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When spring arrives, it touches nature’s heart, and awakens it into a new life
Trees are blossoming
Beautiful Lilly flowers are blooming
Fields are dressed in a green garment
Blue butterflies are flying
Bees are buzzing
Baby bunnies are playing
Birds are chirping in backyards
Water springs are bursting
Water waves are dancing
Nature is burning love

I wonder, if we as human being could bring out the best in us, and show the whole world our inner beauty by the touch of spring?

Hussein Dekmak
Alio May 2022
When I look into the mirror for too long a see a row of cherry blossoms
My favorite tress
As my vision blurs the pink of my flesh blooms to the blossoms
my thin arms to branches and legs to stump
I am wooded
Finally I am beautiful
And the tear leaves my eye
"Youre forgetting."
My mind tells my heart,
when the petals wont stop falling.
"It takes time for the season to come,
And the flower to bloom."
Cox Sep 2020
And I am worried that I am a flower that you don’t want around for Spring.
anna Aug 2020
In a forgotten tongue,
Beseech in evermore valiant:
Enriched in a cradle of marigold,
and the mist of imperfections.
Glitter thy night of wisdom,
And shower of repentance glorified.

Hush, startling hiss-***,
Hurry, yet do not arise:
I shall not be waiting.
Serpent tongue, holds hostage,
And withering, in crescent omniscient,
Bury more than twilight dies.

Speak, gentle summer wind:
It’s touches of despair,
Sink with constellation knees,
And vow to love
As if the moon loved the sun.
Pretty fallen star, the star that holds heaven
Can rest in the dew sunken morning,
With a lopsided smile:
And let be, be.
Francesca Rose May 2020
carefully reaching for your hand
it's the first day I've seen you in person.

I've known you for long enough
that I'm surprised when you grab my hand back.

when I look into your eyes, I see fear, and trepidation, and sadness, but also hope and happiness and love.

I will do everything I can
to keep holding your hand.

you hold mine so gently
so carefully. so kindly.
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
by Michael R. Burch

for Beth

There were moments full of promise,
like the petal-scented rainfall of early spring,
when to hold you in my arms and to kiss your willing lips
seemed everything.

There are moments strangely empty
full of pale unearthly twilight—how the cold stars stare!—
when to be without you is a dark enchantment
the night and I share.

Published by Tucumcari Literary Review, Romantics Quarterly, Grassroots Poetry, The Chained Muse, in a Soundcloud reading by Vex Darkly, in a YouTube reading by Jasper Sole, and in a Romanian translation by Petru Dimofte. Keywords/Tags: Spring, rain, rainfall, petals, blossoms, blossoming, promise, winter, night, cold, pale, twilight, void, emptiness, abyss, dark, enchantment
Alice Swatridge Dec 2019
The rows of bluebells
Will still be there next spring
Urging you to get better

You were still there to pick them
And lay them on her casket
You were still there to watch
The years’ dance trickle by

She may have withered with
The bluebells that sad spring
But you’ll be there to see them
Come again
And again

You can blossom with them every spring
My dear,
You’re still alive
LC Nov 2019
I wanted a doctorate,
one that specialized in him -
to know him so thoroughly
that the lines on his palms were
ones I could recite in my sleep
I was so close to getting it.

His voice caught my attention.
"What?" he asked kindly.
"Oh, nothing," I said nonchalantly
as I averted my eyes,
kept the blossoming love hidden.
I resolved to try another day.
he caught me :)
jigyasa Aug 2019
i like to close my eyes
and dream of carrying my
toffee eyed baby girl
through museums and exhibits
uncovering to her
eons of renaissance magnificence.

i imagine us holding hands
walking through botanical gardens
humming at birds
blooming with flowers
talking about the ecologic manifestations
of modern day society.

i want to take her to NASA
and make her mind expand
like the universe has for as long
as mankind lived
and realize some concepts are
so vast, so unfathomable
that the greatest beauty within us all
is the curiosity leading us
to try and understand.

i want her to know
that this life
has stretched on for centuries behind of her
and will continue for centuries ahead
but her arrival
in this era, at this time, in this moment
is the pivotal point around which
my universe turns.
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