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May 2021
After gazing at my father’s serene face,
I asked him about soul searching.

He answered me with a warm smile,
My precious child,
You will find your soul in the simplest of things.

You will find your soul in giving charity to a homeless on the street Corner.
You can find your soul in the daily services that you render to people;
Services that you pour your heart into.

You can find your soul by losing yourself in doing things that you enjoy:
In being always surrounded by people whom you love,
By sharing a smile with a stranger,
By being the messenger of kindness, 
In helping people overcome their pain.

You will find it in always doing your best to inspire and uplift people, and by planting the seeds of hope and happiness in their hearts.

You can find your soul in the tears you shed in the middle of night, asking God for forgiveness for your misfortune and mistakes.

You can find your soul in purging your heart from greed, arrogance, and hatred.
And instead, replacing them with love, generosity, and humility.

Hussein Dekmak
Heart # Night # People # Planting # Seeds # Shed # Searching # face  father # child
Hussein Dekmak
Written by
Hussein Dekmak  Michigan, USA
(Michigan, USA)   
     Sk Abdul Aziz and Johnnyqu33r
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