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Laokos Sep 25
the last
vestiges of my
terminal romance
are sputtering out

God is blowing
smoke rings
around my heart

the people that feign
caring talk
about fish
the sea

one workday is
followed by
many more
of the same

and the
days off

Alex Gifford Sep 5
Bruised and ******,
arms restrained
this criminal correctly blamed
for trying to release another.

Who not a friend
nor a brother
but thought it wrong
to just let suffer.
So together
in a cage
held conviction,
suppressed rage,

And whispered words
in hopes to capture
a nudging deep within the captor.
but dismayed,
their guardian then proclaimed,
"when dogs are slaves,
you've no regrets,
yet misbehave
when men are
A bit dark. It was inspired by the realization that many peoples explanation behind human value is completely subjective.
Poetic T Aug 23
Tie me up with lies,
        gag me with half trues..

Handcuff me to your heart,
                      swallowing the key..

But no I can escape you

                                   at any time.

But I like to see you struggle, to keep
                                    me under check.

Who is the prisoner,

                                               "I know its not me,
Marcella Faye Jul 31
Your name,
Whenever it's mentioned,
Or even at the sight of you,
I tremble,
Because you are toxin
To my veins and my skin.

You're a charm just like a rose
By the blood of their petals
That stained red,
But the thorns that I stumbled,
Cutting deeper into my flesh
With blood dripping and staining my hand.

A mask
That sweeps the nectar
Of charms and consent,
But only lays beneath
The manipulations
And diabolical deeds.

Accusations are thrown
Back and forth,
Poison was trickling down your mouth
With every word you spoke,
You pollute everything around you
By the deals of your actions.

Drama after drama,
It gets exhausting,
But over time,
I grow weaker and weaker,
The toxicity that drains me whole,
Because I'm just a prisoner
Of your consent.
I wrote this piece in 2018 while it was up on Hello Poetry from my old account that's deactivated.
Ali Bukhari Jul 30
I'm imprisoned in my mind
Don't know how to think,
Don't know how to write,
Feel many things
but unable to describe.
Luna Jun 10
Sing me a song, and I'll dance for you.
Through the strong waves crushing down right next to me,
Not caring that I never made one step before.
Play me a beat, and I'll walk for you.
Under the glimmering light of stars and planets,
Through endless streets and abandoned corners.
Always searching for the one missing thing
That my lonely heart desires.
The city sleeps while I'm on my way,
Not even knowing where I'm going.
I see you in every leaf, in every stone, in every stranger's face.
You are haunting me, but I'm not afraid any longer.
The moon takes care of me, while the angels sing their lullaby.
Soon one star after another falls asleep,
The sky turns darker and darker – I'm all alone.
I lay down on a field of flowers, wishing to be one of them,
No soul would ever harm them.
The wind is whispering to me,
I miss the feeling when he touches my skin.
All my sorrows seem disappeared,
while I'm hidden on this peaceful place.
There are no chains around my body, there's no knife inside my heart,
And there's no screaming voice inside my head.
Everything seems as it always should've been.
Suddenly there's something behind me, fear crawls up my spine.
I turn around and feel myself falling. I fall deeper and deeper and deeper,
Until I hit the ground. Dust fills my lungs and I can barely breathe.
Finally I open my eyes again.
There's a small lightened spot, where the moon shines inside.
My whole body hurts, it is covered with bruises.
It was just a dream. I know I'll never see the sky again.
All I've left is your face, burned on the inside of my eyes.
I'm still locked up. Locked up inside the prison of my soul.
veritas Jun 7
the rail digs into his back but there's a glint of shrapnel in those eyes tonight (satiety sweetheart where's your appetite?)
            a savage heart and a rictus grin
his mouth is open and then its caught flying burning trapped two men can make a hell of a scene in a rotting cell (but that is a discussion for another night)
              rough grips and curled toes
what good is trauma if you don't access it what good is a bird if it's still broken at the end if you pick it's feathers off one by one love him love him not love him love him not lovehim lovehimnot lovehimlovehimnot
             everything is alive tonight and the air is singing with it he can feel the hands pressing into his shoulders taking out a piece like payment but there is no running from prison
take pity on the people trying to save him take communion from the wine on his face
           a tongue darts along his lips but the blood runs down tracing his every curve every slip of skin and blooms a reticulation out like madness like wires like something bad something terrible something devilish a bad habit you can't kick a cigarette filter still burning through the ash
                                    he'll never walk.
inspired by that one picture of Andy Biersack from American Satan
Zombie May 18
Love always stinks u in an inappropriate time,
Making u a prisoner of someone else reminiscence.
When u have nothing left other than the memories which fills your life.
I am in the middle of an emotional sea,
Where I look up at the birds up high,
And wonder if I could be as free;
But again, freedom is just a lie.

There is a chasm between what I know and see,
Do we really need wings to fly?
So concerned about what to think, what to be;
Struggling in a limited sky.

- [ ]  I don’t trust the thoughts inside my head,
- [ ] I’m a prisoner of my own,
- [ ] I guess I’ll never see the land.
- [ ] When will this cell be gone?
Scarred, beaten, broken
Wrapped in a cocoon of lies
Filled with despair and hopelessness
Tortured, alone, confused

Once came a man with the ability to set me free
All he did was came and captured my heart
A soothing voice that had love wrapped in the words
He set me free from the holding cell I was trapped in

Blessed be I now that I am free
My heart slowly mending as it can be
No longer a prisoner
No longer alone
No longer afraid

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