She Writes Dec 2017

Killing me slowly
A prisoner to my mind wholly

By the thoughts in my head
To finally wake up dead

Umi Dec 2017

In one night of these nights, I don't know what happened to me
Oh Lord, I am filled with can this be ?
Earth and the heavens are closing in to me, theres no way I can flee

I have fallen, a devil without wings,
A demon who's heart has forgotten something called "The light"
A prisoner with not much to say, a prisoner held by strings
And the sun I see has given up her might...
She does not shine, radiate or any of these things

My eyes cry out as I see the others,
Walking blindly through the flames, not anyone bothers
I have become stuck here because of my sins oh God.
"Does this criminal deserve your forgiveness" I'm thinking
I have confessed my sins, but I am still sinking

But today, oh Lord I want to come back, from the darkness cast by this cruel Sun
My heart is broken, my mind is confused, my lungs feel like being pressured by a ton
I am drowning here, can't see anything
Except for you oh my saviour, my king

So I speak out with the last breath
"Save me, and I will try to fix my behaviour"
Even if you resurrect in hell..the pain of death can be felt well

~ Umi

Sorin Lascu Dec 2017

The cold cobblestone reminds me,
Of these shackles to which I'm chained,
I was a simple, naive child,
That chose to be in pain.

My back is hurting,
And Im looking forward to the end,
This moss on which I'm sitting,
Is my best and only friend.

A spider rests on my face,
With mercy, he wants to end me,
His bite is warm, merciful and small,
The venom embraces.

Alas, there is no hope in sight,
I let the pain embrace me.
Slowly, eroding my sanity,
I'm waiting, waiting, waiting...

WistfulHope Dec 2017

I choke and I panic
Because you can't love me
I claw at the windows of my soul hoping to break one
This stagnant air is suffocating
My prayers are that you aren't the tornado I fear you to be
Sucking up the remaining parts of me
Spin me around and spit me out
This is what attention is about
No validation
Only violation
Imploding expectations of the girl advertised
She is not the same as the prisoner inside
You can't love me, self
You never will

Thoughts. Late night. Impulsive write.
Seema Dec 2017

He choked
With words
While poked
With a sword
He spoke
The truth
Of the smoke
Feel of ruth
Death for liars
Bail for speakers
Thrown in fires
The devil seekers
He was spared
A weakened soul
Often stared
By the beasts in coal
No way out
Even if he tried
Sounds of his shout
In melody he cried
Life long hunger
Engulfed in dark
How much longer
Will the beasts bark
Lasting debt
Unchosen fate
Leashed wrath
He was the bait...


Spilling imagination. Fictional write.
Sanny Nov 2017

Silently waiting.

For my overdose of meds to kick in.

I'm starting to relax.

Waiting for what's to come.

Hoping that it'll be over this time.

Maybe I'll finally find my freedom, my peace, in death.

This time I hope I won't wake up.

I've been a prisoner of my thoughts for too long.

The life of suffering won.

So maybe my wish comes true this time.

That it'll be over.

That I'll find peace in nothing but the fire afterwards.

suicide note, no way back from here
ManoelO Nov 2017

How many times
I've said those lines
Countless of times
But you're  not mine
An innocent crime
Prisoner of mine
Your presence
Cannot escape
Between these

Alison Latres Oct 2017

Little white lies to make you pout
Show you what torment's all about
In costume, in character, you're so afraid
Have I gone mad? Remember the games we've played....

Bound by these shackles for what I've done
A monster! Crawling from this

Allude to defeat, and now you embrace it
All while my chains are worn like bracelets

Sanny Oct 2017

Still I cry

Remembering everything

Preventing myself from moving on

No matter how far I've come,
how much time has passed

It's still there, like a fresh wound

Every day is a battle against the past

I'm a prisoner of our memories

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