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Tim Jordan Jan 3
We will go over that hill right there,
the one yearning for the sky like the earth took a breath and held it for a million years.
Then down in the valley, just to the left,
we will find a little path,
a dry artery through the lonely trees,
and soon we will burst forth into a little meadow, a perfect circle.
If we squint a little we can see the ghosts
of pagans cavorting around an angry fire and
perhaps we will wish to be wild, free, and dangerous too.
We can sit, if you'd like,
or we can measure the meadow's circumference with careful steps,
we can find the very center and stand terribly close,
or we can each choose a side and negotiate a truce.
Perhaps I will take your hand.
Perhaps we will share a kiss.
Mostly we will stare in silence because of the unyielding distance between us
even perfect meadows cannot fill.
Sara Kellie Sep 2018
Starting with coverage from BBC2.

Brushing calm shadows into
pastel hills.
A rhythm paints terrain a
sugary brown.
Flicks of green create
fauliage serene.
The clean tasteless air is
cotton soft.
A effortless stream runs
cobalt clear.
Where salmon gymnastics begin
each year.
Squirrels practice dance routines a
glamorous red.
The doormice dressed and ready
for bed.

Continuing coverage on Ch4.

The perch, the tench sat together on an underwater bench.
Discussing bait and hooks whilst flicking through some fishing books.
What's he eating? Mr Mole,
it looks like cheese and ham
on a soft brown roll.
There's a chicken and a fox that
live round here.
Seriously, they've been dating each other for about a year.
Now, if you take the next left,
then over the stye.
There's a duck lives there and he's got a glass eye.

Poetry by Kaydee.
Poetry by Kaydee present what is believed to be a creative first.
One story, one habitat, one poem giving you the viewer, two different narratives.
Now here's another twist because instead of you, the reader, reading a poem in the traditional way. We handed our work straight to two television broadcasters and they have each made a program exactly as they wanted with no constraints.
Showcasing two well known broadcasters with polar opposite styles.
Poetry by Kaydee presents to you 'The Meadow'. We take up the story with BBC2 before switching over to CH4.
Will you notice a change of style as we go from the 'high brow' production of the BBC to a more laid back, social media type of production from Channel 4.
blkorchid May 2018
as I run along freely
in the meadows of sorrow
grown with sweet misery
as the moonlight
surpasses the sun
and i wait for the return
of the morning
i sit by the lake
of forgotten wishes
while the dragonflies
shine brightly along
with the moonlight
as the lily pads
glide along across
the lake
as I catch the breaths I take
while the sounds of quiet
calm my mind soothingly
i recall the scenes
of my dreams
haunted fantasies
of you reappear
and then i vanish
and eventually
© rainbows and sunshine 2018
Danielle Jun 2018
If I call upon the wind,
It’ll dance upwards,
From the sea of green meadows.
From the hallowed arches of the woods.
It’ll dance around me
And cloak me in power.
I finally felt myself one day while on a walk near my home.
Hillary B Apr 2018
falling over roots of past love
bumps permanently in route
covered by lichen
hidden nearly completely by time
run safely
dance lightly
for the roots are always underfoot
emerging even in the clearest of meadows
where brooks babble
fauna flock
flowers grow freely
a refuge from roots

even in this refuge
roots start to emerge
they see the brook with thirsty eyes
they long for one long sip
be careful
for when they spring up
fauna will panicked
flowers will refuse to bloom
dismantling your safe place
wanting to consume

don’t stand idle
for the roots will wrap you up
reclaim you as their own
leech water from your brook

safety is a desert
dark, dry, and dull
no brooks
no flowers
no fauna
no place for you at all
Donna Feb 2018
Seagulls in meadow
February sun gleaming
Spring is in the air
It still very cold outside but the sun is shining bright reminding me of a spring day :)
Inspired today x
Danny Dec 2017
A darkening sky covers an expansive forest in a dreamy blanket
As two lovers lay
Surrounded by flowers emitting the sweetest scent
A fragrance so intoxicating to the two
Though not as strong as gentle kisses
That make the hearts soar
Drunk off of affection
And stumbling through sleep
As suddenly stars descend from above
Flickering among the two
Shining like a supernova
Before drifting off
Gazes caught in awe at the display
That illuminates skin
As lips connect for another kiss
The action being an explosion itself.
Again, I stayed true to my love for all things space. The little supernova the two lovers see is meant to be fireflies or something of the like, but take that how you will. And, again, I hope someone got something from this.
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