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Svetoslav May 8
pineapple light sparks
flowing life reflecting on
opals deviation
lunar queen goes for a rest
amber king dethrones her
Syllable Count: 31 ~ lines 5/7/5/7/7
Make my bed the mantle and crown
My women studded gems on the eider and down

I'll make rubys and jets and opals my pets
A sticker the slipper that wicker wets
Svetoslav Feb 8
Pineapple light sparks
flowing life reflecting on
opals deviation
Syllable Count: 17 ~ lines 5/7/5 ~ 9 words ©  Svetoslav Ivanov
Ashley Kaye Aug 2019
love or lust
“I cannot tell a lie”
As I lie
being beneath you
forcing my light feminine weight above
the sun to your sky
it’s all the same
i feel false i do not feel

you compliment my waist,
my laugh;
my witty repetitoire
riles you—
a true Napoleon in this pint-sized frame
they call me pretty
I yearn to be more

you are leaving and I am numb
maybe I learn to forget
opal iridescence in my free-spirited eyes
dance once
you are gone

I scream to no one,
“must I be alone
to be my own?”
July 15, 2019
Anastasia Jul 2019
Drip from your heart
While you hold me.
You color me
Like the rainbow
Of your soul.
Opalescent dreams
From your lips.
You've colored me
Like a page.
I was black and white
Before you colored me in
With the taste of your lips.
Kellin Feb 2018
Sunshine radites though her hair,
Soft moonlight liummantes through mine

Thus the moon chases after the sun

Eyes of steel emeralds,
And pale opals
The best perhaps ever mined

Blackbeards most precious find

Moonlight dances along her skin
And fire on mine.
Syrah Kai Jan 2018
She did her best
To swallow her cries
But still couldn’t hide
The tears that were
Over throwing power
in her opalescent eyes
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let me
it pay
it watches me
it splotches me
like an period
it treated me
it will pay
no pain
get it right cyber faces
tryen trace mine love
oh conveyored one
belt me in time
catch an
dreamers head

fantasy finds you dead love dont
ask yourself the questions
it wont
Rowena Chandler Mar 2016
The forgotten gem among the precious
Your love is too dark for a child
Also precious
Yet pure like a diamond
Diamonds are so common

Garnet, you are rich
Richer than most in quality
Perhaps a banker or lawyer would remember you
But no, sapphires are rich
Richer than dull gold, not rich enough I say

You reach new depths, Garry
Like an ocean trench filled with the remains of the unknown's lunch
Not as deep as the amethyst, apparently
That is spiritually charged and better for the soul
Your violence is a stain, but I say it is a warning

Garnish, you lack value
Topaz is the quality they seek
The eye of the sun, so bright
Too bright
The eye of Jupiter is too much, I say enough

Oh Garnet
Forget Ruby, your sister
Forget Emerald, your opposite
Forget Opal, all in one, the God of the gems
You are Alfred the Great, so great, yet forgotten
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