Poetic T Jul 14

Licking the soles
of there
             abandoned shoes

He tasted the outside the world.

Dreams were footsteps never taken..

DOES it feel like to be in love with you as a punishment? I repeatedly appealed, requesting that this verdict be exacerbated and expanded.

     Does it feel to love you as a prisoner? I am happy that you are a warden who is never far from my lockup.

     Does it feel to love you as a kind of forgiveness? I do not care, love still love, no matter proven guilty or free from lawsuits.

Vachaspathi Jul 7

Please open the doors of your heart and let me in.
On the veins, I see a clearer picture of myself than on a mirror.
Your warm oxygen provides me the cool breeze.
The incessant lub-dub is a euphonic melody to my ears.
The freely flowing blood quenches my thirst for love.
Sentence me to the lifetime imprisonment in this paradise and I'll serve it with the boundless elation.

He set himself free out of the confines
he was in, after much misery and suffering.
To free his mind  out of jail's jagged logic
was, an exorcism of many kinds, for long.

But the rudest shock came when he found out
that the so called jail didn't have any lock at all!
Who then was the renegade, in the first place
that made him believe, he was a prisoner of life?

A pointer on " how to look" for all of us who deviate,
hallucinate and take it as  truth,without  any question!
How many still are locked up,in the dark confine of minds,
thinking there is no way out and the key is lost for ever.

Tara L May 19

Every queen must have a throne,
but mine is cheap and flimsy.
A plastic chair made in China,
worth less than a dollar,
swaying under my weight.
To stay from falling,
whenever I sit,
I keep myself light and fit.
I stay perched in reticence,
balancing the paper crown
upon my jaded head.
As tendrils of brown hair,
fall to the floor in plain.
Hands and feet crossed,
bound in leather and chains.

Try not to be your own worst enemy.
Raegan Meyer May 2

you are a prisoner
and everything beautiful
is missing.
everything is insanity

i don't believe beauty is missing. not in my life. but maybe in some people's lives it is.
Zach Hanlon Mar 18

A prisoner on death row, sighing contendedly.
No one was ever sure of his crimes,
but his sentence was clear from the start.
His cell was always absurd,
his life always a mystery.

But now he finds peace.
He has nothing except what he knows;
and what he knows is his end.
It isn't much,
yet it's more than anyone free
has ever had.

Too many waves
Too much commotion
Too many thoughts
And too much emotion
Back and forth, up and down
The world is rocking, I think I'll drown
I'm losing touch, I can't commit
I can't help it, I'm sea sick.

Too many people
Not enough air
I'm a prisoner
Tied to this chair
Too fast, too slow, side to side
No privacy on this stifling ride
I'm losing my mind bit by bit
I can't help it, I'm car sick

Slow me down, silence the storm
Its 40 below yet I'm still too warm
Too much chaos I can't breathe
I retreat inside, cuz I can't leave
Shattered glass, bottled up tight
Too scared to quit, too tired to fight
Im losing this battle, I've lost my way
I'll lose my life, if I delay
This fear inside is swallowing me whole
Will I ever calm my tormented soul?

Across a million faces
in a thousand different places
I find you in blossoms of flowers
like am a captive of your magical powers
I find you in the depth of my heart
even if we are completely worlds apart
in cold days mocked by soothing patters of rain
pattering right above the echo of my pain
I see you here with my eyes shut
in the emptiness, as my mind is dead alert

I hear your voice in whispers of the wind
maybe you're invisible to me since love's blind
you might be right here as well, trapped to this moment
on the same wave at war in the torrent of torment
bearing painful blisters of regret from burns of desire
enduring stifling emotions that won't retire
reeking of an excellently brewed obsession  that won't expire
and since you were my breath I can hardly respire
even the hardest of scotch and wines couldn't lift me higher
out of the abyssal deep doldrums of this mire

I smell your scent of roses at night beneath my sheets
and as I walk feeling isolated along these crowded streets
at every single thought about you my confused heart beats
while in my palm where your fingers fitted, cold emptiness slits
I see you in the hovering birds of prey as they bask in the sky
flamboyantly spreading their vast wings as they fly
under the sweltering haze of Sun where I burn for you
in recollection of your entrancingly licentious sigh

everywhere I go, in different places
I see you masked upon a million faces
I feel you in the roseate blossom of flowers
in every second of every minute of my hours
for am still a captive of your enchanting powers

Kat Jan 7

Every night
I lay awake with my thoughts
Everything racing through my mind
There's no end in sight
I'm a prisoner of my own brain
The never ending twists and turns keeping me in its cage
I can't escape myself
And there's no one else to blame but me

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