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The bread you eat?
The clothes you wear?
The car you drive?
The vacation you take?
The house you own?
The money in your bank account?

Or is your worth:
The rainbow of people's dreams?
The catalyst of positive change?
The smiles on friendly faces?
The gratitude from an individual's lips?
The Mecca of someone inspirations?
The crown of human hearts?

Hussein Dekmak

Gazing at you this morning, your face was pale and your body appeared fragile.
This brought tears to my heart.

Not long ago, you were full of energy looking, vibrant with life, so beautiful.
Your smile was soft, your scent delightful.

Without you,
Life wouldn’t be the same.
Fall will be long, winters without you will be cold and empty.

You are my beacon of peace, love, and inspiration.

I will miss you,
Yet, I will be waiting for you
at the corner of love and hope to see you bloom once again with such life. Enchanting me with the joy and beauty you bring. The chance to admire you will be absolute bliss.

Hussein Dekmak

My favorite music is the music that,I hear going off at the Hospital, when a COVID 19 patient is off the ventilator.

This music is
A Song of a new dawn,
A Journey to the future,
A melody of new life,
A Symphony of hope, and
The rebirth of the universe.

Hussein DekmaK

Kudos to all of the healthcare workers who are risking their lives to save one life at a time!
Water reflects the image of its surrounding.
Sky reflects the color of a blue ocean.
Clouds illuminate rays from the sun.
Mirrors reflect the beauty of the face.

Your words convey your thoughts.
Your kindness mirrors your heart.
Your actions display your character.
Your eyes reveal your inner soul.

Make every fiber of your being be
Like the depth of the ocean, scent of the
Flowers , taste of the spring, touch of the
Breeze and the welcoming of a new dawn.

Hussein Dekmak

Your body is God’s exquisite gift.
Treat it like a little prayer.
Cherish it with love and care.
Protect it like a precious diamond.
Nurture it with a healthy diet.
Feed it like a caring mother.
Guard it from toxic habits.
Let it blossom with exercise.
Keep it fresh with your positive attitude*.
Make it an oasis for creative mind
A soft heart, and humane person.

Hussein Dekmak

Poetry is capturing a scene, an event, or a deed with your eyes,
Processing it in your mind,
Feeling it in your heart,
It’s letting go, and
Expressing it with your words.

Hussein Dekmak

The princess of the sea, Beirut will rise above her sorrows and wounds. For over five thousand years, she has grown to be tough and resilient.  With the crack of a new dawn, Beirut will be enchanted, and she will be wearing her garment of beauty with a welcoming smile.

Hussein Dekmak
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