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Close your eyes and open the eyes of your heart.
They will show you the way, enlighten your life, and fill it with purpose, joy, and hope.

Hussein Dekmak
If you don’t
Paint your dreams with wishful thinking
Nurture your mind with knowledge
Evolve your thinking with creative ideas
Brush your deeds with humanity

You will be forgotten like
A fallen yellow leaf
A lonely house yearning for habitants
A naked tree with no fire, no song
A cemetery with no soul, no melody

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak Nov 2022
I wonder if we can have
The joy of a little bird
The purity of a rain drop

The optimism of a new dawn
The generosity of the shining sun
The freshness of a new spring

The song of an enchanting tulip
The melody of nature with muted
Syllables of hope, beauty, and love

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak Sep 2022
Life is a journey that requires preparedness with special tools of planning, wisdom, patience, skills, knowledge, and love.

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak Aug 2022
The Dawn is rising.
The Sun is shining.
Bees are buzzing.
Birds are humming.
Butterflies are dancing.
Clouds are forming. 
Rain is falling.
Water springs are flowing.
Meadows are chanting.
Flowers are blossoming.
Mountains are bowing.
Natures is playing a melody with magnificent beauty.

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak Jul 2022
Observe the crack of a new dawn.
Feel the warmth of the sun.
Listen to the song of a nightingale.
Witness the dance of a purple butterfly.
Take notice of the flower's sweet smile
Watch the flow of a river.
Tune into the sound of the ocean’s sparkling waves.
Surrender to the call of a new life with a renewed hope.

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak Jul 2022
Let me be free of:
My sorrows and pain,
My body and chains.

Let me be free of:
Your man’s rules,
And the time frame.

So I can be:
A flying blue butterfly,
A singing little bird,
Or a lyric of nature’s eternal song!

Hussein Dekmak
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