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Nigdaw 7d
set a scene
to visit when you're alone
lets call it your happy place
it is waiting
somewhere in the trees
among the rushes by a stream
in flowering meadows
permanent summer
caught in warm breeze
where you can rest
your ill at ease
visit as often as you can
feel it, taste it, soak it in
it is your freedom
beyond locked doors
the hatred of man
A man in his suffering bridaled by his toungue. A collection of thoughts that are reduced to a sum. With his fate at hand at the rolling of a thumb. His attempt at redemption is met to be shunned. He will forever be held by the passing of the moon and sun. He watches helplessly wanting to say so much but never does. He is his own prisoner. He want's to be but never does. He is the man who does not understand true love. He is the man that once was.

Watching the world pass by and never making any real changes. Feeling like more of a spectator than having participated. About to make a move only to stop yourself.
Leaves it all to chance.
Never really caring enough.
Kenny Anthony Apr 22
A prisoner of the mind
I am not.
I seek to feel again
to touch, to listen.
When I'm not with you
I'm missing..
Never made it through
I'm wishing
for you.
Tommy Randell Jan 31
Poets are considered mad by those
Who cannot taste the words
Let alone climb such mountains.

Poets are a lost cause to thrill seekers
Who cannot embrace the falling
Naked through clouds every morning.

Poets live where breakfasts come second.
Where phones ring unanswered and
Empty pages are savannah for their buffalo.

Poets are born everyday into Lockdown
Whispering couplets into empty mirrors.
Poets are their own sharp scissors.

Poets take their medicine daily
Born to serve and play their part
Walking the quiet corridors.

Don't begrudge us, we are born to cry
Imprisoned in a petting Zoo of rhymes
Where every poem is an only child.

Tommy Randell  -- 31st January 2021
Woke up at 10 to 4 (am) had written down by 20 past... One of those poems floating in on a dream. Lucky me.
If you really love someone, you have to let them be with the one they truly love the most.
If you can’t let them go, then do you insist on controlling their life forever?
Do you want to traumatize and haunt their life so you’ll never leave them alone, even in their dreams?
Do you think you’re proper, fit enough to be their companion?
How do you think they will act towards you after what you’ve done?
In the end, can you really love if you only show affections behind a wall or pain?

There is no love that can be shown, if it is held against by its will to abide only by your bidding.
Words' Worth Oct 2020
In sadness
In pain
In your thoughts
And scents
I find happiness
Down memory lane
Sprinkled with heartache
Like autumn leaves
On road of bare trees
Shriveling and shivering
In the cold November day
Some way
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Through contemplation,
the mind leaps to its haven
above reason's gaol
A daily dose of contemplation frees you from the shackles of reason and logic. Deep reflection is great for your wellbeing.
Andrew Layman Sep 2020
In my shell
there is life

In my cell
lies decay

It shows itself
every single night

Then at dawn
hides itself away.
Ivyanna Aug 2020
Soul bounded by lust
prisoner in a red-hot cage
where every step burns
and there's no one to trust

How desperately you want
how pointless your battle
you're the fighter
you're the jailer
oh - what a taunt!
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