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Raining Pouring
Window broken
Hearts are storming
Lifeless floating
Stopping nothing
Everything going
Raining pouring
Raining pouring
Her cry was the thunder, and her streaming tears were the pouring rain that breathed new life into the earth. Her catharsis signaled the start of a new spring with fresh grass, blooming flowers, and the ever lasting melody of the birds.

Hussein Dekmak
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Eva Sep 2020
her tears on a fragile paper-
curling the corners of the wrinkled words...
instead of ink,
she'd use emotion.
Pouring it all on the thin lines
of what used to be her joy.
The rain often makes me wonder,
Whether it is time to just surrender
The essence of what I thought was relevant,
Slowly turning into a blunder.
Where is the inspiration you need for the perseverance you want to breed?
Word farer Jun 2020
When ur lost 💕has soo much to say
When ur brain isnt able to find any way
When there's no such friend that can satisfy ur day
POETRY is the only aid that soothes u dear bae ...

When ur 💖 is binded by fear of loosing someone
When u know that it's now all done
When u feel there's no way left except to shoot ur self with a gun
POETRY is the only ray of ur dark sun ...

When all situations turn blurr and unclear
When pain isn't reduced even by a glass of beer
When u r all alone and far..from ur near and dear
POETRY is only the tissue to ur tear...

When there's only blackout in ur blink
When you sense now in the ocean of pain u will sink
When you just cannot bare the quotes by Google link
POETRY turns out to be ur bleeding heart's ink....
When I was left with no one aroun POETRY helped me ... it's just the peace I feel writing in it just pouring all your soul says in ...all the words all the emotions and that to paper having more patience than people.....❤💪
Megan Hammer Aug 2019
The River Seine, I remember well
And his bedroom window just above the stream
The gleam of a basement bar in Bruges
Blue eyes he poured out of over a mug

All I can think of is laughing and stumbling in the street
The cathedral as I sat in his lap, soft as the hour passed
Laughing at boys who were drunker than us
Asking each other which way the hotel was

Kissing in the dark in the back of the pub
Just look at him - how the eyes pour out
Pouring the most important thing into me,
Words I keep scrawled on a note in my pocket

Because he’s not here to tell me anymore
Doesn’t mean I can’t go back to the River Seine
Or a cathedral or the bar or the square

I can still hear it, the eyes pouring out
Megitta Ignacia Jul 2019
When the car door shut & lock clicked on
I step on the gas, home is the destination
Fingers hanging around the streering wheels
I am the prodigal daughter sending mom to her workplace
Solitude is greatest gift, riding solo in my black four wheels
Radio playing but silences gulping
Every turns, every slam on the break
How mesmerizing the way muscle memory takes over

Here we go again, my dearest hometown
Glorified as romance blooming town
Humble city where poor, rich, & in between live side-by-side
Some landmarks greet me like old friends
While much has changed, much remains the same
Blury lights surrounded by the dark sky
Everything is achingly familiar

Nostalgia decided to popped up in the middle of this crowded road
Stillness of traffic, is so relaxing yet emotions tighten my throat
The friction between my skin & the seat belt that pinned me feels real
My memory banks wanders, hunting for some scenarios I buried down deep
My falling out with you

The red lights of the traffic light feels like forever
My fingertips left a steam circle on cold the window pane
Honey, were you sweet on the surface, like javanese giving false compliments just to be polite?
Did you really loved me when you gave me those goodnight kisses?
Were all of these time 'we are' only a forced kinship?
Do you ever regret leaving me for your ego?
Do you remember me?
Do you ever wanted to contact me?
Was my presence not significant enough in your life?
Was the distance washed away all the connection we grew over the years ?
Our "seperate lives" is not to blame. I never found proof, you play innocence all the time
I shrinked, I feel small, hurt, guilty

Switching gears, speeding up, exploring familiar neigboorhood
Heart feels heavy, moral compass kicked in
Wish I could ran away from my gross inaccuracies assumptions
Eyes sting, teardrop slipping
Eyes on the road, won't even blink

I asked myself for the millionth time, if it's really worth the grief
I'm fine, nothing to lose
I got a way much better person that love me now, so why you still haunts me
Accepting, the universe is filtering you out of my life for a good cause
When we're both good enough our path may cross again
I'm still adjusting, please understand
Nope, I don't want you back, at all
You disgust me, it's Bandung that fed me up with this nostalgic spiral

I'm leaving
While much has changed, much remains the same.
180719 | malam, Bandung, besok nikahnya mede mas tmon, hari ini udah setelah anter-anter baru berasa sendirinya. Setiap tempat, setiap jalan, segala rasanya reminds me of **** doesn't need to be mentioned. Kirain udah menang dari pikirian2 cloudy ini, taunya muncul lagi, malah diperparah sm berbagai asumsi buruk yg dimasukin sm c ttg alasan utama. Tapi gpp, perjalanan tetep perjalanan. Hati riang karena ada yg peluk dari jauh setiap saat. Ini hanya serupa tumpahan perasaan.
Anastasia Jul 2019
It’s pouring outside.
Raindrops fall on my window.
Making small puddles
Rain ~ An old haiku
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