Zach Hanlon Mar 18

A prisoner on death row, sighing contendedly.
No one was ever sure of his crimes,
but his sentence was clear from the start.
His cell was always absurd,
his life always a mystery.

But now he finds peace.
He has nothing except what he knows;
and what he knows is his end.
It isn't much,
yet it's more than anyone free
has ever had.

Melisa Bernards Feb 24

Too many waves
Too much commotion
Too many thoughts
And too much emotion
Back and forth, up and down
The world is rocking, I think I'll drown
I'm losing touch, I can't commit
I can't help it, I'm sea sick.

Too many people
Not enough air
I'm a prisoner
Tied to this chair
Too fast, too slow, side to side
No privacy on this stifling ride
I'm losing my mind bit by bit
I can't help it, I'm car sick

Slow me down, silence the storm
Its 40 below yet I'm still too warm
Too much chaos I can't breathe
I retreat inside, cuz I can't leave
Shattered glass, bottled up tight
Too scared to quit, too tired to fight
Im losing this battle, I've lost my way
I'll lose my life, if I delay
This fear inside is swallowing me whole
Will I ever calm my tormented soul?

Jim Feb 20

It was a true story:
She was stopped at the police checkpoint
and like love itself
had run out of everything
but air to breathe.

Including luck.
She was aware that
she was left alone for too long.
She had eyes for this.

She waited to be led into the forest
of her secret grave
where night would be delivered to her.

She became the queen of a forgotten land.
She had run out of everything

but air to breathe.

Across a million faces
in a thousand different places
I find you in blossoms of flowers
like am a captive of your magical powers
I find you in the depth of my heart
even if we are completely worlds apart
in cold days mocked by soothing patters of rain
pattering right above the echo of my pain
I see you here with my eyes shut
in the emptiness, as my mind is dead alert

I hear your voice in whispers of the wind
maybe you're invisible to me since love's blind
you might be right here as well, trapped to this moment
on the same wave at war in the torrent of torment
bearing painful blisters of regret from burns of desire
enduring stifling emotions that won't retire
reeking of an excellently brewed obsession  that won't expire
and since you were my breath I can hardly respire
even the hardest of scotch and wines couldn't lift me higher
out of the abyssal deep doldrums of this mire

I smell your scent of roses at night beneath my sheets
and as I walk feeling isolated along these crowded streets
at every single thought about you my confused heart beats
while in my palm where your fingers fitted, cold emptiness slits
I see you in the hovering birds of prey as they bask in the sky
flamboyantly spreading their vast wings as they fly
under the sweltering haze of Sun where I burn for you
in recollection of your entrancingly licentious sigh

everywhere I go, in different places
I see you masked upon a million faces
I feel you in the roseate blossom of flowers
in every second of every minute of my hours
for am still a captive of your enchanting powers

Kat Jan 7

Every night
I lay awake with my thoughts
Everything racing through my mind
There's no end in sight
I'm a prisoner of my own brain
The never ending twists and turns keeping me in its cage
I can't escape myself
And there's no one else to blame but me

ThirstyRose Dec 2016

I'm glued in I'm blowing thick clouds
my mind screams and shouts begging for the answer
convince me convince me not

I feel strapped the eff down
all I rely on is knowing I'll fit in this size 1
Everyday I research my way out
half heartedly I devise a plan
Dear God send me an angel with a clue
a clue on what to do with my issue the future it's more foggy
I'm sinking slowly into depression sadly obsessed with my weight
I sit smoke and escape meals life and all of pent up pain

SabreLi Dec 2016

Darkness is salvation, sweeping through within
Watching my own cremation inside this world of sin
Deliverance is close at hand
Seeing myself fall apart I stand amidst the flames
Like a dagger through my heart I feel all the pain
A sea of red treacle drifts peacefully by

With the blood my pain seeps through, almost like a sieve
Now feelings do not flow in me, I no longer live
The curse has now been lifted
Every drop has now been spilt, no more is left inside
No anger, hatred, pain or guilt, with me that night it died
Nothing left to pull me down

Yet, I felt faithless, lost inside as darkness swept through me
I laid there alone and died, I was no longer free
Steadily, the shadows engulf me
Here in the darkness I now rest, too shallow to be saved
For all eternity suppressed, confined within my grave
Soon, I will consume all that is left

No room to move in this small box, no feeling in my limbs
Held inside with chains and locks, beneath these waves of sin
Life and death have the same origin
I solemnly accept the truth and stare at these four walls
There is no more that I can do held prisoner in Death’s jaws
Without death there can be no life

Copyright © 2016-2017 KF

Thinking that giving in to the darkness and depression is the best way forward, being disinclined to fight any more. Realising too late that in giving in and allowing the darkness to take over it only introduces you to different types of pain. Acknowledging that without the darkness there can be no light; a lesson learned a little late.
Tehreem Nov 2016

She painted him a sky without seams
In the viscous darkness of disruptions
Slowed slurred by lullabies of suffering
She gave away to glorified night sanctified
Whilst the warmth of juxtaposition clings
Morning yawns in contiguity of his arms
Brutal destructive hurricane claimed her crown
He'd be the healer of pain crawling broken and shame
Trapped she struggled with some consecrate demons
Lifted up the smoke paradox from his mouldering mind
Written in the scriptures she is rain nestled in the clouds
Exculpated the gray prisoner he never took the blame

Ripping the holy coalition that stabbed my soul till it bled no more.
Keen Nov 2016

Again, someone left me hanging
When I'm on the verge of falling.
When I just wanted to be happy
When I just wanted to escape;
from reality.
That nobody could save me,
From my own sea.
I'm drowning,
To an endless pain.
I don't know where to go,
I'm just lost without you.

- 11092016
Tehreem Nov 2016

She sleeps in his arms
Away from fire of agony
Trapped in his love cage
Suffocating little bird
Blindfolded by his dreams
A prisoner of his words

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