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Don't be a prisoner of your past
Like a fallen yellow leaf
With no song, no fire

Be like the enchanting nature
That celebrates life with
The new dawn, new sun rise
Birds melodies, blue skies
Smiling flowers, green grass
Fresh air, dancing butterflies
Twinkling stars
And evolving moon

Hussein Dekmak
Create your own story with your
Glistening smiles
Kind words
Loving heart
Acts of kindness
Helping hands
Charitable deeds
Inspiring ideas
Unforgettable imprint
Make it a breath-taking story
A story that will inspire generations to come

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak Dec 2023
I am drunk on nature's love
It made me give away my:
Songs to the rain
Dance to the snow flakes
Voice to the birds
Longing to the flute
Whisper to the wind
Rage to the thunder
Spirit to the spring
Cries to the winter
Ego to the mountains
Humility to the valleys
Beauty to the moon.
And dreams to the new dawn

Hussein Dekmak
songs, rain, dance, snow, flakes, voice, birds, flute, whisper, dawn, mountains, valleys, moon
Hussein Dekmak Sep 2023
In your eyes darling, I see:
Infinite beauty
Blooming flowers
Dancing butterflies
Singing birds
Moving rivers
Spring air
The Full moon
Twinkling stars

In your eyes darling, I see:
A cozy home
Soft heart
A Rainbow of hope
An Ocean of love
Fountain of determination
A Life boat,
Safe Shores

In your eyes darling,I see:
Sweet dreams
Warm sunshine
A new dawn
Fresh day
Thousands of smiles
Happy songs and
Enchanting nature

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak Aug 2023
Listening to your silence, I heard:
Songs and prayers
Tranquility and music
Tears and smiles
Laughters and cries
Despair and hope
Sorrows and joys
Loathing and longing
Passion and peace
Whispers and loud voices

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak Jul 2023
I want to do with you what
The Sunshine does with the sleeping universe
The Moon does with the lonely night
Twinkling stars do with the night sky
Honey bees do with flowers
Dew does with the green leaf
Rain song does with the lifeless tree
Bird's melody does with the longing heart
Nature's whisper does with Hussein's soul

Hussein Dekmak
Bee # bird # dew#  flower # whisperer #  naked  night # rain # moon #  song # sky # leaf # dew
Hussein Dekmak Jul 2023
Let me:
Sail into your dreams
Cuddle your fantasies
Hear your silence
Utter your thoughts
Read your unspoken words
Touch your imagination
Embrace your desires.
Sing to your heart
Kiss your soul
Taste your sweetness
Touch your kindness
Feel your happiness and
Dance inside your chest

Let me be:
Your gentle breeze,
The spring of your life
The inspiration of your love and
The whisperers of your being

Hussein Dekmak
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