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annh Nov 2019
My misgivings hide among the shadows,
In the tangle of long grass along the hedgerow
Between your wide open fields and my cultivated lawn.

Unspoken truths crowd out the spring bulbs,
Now snarled with weeds and thorned with blackberry,
The cobbled pathway which once linked my hope with your promise.

Will you meet me at the gate by the old sycamore tree?
If yes, then bring your dreams, untethered, and the dappled autumn sunshine,
I will bring my careful notions and the soft spring rain.

Prim roses and wild lilac; a velvet ash and sweet chestnuts,
Your gypsy summer, my redbud winter,
Our season, one garden.

‘Nothing is all bad. There are very beautiful flowers in the desert amidst the spikes and thorns. Just don't let them take over. In the garden of love there is little room for prickly things.'
- Kate McGahan
Benjamin Le May 2019
She smiles at me,
baring twenty teeth and thousand arms,
towering in the grass.

Round her crowds men - spokes of men,
eyeing and climbing for her youth
Young and fearless her children are,
and so is she,
locking her steel-coated arms
tight on her children.

Les they be careful
the sun will shine on their homes
and Spring will take them away -
cajole with his sweet talk,
lead with his loud mouth.
Four by four, the blossomed children
leave their mother, who
doesn't hear a word.

On river banks and narrow creeks,
on closing books and lovers' looks,
on baskets and gardens,

the powdered children will soar and
their mother will be waiting
where they are.
Athalia Apr 2019
The night is peaceful but it's dark
The day is happy and is glowing

I am the night ....
I am peace but I am dark...
Peace comes to me but the dark is me,
I do good at night when I am alone,
But do bad during the day... I still fail myself in both times
But I still do good too in both times,

What am I?
The night you long for.. Or
The happiness and glowing...covered in darkness,
With peacefulness....
Donna Mar 2019
I can hear a lawn
mower , someone’s cutting grass
Spring will be here soon
:) inspired this morn x
Girard Tournesol Dec 2018
Dead Elves lay red-green vinyl metaphors
A lawn-full once happy helpful industrious
Now lifeless realities of common folk
Blown away by puffs of truth
we loved her
wooden fence post

she fell

she fondled my mind
while we mowed the lawn
we couldn't
get our
till she
made me

her bee sting
made my vision
to stay
we love

watch me
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