassals who serve you well
for however long you have left
on this long-forsaken planet.
The wrinkles on your bodies
signify centuries of wealth
taking advantage of weakness
before it all starts to melt.
It happens easier now
for our voices flock to the net,
planning the next way we can
**** this world's livelihoods dry.

Cold, dead, empty.
I see it in your eyes.
There is no way out of
this finite simulation.
I can taste sinister intentions.
Wyatt May 2018
What's left to say?
I tried to speak in volumes
and it all went over your head.
I've spent enough of my life
wasting away in this bed I made.
These words don't reach,
these moves aren't enough
to interrupt the waves around us.
Can we force to tide to change?
I don't wanna die to live a life,
existing shouldn't be a state of mind.
I see the planes take the sky,
see the rockets go beyond our life.
Please take me with you.

Repeating the same conversations,
we speak in meaning but we don't
understand these outer perspectives.
The hate that's walking is all reflective
of how we feel, how we deal inside.
All the same addicts
clutching onto different lies.
We did it, but did we try?
We hid it, but is it alright?
Depressive for another night.
Hole in heart, clouded mind.

My mind is all rubble,
I'll speed into another hurt.
I don't know what to do.
My life now troubled,
the lines get blurred.
Stuck in search for a better truth.
Is it out there?
Our lives are finite, but
will this struggle go on forever?
What can we find out there?
Stuck in search for a better truth,
I hope someone else cares.
Our lives are finite, but will this struggle go on forever?
Janery Alban Mar 2018
There are so very many worlds going on around you at the same time. When you're stuck in yours, witnessing a sweeter world is a blessing. Sometimes being a fly on the wall between two people who stare at each other longingly or between two people in tension leaves me just as in awe as the miracle of birth. Kindness between you and I is blessed. Something ethereal.
Death is so finite.
Life is so finite.
Sometimes I get so caught up in fighting it all I become selfish.
I'm sorry.
Sometimes I'm small
I'm sorry.
I'm so very sorry when I finally become a witness. Miracles have a funny way of putting things into perspective, huh?

Let me be a witness and let me stay in awe.
Keep me soft because soft is strong.

Keep me soft.
Because: Soft. is. Strong.
Carlos Aneta Dec 2017
What do the bones say?
Do they have regret?
Do they miss the day
They weren't dead yet?

If I speak to some,
Will they make a fuss?
"I hope you don't come-
Be glad you're not us!"

"There's nary a thing
As bad as this - Death.
To life you should cling,
Don't take your last breath!"

"It crawls in our skins
That we are alone,
We still have our sins
Which we can't atone."

But the bones won't speak.
They're just dust and ash.
Their future is bleak.
They've made their last splash.

Their voices unheard.
Their prospects are through.
So don't join their herd,
Or you won't speak too.
Is it worth losing the chance to ever be heard again?
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