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Jordan Gee Jun 2022
Saturn Rx in Aquarius     - June 5th 2022

We recognized our other - selves
baking in the furnace of a Holy Relationship;
a hot crucible of an octave -
a high note.
in the dwindling and the withering we glowed
and we grew.
we walked into the no-light of the
New Moon.
we cracked open a lead egg
it was full of hidden memories -
atrocity and betrayal
and roses that drew blood when you plucked them.
the koshi bell skies were bright
despite the
new - lunar night.

what once we thought were vampire bats
were one thousand albino doves
who flew from thy heart
while you sat inside the dark -
trying to ***.
one thousand doves were flying from thy heart
while we discovered new
alleyways between the west Lancaster streets
and played detective
solving criminal activity mysteries
like partners walking the beat
at half past three in the morning.
we danced with the devil against the
we forgave his filthy ***** deeds.
the citronella candle light was gleaming in our minds
and we were beaming then,
dancing with our shadows against the bricks
and the bible verses stenciled
along the
alley walls.
we loved each other then
even as we had been loved.
our hearts were two bouquets full of peacock feathers.

King street
meets Queen
by a circle inside a square.
we were as royalty then
sitting with one another
there on the bench
and free.
we had let in the blood-letters
and our hearts were a smeared bleed
seeping into higher lines of time.
we were happy then,
I placed my hand on the front and the back of your heart
and I saw you then
under the yellow lights
and free.
the Gemini winds were whispering
like the wings of Hermes’ feet.
your eyes were bright blue like
how does the howling of the wind..
color and sound compressed
and became as one.
my words were flashing forth like
royal  jelly from the hive-
or the Oil of Christ
our tongues
and foreheads
like lilies of the
creator fire.
Anointed, we saw each other then
from the summit of a hill
our hearts were two baskets full of rose petals.

but the dawn went down to day
an american poet once said that
“nothing gold can stay.”
and I started seeing flies again in the kitchen -
and buzzing up against the windows,
palmetto bugs at night on the concrete walkabouts,
pit vipers hissing on behind me
coiled up in whicker burn baskets
and the low hanging branches of trees.
they say honey doesn’t go bad
but it only took 12 hours for mine to sour.
I said mean things
and I saw evil shapes cast against the walls.
I went blind and deaf
I couldn’t see all the beauty unfolding on before before me
I couldn’t  hear the hymns of peace
being sung above the clouds.
you said you’re about numb to it now;
laying there
curled up and
inoculated from all my onslaughts.
If i could, why
I would take
all those bad words
of my dweller’s mouth
and hide them in a poison pendant
capped with an Ethiopian opal.

we both would know, of course
that all those
mean words
with the serrated edges
of the bitter ends of frayed nerves
wouldn’t really be gone
and that they’d still be there-
just kind of
locked away
and hidden inside a poison pendant.
at least opals are beautiful.

by: Jordan Gee
Let me let you
Andreas Simic Apr 2022
you are the Ambrosia of my mind
the apple of my eye
crisp and Red delicious
a Macintosh in waiting

     Granny Smith is exuberant
     over our Gala to toast the Empire
     I see a Pink Lady in Fuji
     Honeycrisp in every way

you are the Envy of Pazzaz
playing Jazz in Cameo at the Braeburn
in front of Lady Alice in Holstein
like a Hidden Rose

     though Janagold is **** mixed with sweetness
     your Liberty embraces Gravenstein
     akin to a Pacific Rose like an Opal
     enjoying Winesap instead of Mutsu

Andreas Simic©
Written about the 25 kinds of apples listed here.
Svetoslav May 2021
pineapple light sparks
flowing life reflecting on
opals deviation
lunar queen goes for a rest
amber king dethrones her
Syllable Count: 31 ~ lines 5/7/5/7/7
Philip Connett Apr 2021
Make my bed the mantle and crown
My women studded gems on the eider and down

I'll make rubys and jets and opals my pets
A sticker the slipper that wicker wets
Svetoslav Feb 2021
Pineapple light sparks
flowing life reflecting on
opals deviation
Syllable Count: 17 ~ lines 5/7/5 ~ 9 words ©  Svetoslav Ivanov
Ashley Kaye Aug 2019
love or lust
“I cannot tell a lie”
As I lie
being beneath you
forcing my light feminine weight above
the sun to your sky
it’s all the same
i feel false i do not feel

you compliment my waist,
my laugh;
my witty repetitoire
riles you—
a true Napoleon in this pint-sized frame
they call me pretty
I yearn to be more

you are leaving and I am numb
maybe I learn to forget
opal iridescence in my free-spirited eyes
dance once
you are gone

I scream to no one,
“must I be alone
to be my own?”
July 15, 2019
Anastasia Jul 2019
Drip from your heart
While you hold me.
You color me
Like the rainbow
Of your soul.
Opalescent dreams
From your lips.
You've colored me
Like a page.
I was black and white
Before you colored me in
With the taste of your lips.
Kellin Feb 2018
Sunshine radites though her hair,
Soft moonlight liummantes through mine

Thus the moon chases after the sun

Eyes of steel emeralds,
And pale opals
The best perhaps ever mined

Blackbeards most precious find

Moonlight dances along her skin
And fire on mine.
Syrah Kai Jan 2018
She did her best
To swallow her cries
But still couldn’t hide
The tears that were
Over throwing power
in her opalescent eyes
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