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Hussein Dekmak Jan 2018
Everyday, I write a new chapter of my life with my smiles, laughter, sorrows, and tears.

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak Oct 2020
My favorite music is the tune that I hear playing off at the hospital, when a COVID 19 patient is off the ventilator!

This music is:
A song of a new dawn,
A journey to the future,
A melody of new life,
A symphony of hope, and
The rebirth of the universe!

Hussein Dekmak
Kudos to all of the healthcare workers who are risking their lives to save one life at a time! Edited.
Hussein Dekmak Feb 2021
You are born with a pure heart, white like snow. Keep it clean with the eternal detergents of kindness and humanity.

Hussein Dekmak
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Hussein Dekmak May 2021
After gazing at my father’s serene face,
I asked him about soul searching.

He answered me with a warm smile,
My precious child,
You will find your soul in the simplest of things.

You will find your soul in giving charity to a homeless on the street Corner.
You can find your soul in the daily services that you render to people;
Services that you pour your heart into.

You can find your soul by losing yourself in doing things that you enjoy:
In being always surrounded by people whom you love,
By sharing a smile with a stranger,
By being the messenger of kindness, 
In helping people overcome their pain.

You will find it in always doing your best to inspire and uplift people, and by planting the seeds of hope and happiness in their hearts.

You can find your soul in the tears you shed in the middle of night, asking God for forgiveness for your misfortune and mistakes.

You can find your soul in purging your heart from greed, arrogance, and hatred.
And instead, replacing them with love, generosity, and humility.

Hussein Dekmak
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Hussein Dekmak May 2017
My kingdom is where extraordinary ideas dwell and kindness blossoms.
It is where laughter blooms and poetry rules.
It is where the beauty of nature, minds, and souls unite,
And together they become one, like one song, one prayer!

It is where acts of blessings glow,
Faces radiate with wholehearted smiles,
Resounding cries of souls are heard,
Beautiful hearts are welcomed,
Dreams slumber on the sun’s lap,
And minds are always thinking about the next innovative idea!

My Kingdom is my refuge and my fortress when life gets tough!
It is my happy song and my eternal dream!
Kindness- Laughs- Cries- Happy- Nature_Beauty-Prayer- Blessing-Dreams- Innovation-Eternal-Ideas
Hussein Dekmak Jan 2019
You experience love:
When you treat everything that you do in life, from
Carefully drafting your thoughts and sketching your
Rainbow dreams, to breathing and carrying out kind
Deeds, like sweet prayers you whisper to a beloved!

You feel love:
When all of the letters, all of the words
Become muted from hollow meaning and strange characters.
It is when your five senses become speechless
In the presence of the thousand tongues of your heart!

You become one with love:
When you run your business with your beloved, prepared for loss,
You let the scars of love dance inside your chest,
Protect the perfect pieces of your heart that are left,
Guard them with hope and wash them with your tears.

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak Mar 2017
After gazing at my mother’s serene face,
I asked her about the secret of prayer.
She glanced up at me, and a look of sheer joy appeared on her face as she Began to answer.

“My dear son,
Prayer is the gateway to an assured heart.
It is the bridge to reaching deep into your soul, and the key to eternal Happiness.
You see son,
Prayer is the key of balance in this unsteady life.
It is a guaranteed hope no matter how low you are.
It is about giving of yourself without being asked.
It is the promise to bless one life at a time.
It is giving thanks for your blessings.
Every prayer is a renewed pledge to touch one soul at a time.
It is for the times you're contemplating the beauty that is nature, and all of it’s creations.
It is a beacon of kindness and compassion.
It is the priceless gift of sending good thoughts and wishes to those Around you;
The ability to bring happiness to another soul.
It is a warm greeting.
It is planting a tree of hope and inspiration deep in the hearts of lost souls.
It is shedding tears of remorse in the middle of the night when the moon is hidden deep behind the clouds.
Prayer is about living, practicing, and loudly singing life’s happy song.
It is about radiating with so much hope and having it reach those Around you.
Prayer is the instrument which you play daily in this life.”

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak Jul 2017
Take me away, back to my first love.
Take me far away to the promised land.
Take me away, across the seven seas, back to my home that I have left behind!

Take me away, to a place where my body feels no pain.
Take me to a place where I carry no number or name.
Take me to the land  where I will feel free from my worries and chains!

Take me away, to a new magnitude of dreams.
Take me away, to a place where ideas radiate.
Take me away, to a place where soft hearts blossom!

Take me away, high in the sky above the clouds.
Take me away, make me a neighbor to the beautiful night stars.
Take me to a place where I can sip an eternal drink of bliss.
Take me away, to a place where I can hide from my shadow until I find my way,
Take me away, from myself, so I can find my lost soul
Take me away, I long to go far away!

Hussein Dekmak
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