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Ian Sep 13
As I sit on this bench
I contemplate the future

I imagine what I’ll do tomorrow

I think of what I’ll be when I’m older

I guess when I’ll die

I weigh the options of being alone of with the ones I love
And where I’ll be that final night

I think about the love I have

I think about the love I’ll have next year

Of all of these thoughts from this bench, the saddest is leaving it behind
Seanathon Sep 2018
If they would dedicate a bench to me, I'd have them lay some fresh concrete, not much, just about four feet.

I'd have them place a pad and rusted seat, between the adult framing trees and paint it green.

And henceforth, it would be known as the writers bench, dedicated to all of the sights left unseen, from that particular spot to be.

But I doubt they'd waste a bench on me.

And perhaps, that spot's better left to the grass and trees.

To the living me.

A quiet, well framed, subtle spot where a man can breathe.
Beauty has a name and it's the view from here.
Maxim Keyfman Aug 2018
sat on a bench
the wind blew strong
played a pipe in the distance
and the sun was somewhere
the wind blew strong
leaf game and wind
I was sitting on the bench
eyes looking at the trees
recalled autumn
recalled former moments
the wind blew strong
leaf game and wind

Özcan Sh Jun 2018
I saw her on a bench
She held a book in her arms
And a pen in her hand
She brandish her pen like the waves on a sea
The ink from the pen was blue as the sky
When her pen touches the paper
Her eyes begin to shine like stars
She loves poetry
Treated the words like jewerly
When she look deep into my eyes
I felt that she wrote a poem
Deep inside my heart.
Khoi-San May 2018
As the revered taste of the Cuban
expertly rolls from his tongue
And the frivolous sounds of his friends and associates whisk
past his ears
And the bouquet of the wood cling to his pallette
The judge reminds himself ironically
As he confides in his  glittering blanket high above
Even retrospection is a needless visitor
And introspection is of no use
When you've brought the gavel down on your own life
And condemned yourself
to a Beachwood bench in the middle of nowhere
Where nobody gives a ****
IamThatGirl May 2018
Sit, stand, walk, talk, write, read.
They think that they are teaching you everything you need,
and if you don't go to class you're failed you deadbeat
Admit defeat
Adjust to the heat
Mat test on Monday, science, history and English test on Tuesday and don't forget to read that book until tomorrow.
My blood build and I want them to feel how sorry -
I am for them that they do not understand
We are individuals from different named lands throughout the city
We have the rich the poor the A-kids and the sissies.
The jocks who mocks the nerds and where am I?
I stand between everyone and all I'm in my own line.
We need the schools to adjust to every individual to give them the same change of success.
Give the dyslexic a shot
Help the Adhd kid to relief her stress
So she doesn't make a mess of everything she is trying to achieve.
And you might realize that many of these individuals are so much smarter than you think
When you help them to float instead of helping them to sink.
This is my view of the school system.
Hollau Apr 2018
I remember that night.
Sitting on the bench, side by side.
Both of us hungover; a dilapidated sight.

I wanted to tell you
all the thoughts which my heart had formed,
but my lips could not.

You smirked, almost as if you knew.

Our lives were once entwined;  
both of us tangled in the love of the other,  
now I feel as if our love is blind.

And we have lost sight of what we were.

Without you, there is cold;  
An empty void where my heart fell  
to depths I have never felt in search of old  
flames to reignite the spark you left.

I will never forget you;
I can’t ever forget you;
I don’t want to forget you.

You made me whole,
so I will keep searching;

I will remain broken until I find you again

However long it takes;
I hope you are still sitting on a bench
waiting for me
Maria Etre Apr 2018
It was
more than
just a shared
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