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16.6k · Jun 2018
Unsatisfied desire
Kellin Jun 2018
I need something to fill this
So I will beg for your
And I will take to try and fill this empty
But still I am still greeted with empty hands
6.8k · Nov 2017
In your absence
Kellin Nov 2017
Almost eight billion souls
And all I see in them
is your absence
5.9k · Jun 2018
Earning wings in Fall
Kellin Jun 2018
You needed wings to make you fill whole
but leaves still fell from autumn trees
And your breath with death
still leaves scars and
as for me I lost everything
2.8k · Dec 2020
Childhood trauma
Kellin Dec 2020
My mother doesn't hug me
She didn't know what to do with me
My father had the terrible anger all fathers do
     Loud and terrible
It lingers your whole life
2.7k · Feb 2018
The fire opal
Kellin Feb 2018
Sunshine radites though her hair,
Soft moonlight liummantes through mine

Thus the moon chases after the sun

Eyes of steel emeralds,
And pale opals
The best perhaps ever mined

Blackbeards most precious find

Moonlight dances along her skin
And fire on mine.
2.5k · Aug 2018
Unsubsidize intimacy
Kellin Aug 2018
Growing up my parents were always selfish. They'd rather subsidize tasteful cars than their own child's education so they could prove worthy of societal thinking.
They'd rather finance love through glamorous things instead of investing in actual intimacy.

Maybe if loneliness wasn't my parental figure then this existential adult life wouldn't be spent in monotonous cognitive states
I am 22 and shouldn't have this much hate in my heart
2.2k · Nov 2017
Self destruction
Kellin Nov 2017
I want to be there for others who need me.
But I am barely there for me and when myself shouts for my embrace, I kiss it with violence.
Self destruction
2.1k · Feb 2018
Kellin Feb 2018
To the girl
With fire
for hair
Animate my soul  
Burn away the loneliness
2.0k · Sep 2018
The Graffti Soul
Kellin Sep 2018
Some memories are just graffiti to the soul
Father time's hands can try to scrub the artwork away but some
images will forever  be tattooed a woeful masterpiece
2.0k · Oct 2021
Summer suitcase
Kellin Oct 2021
The air feels cold again
Like it did when we walked across the curved crossroad leaving winding footprints buried in the snow

When the earth seemed to be peeling off her color folding the summer back into her suitcase
1.9k · Jun 2018
Parallel love
Kellin Jun 2018
I like to believe I've married all of my past lovers in some
parallel universe
I like to believe that somewhere somehow
our love isn't
1.9k · Mar 2018
Loving scared
Kellin Mar 2018
1.8k · Aug 2018
Truth in hidden places?
Kellin Aug 2018
I've been chasing freedom
   like I'm running out of youth
Asking myself what makes me happy?
    I can't seem to find the truth
Is it crazy to put faith in make believe?
  I just want to drive far far away from
                   these places
1.8k · Nov 2017
Fading painfully
1.8k · Dec 2017
Empty love
Kellin Dec 2017
Can I sleep
1.5k · Jan 2022
Castle mind maze
Kellin Jan 2022
I wish I could build a castle of memories

Just to have somewhere to escape my own

1.4k · May 2018
Kellin May 2018
It takes 64 days to get over you
I stop counting on a cold inebriated night,
the dark forest hanging over my heart
and my footsteps echoing in the shirl silence of a wet hill.

It takes 64 nights to get over you,
64 blue evenings, 64 indigo skies without stars, 64 colorless dreams uneven sleeps, disjointed sleeps, and 64 dreams of forgetting.

I count 64 nights, three encounters with cold metal, two brisk walks in the pelting rain, and one soul standing two steps beside my own body, not yelling your name.
1.4k · Mar 2019
Passionate but depressed
Kellin Mar 2019
I have fire inside
Passion that kindles an
Only to be ***** out by
1.3k · Jan 2018
These lies
Kellin Jan 2018
I looked at her and it broke my heart to see my lies dripping down her
I really am ****** this time around
1.3k · Jul 2021
Kellin Jul 2021
Night changes nothing
when she's as beautiful during the honest hue of the day as she is to me bathed in moonlight
1.2k · Dec 2017
Loves Funeral
Kellin Dec 2017
Love was suppose to
give you wings
Not visit you at
your funeral
1.2k · Nov 2017
Kellin Nov 2017
I let you in so I
could feel whole but now my body doesn't feel like home
1.1k · Dec 2018
Self conclusion
Kellin Dec 2018
There are many
versions of myself that
need funerals
1.1k · Oct 2021
Gypsy soul
Kellin Oct 2021
I know I keep leaving
Never known how to stay in one place
I am hard to love with a gypsy soul
1.1k · Nov 2017
The love gambler
Kellin Nov 2017
Love was a casino
I continuously kept putting in
Hoping I would get a jackpot
1.1k · Feb 2018
Kellin Feb 2018
Are you even real,
I moan as I caress the ghost beside me
Before I drown in the loneliness of my sheets
988 · Feb 2019
Mind games
Kellin Feb 2019
In my head,
our shadows will dance upon
dark red walls as the lace that grazes  upon a tattooed thigh entices my imagination...
940 · Aug 2021
The love she gives me
Kellin Aug 2021
the kind of love you want to go on forever
the kind when you're three drinks deep into a bar on Sunday night
where you stay up long enough to meet the sun and turn into its fire
that kind of love
let me know when it comes
let me honor it when it is here
and let me let go
when it's time
876 · Jan 2022
Finiteness of time
Kellin Jan 2022
I know I'll write poems about you long after you're gone

I'll dream about your hands when mine are withered and creased

But I'll hold you while you're here and embrace the time we have
857 · May 2018
Memorizing moans
Kellin May 2018
I want to memorize every part of
The shape of your thighs
The nook of your back
The velvet of your lips
And the siliken moans you make when I put my lips there
849 · Feb 2023
Am I the villain
Kellin Feb 2023
I chase the light for so long; but then I realized I never knew what light looked like; whatever light I had in me was just a lighter shade of darkness
847 · Jul 2018
My melancholy soul
Kellin Jul 2018
seeps in like a
phantom limb

desolation blinds and destroys

Wildfire inside
847 · Feb 2018
Losing the universe
Kellin Feb 2018
No longer do I fear the day someone who swore I was their universe can
no longer see the stars in my eyes
As long as they still choose to look
they will find them again
785 · Jan 2018
Loves prisoner
777 · Oct 2017
Kellin Oct 2017
Sometimes I see everything.
Often to much in color,
To vivid,
To bright,
Blinding actually.

Then sometimes I see nothing at all.
Total absence of light,
To dark,
To secretive
Just dull aches.

Remnants of the person I used to be
What living with depression is like for me. Really high highs. Really low lows.
759 · Apr 2021
Wasting away
Kellin Apr 2021
I think....

I think

I am   wasting my life    away

Because all these  hands   have   ever
built is destruction

And  they are  


weighted down    by  many forgotten  dreams

Many     unlived lives

And I   am so tired...
755 · Feb 2018
The empty gem
Kellin Feb 2018
Fire in her viens
Longing in mine
Eyes of pale topaz
Steele emerald in mine

Ignite my soft soul
Burn away the
746 · Feb 2022
Adding to my book of sins
Kellin Feb 2022
The preacher may never marry us
and your mama may never know me
but I can kiss you over a flask of whiskey and dance with you under the stars and if that isn't marriage I'm not sure what God is looking for...
741 · Nov 2017
Pendulum swings
Kellin Nov 2017
Oh how I want to be loved,
And accept love
But how my pendulum swings
From crowning myself worthy
To fearing I'll never be good enough
741 · Jul 2015
Too Intense
Kellin Jul 2015
Searching for an answer
This disease spreads like cancer
How can I breath when my heads 6 feet under water
Too late now every thing is changing
So forget this life(when you live like this)

I think in numbers and breathe the silence.
But all I ever constructed was violence
And beneath these words you'll find I'm a coward 
Watch as I'm slowly devoured
My life passes before my very eyes
With God as my only Ally
And come to my surprise I was baptized in this disguise
Searching to find a hope
someone with the antidote

My life has no meaning
conveying my thoughts on this blank cardboard
I am an architect  no matter  what they think
and I will change the world
But at what cost?
Part of a song I wrote. Will add more later. Thoughts?
713 · Feb 2018
Seven minutes
Kellin Feb 2018
After the heart stops there are seven minutes of brain activity left. Seven minutes, where the brain plays back movie memories of what shaped it- like a homage to the *****, like a final goodbye to the restless dreamers that lived by it, and the unwavering capacity by which they loved through it.
During the first minute, I saw you. I saw you as if it was the first time, and my god you were perfect. I saw the coy smiles, the terrible dance moves, and the genuine laughter. I saw you lean in for our first kiss. I saw me beaming on my way home, spellbound thinking, "This is something big. This is going to ruin me."
Minute two and three I saw the flicker of our flame, saw the way your bones played with moonlight, saw the endless letters you wrote me, scrawled in graphite along the surface of my skin. I saw the person you were working towards, awe-inspiring.  I saw the clock, as we counted down the the days, gripping tighter and tighter within our within our false reality, until I saw goodbye. The colours of every sunset I had ever witnessed, come together to build the contours of your face. I saw the purples of your under eyes. I saw the whites of your teeth. I saw the pink of your lips, and the reds that made the flush in your cheeks. I saw the person who had shaped me, the person who dig my heart up like dinosaur bones.I finally saw the person you were and the person I had made you become. But more importantly, I saw me, the dark shadow in the corner of your mind. I saw you whisper goodbye and god i wish there wasn't a billion souls because all I see in them is ur absence and it that moment, in the beauty of your night sky I finally closed my eyes and with my last breath your poison escaped my bones.
Kellin Nov 2013
Deep shadows of night
Scents of flowers fill the air
and you feel my soul

Sweetest summer day
How I feel- he'll never know
words get in the way

The secrets we share
A lovers conspiracy
welds our hearts as one.
700 · Mar 2014
Kellin Mar 2014
Quickening life’s loss
Forever Held
Held Forever to know nothing is ever
691 · Jan 2018
A forever gone
Kellin Jan 2018
Your absence leaves a dull ache,
a phantom limb.
On occasion I can forget,
But then it's a sharp pain
to realize you are once more
a forever
683 · Nov 2017
Hopeful coffee
Kellin Nov 2017
My morning coffee was bitter;
Like it had been up all night replaying your words again.. and again;
Like it was tired of hanging on to hope
But it was strong too..oh so strong
You will get through this god ****** and you will be better for it.
679 · Nov 2013
Kellin Nov 2013
In our desolate life we as humans are given only a select number of years
Most People take for granted there  meager hours.                

In our  compendiary lifes we tend to waste a vast amount of time on  inadequate things.
Our days are numbered.
Our lives will past by in a blink of an eye.                                                    

Cheeris­h the time you are given with your soul mate.
Some spend their whole life searching For them.
Don't let your numbers waste away.

Your tock is ticking. Soon the last grain of sand in your hourglass will spill though and you will into that enteral sumbler
Our days our numbered so never take someones time for granted they could disappear in the blink of an eye
660 · Dec 2017
Kellin Dec 2017
You saw museums
in me
I saw empty hallways
656 · Oct 2013
jaded heart.
Kellin Oct 2013
Jaded heart
          Damaged soul
lost love
        Algid heart
deceptive tongue
         Empty eyes

long ago
      He stood-
Blissful sunrise
         Temperate heart

long ago
         I dreamed-
Decalscent heart
            Animate soul

      We encountered-
face to face
  Then we afforted-
               Heart to heart

        We're alive
made whole

        We're together
Made Definite
644 · Apr 2019
The second chance addict
Kellin Apr 2019
A swiss army knife in an unwelcoming God toolbox is how I would describe myself
Versatile but cheap.
Not profound at anyone thing.
Illusionism of quantity that is mistaken for quality
Many books started but never finished
A vast resume both musical and medical
Many half played sheet music
Many diplomas full of emptiness
If started but never finished adventures could be considered hoarding I would be the sickest on earth.
The addiction of rebirth, restarting, and creation swallow me whole
Me the addict of wanting to live many lifetimes
I am the backspace bar of life
The blank sheet of paper on an empty desk resting beside a newly sharpened pencil
This, the description of the feeling I so desperately crave- absolutism

My shakey addict hands hunger for words like; blank, clean, fresh

These fuel my unhealthy obsession for second chances
643 · Oct 2017
Kellin Oct 2017
I struggle to hold on to you.
With love comes decay.
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