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4d · 239
Prayer and Song
Your words were like a beautiful song, yet your silence was like a sacred prayer.

Hussein Dekmak
Feb 28 · 205
Looking Beautiful
Let your face shine with your smile behind your COVID 19 mask.
Swathe your lips by kind words.
Look at others with the eye of your heart.
Dress yourself with a garment of content.
Diffuse your community with the fragrance of compassion.
Bake your heart with tenderness.
Burn your soul with love.
Wear the crown of humanity.
Stand tall as a model for rendering services to others.

Hussein Dekmak
Feb 18 · 138
Pure Heart ❤️
You are born with a pure heart white like snow, keep it clean with the eternal detergents of kindness and humanity.

Hussein Dekmak
Feb 9 · 370
A Better Day
A better day is:
Feeling healthy,
A positive thought,
A kind word,
A charitable deed,
A friendly chat,
Sharing a laughter,
Caressing a broken heart,
Acquiring knowledge,
Inspiring others,
Celebrating nature’s beauty,
And being touched by God's call to love!
Jan 25 · 240
Like a Beautiful Flower
Let me be like the spring, let me touch your life and bring you a touch of
Sweetness, and
Ever lasting happiness,
Like a beautiful flower.

Hussein Dekmak
Dec 2020 · 128
Road map to a better world
Hussein Dekmak Dec 2020
Astonish the world with humanity.
Amaze it with acts of kindness.
Stun it with creativity.
Shake it with exceptional ideas.
Bewilder it with compassion.
Astound it with forgiveness.
Reveal to it the best of being.
Surprise it with a soft heart.
Impress it with generosity.
Light it up with optimism.
Guard it against abuse and injustices.

Hussein Dekmak
Dec 2020 · 208
Your Beautiful Garment
Hussein Dekmak Dec 2020
Your beautiful garment of kindness has been the talk of the twinkling Stars and the glorious moon.

Their chatter has awakened the sleepy sun, stirring up her curiosity, and Creating a fascination.

Your magnificent garment of kindness has touched  the planet's heart and Made her bow with humility reciting God’s sacred prayer!

Hussein Dekmak
Nov 2020 · 295
Made of sun
Hussein Dekmak Nov 2020
She is made of sun, radiating hope, love and beauty.

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak Nov 2020
In the midst of your sorrow and tears,
Embrace your pain,
Craft it into a sweet wine,
Imbibe it's positive energy.

In the midst of your sorrow and tears,
Make room for a smile and laughter,
Intertwine your agony with a kind deed,
And color it with a rainbow of humanity.

In the midst of your sorrow and tears,
Derive strength from God with a little prayer.
Plant a garden of hope in your heart, dreaming
Of a new dawn, a beautiful day, and enduring sunshine.

Hussein Dekmak
Nov 2020 · 315
Soft Heart
Hussein Dekmak Nov 2020
He couldn’t help it, but love her more for her soft heart.

Hussein Dekmak
Nov 2020 · 367
Nature is an eternal song
Hussein Dekmak Nov 2020
Nature speaks beauty and love.
She is a melody and a prayer.
A beautiful song with muted words.
God’s silent language.

Hussein Dekmak
Oct 2020 · 344
What is your worth?
Hussein Dekmak Oct 2020
The bread you eat?
The clothes you wear?
The car you drive?
The vacation you take?
The house you own?
The money in your bank account?

Or is your worth:
The rainbow of people's dreams?
The catalyst of positive change?
The smiles on friendly faces?
The gratitude from an individual's lips?
The Mecca of someone inspirations?
The crown of human hearts?

Hussein Dekmak
Oct 2020 · 274
My Dear Rose
Hussein Dekmak Oct 2020
Gazing at you this morning, your face was pale and your body appeared Fragile;
This brought tears to my heart!

Not long ago, you were full of energy, looking vibrant with life, so Beautiful!
Your smile was soft, your scent delightful.

Without you,
Life won't be the same;
Fall will be long, winters will be cold and empty!
You are my beacon of peace, love, and inspiration!

I will miss you,
Yet, I will be waiting for you,
At the corner of love and hope to see you bloom once again with such life.
Enchanting me with the joy and beauty you bring.
The chance to admire you will be absolute bliss!

Hussein Dekmak
Oct 2020 · 254
The music that I love
Hussein Dekmak Oct 2020
My favorite music is the music that,I hear going off at the Hospital, when a COVID 19 patient is off the ventilator.

This music is
A Song of a new dawn,
A Journey to the future,
A melody of new life,
A Symphony of hope, and
The rebirth of the universe.

Hussein DekmaK
Kudos to all of the healthcare workers who are risking their lives to save one life at a time!
Oct 2020 · 491
Hussein Dekmak Oct 2020
Water reflects the image of its surrounding,
Sky reflects the color of a blue ocean,
Clouds illuminate rays from the sun,
Mirrors reflect the beauty of the face!

Your words convey your thoughts,
Your kindness mirrors your heart,
Your actions display your character,
Your eyes reveal your inner soul!

Make every fiber of your being
Parallel the depth of the ocean,
The scent of flowers, the taste of spring,
Touch of the breeze and the welcoming of a new dawn!

Hussein Dekmak
Sep 2020 · 214
Your body
Hussein Dekmak Sep 2020
Your body is God’s exquisite gift.
Treat it like a little prayer.
Cherish it with love and care.
Protect it like a precious diamond.
Nurture it with a healthy diet.
Feed it like a caring mother.
Guard it from toxic habits.
Let it blossom with exercise.
Keep it fresh with your positive attitude*.
Make it an oasis for creative mind
A soft heart, and humane person.

Hussein Dekmak
Sep 2020 · 647
Birth of a Poem
Hussein Dekmak Sep 2020
Poetry is capturing a scene, an event, or a deed with your eyes,
Processing it in your mind,
Feeling it in your heart,
Letting go, and
Expressing it with your words.

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak Aug 2020
The princess of the sea, Beirut, triumphantly will rise above her sorrows and wounds. For over five thousand years, she has grown to be tough and resilient.  With the break of a new dawn, Beirut will be enchanted, and will be wearing her garment of beauty with a welcoming smile.

Hussein Dekmak
Aug 2020 · 281
Beirut lesson
Hussein Dekmak Aug 2020
Follow safe work practices, so you will not have innocent blood on your hands.

(Beirut August 4, 2020 explosion)

Hussein Dekmak
Aug 2020 · 268
A glimpse of hope
Hussein Dekmak Aug 2020
After sinking deep into darkness, a glimpse of hope has gently whisked me away to a magnificent world of beauty.

Hussein Dekmak
Jul 2020 · 321
A whisper of love
Hussein Dekmak Jul 2020
What makes the sun so magnificent?
What drives the moon to look so gorgeous?
What compels the stars to twinkle in the night sky?
What leads the flowers to smell so delightful?
What causes the butterflies to flutter so elegantly?
What inspires the birds to sing so joyfully?
What makes the ocean waves dance so gracefully?
What aspires Mother Nature to be so captivating?
What prepares a person to be so enchanting?
'It is a whisper of love'

Hussein Dekmak
Jul 2020 · 237
Hussein Dekmak Jul 2020
It takes an abundance of love and care to make a flower to grow and blossom.

Hussein Dekmak
Using a flower as a metaphor for raising a kind  human being or rendering services to people.
Jun 2020 · 1.8k
Hussein Dekmak Jun 2020
A black man struggling to breathe,
A Yemeni child searching for a safe place,
A Palestinian man struggling to be free,
An African villager dreaming of clean drinking water!

A lonely man longing for company,
A homeless person dreaming of shelter,
A hungry child craving a home cooked meal,
An orphan yearning for a mother’s touch!

A disabled person dreaming about walking,
An elderly man wishing to visit his loved ones,
A sick patient praying to be free from the pain,
A COVID 19 patient wanting to get off the ventilator!

Sending love and a prayer to those who have such beautiful dreams.

Hussein Dekmak
Jun 2020 · 306
Beautiful eyes
Hussein Dekmak Jun 2020
Beautiful eyes can cry,
but they can not lie.

Hussein Dekmak
May 2020 · 282
Your muted words
Hussein Dekmak May 2020
You haven’t spoken a single letter,
Yet your muted words have told me
A thousand interesting stories full of beauty and mystery.

Hussein Dekmak
May 2020 · 359
Waiting for you
Hussein Dekmak May 2020
And I will wait for you
Until the roses blossom,
And the trees blooms,
The moon becomes full once again,
And the spring is upon us,
When the birds’ songs begin to play,
And the anthem of love fills the air.

Hussein Dekmak
May 2020 · 252
Dancing Soul
Hussein Dekmak May 2020
As his passion for her was burning him to ashes, his soul danced with joy.

Hussein Dekmak
Apr 2020 · 262
Your Pain
Hussein Dekmak Apr 2020
Turn your pain into positive energy.

Hussein Dekmak
Apr 2020 · 462
An Amazing Friend
Hussein Dekmak Apr 2020
The company of:
An intelligent friend will nourish your brain.
A loyal friend will safe guard your heart.
A motivated  friend  will charge your life with energy.
A wise friend will show you the way.
A kind friend will fill your soul with love.
An optimistic friend, will brighten your life with hope and inspiration.
A moral friend will effect a purpose in your life.
A humorous  friend will bring laughter to your days.
A spiritual friend will promote peace in your life.

Hussein Dekmak
Edited. My co-worker at Beaumont Taylor Hospital '
Karina Sherwin Bloom' had inspired me to write this poem.
Apr 2020 · 594
When the Sun sets
Hussein Dekmak Apr 2020
When the sun sets, he lays to rest.
When she rises, his soul is reborn.

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak Apr 2020
When I ran into you,
Your face was cold, covered with a mask,
Yet your eyes were so warm and welcoming,
Sending me a thousand heartfelt greetings!

You were physically distanced from me,
Yet your heart, your love was running in my direction,
So close I could feel it!

Your hands were hidden under gloves,
Yet your soul was radiating on me with such warmth!

Hussein Dekmak
I am a healthcare professional (Medical Technologist). I work at a Laboratory  Hospital doing blood, and respiratory testing... Everyday, like my devoted co-worker, I walk into a storm fighting  the COVA 19 virus, trying to save one life at a time
Hussein Dekmak Apr 2020
While living under the shadow of
COVID 19, it would be nice, if we can be a little bit more,


Hussein Dekmak
(19 adjectives that start with the first letters of  COVID).
I am a healthcare professional (Medical Technologist). I work at a Laboratory Hospital doing blood, and respiratory testing... Everyday, like my devoted co-worker, I walk into a storm fighting  the COVA 19 virus, trying to save one life at a time.
Hussein Dekmak Apr 2020
C- Care.
O- Optimism.
N- Noble.
I- Innovation.

Hussein Dekmak
I am a healthcare professional (Medical Technologist). I work at a Laboratory Hospital doing blood, and respiratory testing... Everyday, like my devoted co-worker, I walk into a storm fighting  the COVA 19 virus, trying to save one life at a time.
Trying to look at the glass half full. In the last few weeks, I've seen so many beautiful traits being pulled out of people around the globe, the essential workers putting their lives on the line everyday. Kudos to everyone fighting this trying battle. Sending prayers around the world to help us safely get through this.
Hussein Dekmak Mar 2020
From the womb of Coronavirus,
Comes the birth of a new human being With a noble cause, a new purpose, a renewed vision, and a new mentality, one that would

Listen to people's cries, and lift their spirits,
Sheds tears over the innocent lives claimed by the illness,

Values close family ties, friendship, and Recites a wishful prayer to
Alleviate the suffering of the distressed Souls,

Protects the elderly, takes care of their Neighbor , spares meals to feed The Hungry, and renders services to others and Expect  nothing in return,

A birth of a new human being,
Who thinks, breathes, speaks and acts with Kindness ,
Who’s molded from humility,
With a mind full of reflection, and a
Soft heart encompassed with love.

Hussein Dekmak
Mar 2020 · 657
Thank You Corona
Hussein Dekmak Mar 2020
Thank you corona
For the awakening call to humanity that was lost in the midst of our busy lives!

Thank you Corona.
For exposing our weakness and vulnerability as human beings, through the power of your invisibility!

Thank you Corona.
For showing us that we are all equal under rule, regardless of age, ***, race, or religion!

Thank you Corona.
For reminding us of the forgotten heroes in the field of healthcare, who are fighting in the front lines, risking their lives to save others.

Thank you Corona.
For teaching a valuable lesson, that by standing together in our fight we can defeat  you under a banner of kindness, love, and humanity!

Hussein Dekmak
Feb 2020 · 280
A kind little chat
Hussein Dekmak Feb 2020
A kind little chat, it can
Save someone’s life,
Plant a smile on their face,
Brighten up their day,
Show them the way,
Soothe their pain,
Erase malice ideas,
Consume their thoughts with inspiration,
Color them with aspirations,
Draw their soul to a great purpose,
Unleash creativity,
Discover hidden treasures,
Caress their heart with kindness,
Awaken their soul to the call of humanity,
Open their senses to the whisper of love.

Hussein Dekmak
Dec 2019 · 322
Like a little prayer
Hussein Dekmak Dec 2019
Like a prayer,
sing the song of life,
Recite the oath of humanity,
Give yourself away to a noble cause.

Like a prayer
Wear your smile,
Give your greetings,
Speak softly and kindly

Like a prayer,
Cuddle someone’s sorrow,
Soothe their pain, touch their soul,
Render your services to the public.

Like a prayer,
Nourish your body,
Exhibit your best qualities,
Pour your heart into your job.

Like a prayer,
Fill your heart with compassion,
Make your soul a temple of love,
Nurture your thoughts with creative ideas.

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak Dec 2019
For millions of years,
The sun has been shining,
It’s endless giving has made it even more beautiful!

For millions of years,
The moon has been radiating light, and it has only become more Exquisite with giving!

Hussein Dekmak
Nov 2019 · 535
It is All Good!
Hussein Dekmak Nov 2019
If you go through a raging storm,
Have your life colored with sorrow,
And taste the wine of pain.
It is all good!

If you go through a bad experience,
Have your heart broken to pieces,
And your rosy dreams shattered.
It is all good!

If you go through a venture of failure,
Suffer through a dreadful  hardship,
And struggle to make ends meet.
It is all good!

After all, “What doesn't break you makes you stronger.”
Sorrow, tears, and pain will shape
Your personality and make it shine
With beauty, love, and humanity!

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak Nov 2019
You are the whisper of love.
You are a thousand roads to kindness.
You are God's image and daily prayers!

You are the color of spring.
You are the fragrance of the flowers.
You are the smell of freshly baked cake!

You are all of the beautiful melodies of the birds.
You are the charming smiles on the faces of people,
Painted with a rainbow of inspiration and optimism!

You are the  twinkling stars.
You are the new dawn wrapped,
with renewed promise, the sunshine!

Your soft words are a sweet song that touches hearts.
Makes faces glow with smile,
And fill minds with hope and inspiration!

Hussein Dekmak
Oct 2019 · 468
Beautiful Hearts
Hussein Dekmak Oct 2019
I am black with a beautiful heart.
I am brown with a beautiful heart.
I am white with a beautiful heart.
I am a man with a beautiful heart.
I am a woman with a beautiful heart.
I am old with a beautiful heart.
I am disabled with a beautiful heart.
I am Judaist with a beautiful heart.
I am Christian with a beautiful heart.
I am Muslim with a beautiful heart.
I am Hindu with a beautiful heart.
I am Buddhist with a beautiful heart.
I am foreign with a beautiful heart.
I am a human with a beautiful heart!

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak Oct 2019
Eye contact,
Unspoken letters on the lips,
Soft smiles on faces;
Entwined hearts for eternity!

Hussein Dekmak
Oct 2019 · 602
Soar Above Your Pains:
Hussein Dekmak Oct 2019
Soar above your pains by coddling them.
Rise above your wounds by embracing them.
Ascend above your sorrows by accepting them!

Intertwine them, hold tight to their emotional charge;
Convert them to positive energy, and
Make them a part of your prayer temple!

Your wound is the place
Where flowers will blossom
With a rainbow of spring colors!

Your pain is the place
Where your cure will emerge
with the birth of a new dawn and renewed purpose!

Your sorrow is the place
Where joy will bud
With a life full of hope and optimism!

Hussein Dekmak
Sep 2019 · 901
Whispers of Hope
Hussein Dekmak Sep 2019
Always Remember:
Hope comes after despair!
Cure after pain!
Smiles after tears!
Laughter after cries!
Health after sickness!

Love after hate!
Joy after sorrow!
Healing after forgiveness!
A newborn life after labor!
Eternal life after death!

Light after darkness!
Dawn after night!
Blue skies after storm!
Spring after winter!
Beautiful landscape after rain!

Hussein Dekmak
Aug 2019 · 294
Thank You
Hussein Dekmak Aug 2019
When your housekeeper pours her heart into her work making your place clean and shining,
Say thank you!

When your waitress greets you with a warm smile, and tries her best to provide you a quality service,
Say thank you!

When your mailman struggles to delivers your mail fighting through challenging weather,
Say thank you!

Make them feel valued,
Express to them your gratitude,
Lighten up their day with words of appreciation,
Embrace them with humanity and treat them with kindness!

Hussein Dekmak  
Aug 2019 · 453
Your Evolving Beauty
Hussein Dekmak Aug 2019
The moon was once asked, "how do you keep evolving with so much beauty?"
He replied, "my longing for the sun makes me shimmer with light at night.
The love of the Sun makes me “Majnoun Leila”. I die each new dawn,
So my love, my Sun can rise up every morning with a renewed hope and a warm smile."

Hussein Dekmak
Aug 2019 · 2.1k
Have a Purpose:
Hussein Dekmak Aug 2019
Plant a tree,
Water a flower,
Preserve nature.
Have a purpose!

Feed a bird,
Cuddle a pet,
Be humane to animals.
Have a purpose!

Save a life,
Nurture an orphan,
Stand up with the oppressed.
Have a purpose!

Count your blessings,
Recite your prayers,
Contemplate the universe.
Have a purpose!

Nurture your mind with ideas,
Fill your heart with the wine of love,
Dress your soul with the garment of kindness.
Have a purpose!

Hussein Dekmak
Jul 2019 · 758
Birth of New Life
Hussein Dekmak Jul 2019
Like a birth of new life at the crack of a new dawn,
I dream to help you rise to the call of love and humanity!

Like a cool summer breeze, I long to caress your soul
and awaken it to the cry of a starving neighbor!

Like a charming smile painted on your face,
I yearn to brighten your day with my poetry!

Like a ringing of church bells and the call of prayer at the Mosque,
I wish to invite you to join me in a caravan of hope and liberty!

Like a murmur of my mother's prayer,
I dream to be the echo of blessings that sustain your spirit!

Like a beautiful song of love on your lips, I wish to be
the letters of happiness, and the music that dances inside your chest!

Like a sweet thought that slips into your dreams,
I fantasy to sail into your life, and fill it with joy and inspiration!

Hussein Dekmak
Jul 2019 · 1.4k
To My Dad’s Olive Tree:
Hussein Dekmak Jul 2019
I hope you know, I cherish our fond memories together, preserving them in my heart.
All that I shared with you about my childhood dreams, my first love,
The songs I serenaded you with melodies celebrating nature,
Our endless nights together admiring the stars dancing around the full moon!

I remember how tall you stood. You were so strong,
Like Lebanon’s mountains, amidst our land’s ancient ruins.
Facing the Israeli occupation, you stood with so much pride.
I remember how we rejoiced with family and neighbors during the sweet liberation!

My Dad planted you with his hands, he nurtured you with his love and sweat.
He was so strong and now times have changed him:
He’s grown older, thinner, more fragile, his speech is slurred.
The eyes that once held thousands of untold stories are now dim!

You are part of God’s oath, Noah’s mission with the Ark.
You are a sacred plant, a symbol of love, life, peace, friendship,
And generations of culture passed down.
Your roots run so deep in my Dad’s hearts and minds.

I implore you old friend, lighten up my Dad’s golden age with your kind heart,
Lend him support in taking more steps towards life,
Keep his spirit alive so he can continue singing the song of a new life, and
Give him the strength to swing on the porch, to admire you again for each new day and pristine sunrise.

Hussein Dekmak
Jun 2019 · 831
Celebrate Life
Hussein Dekmak Jun 2019
Celebrate your beauty by nourishing it with healthy habits for your mind, body, and soul.
Celebrate your bounties by being generous and giving back to the community.
Celebrate your intellect by allowing your talents to blossom and flourish.
Celebrate your friendships by being present for the difficult moments in life.
Celebrate nature’s beauty by caring for it as you would a loved one.
Celebrate your life by giving unconditional love to all of humanity,
And looking forward to the future while being fully present in the moment.

Hussein Dekmak

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