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May 31 · 120
Kellin May 31
In the glow of twilight's gentle gleam,
Her skin, an olive hue, like a dream,
Adorned with curls, a wild, wistful stream,
She danced with grace, in moonlight's beam
May 31 · 352
Kellin May 31
Beneath the fiery sun's passionate gaze,
Lies a beauty adorned with grace untold,
In her presence, my spirit forever sways In the stillness of night's silent reign, Echoing desires, sweet and arcane With tender touch, in twilight's caress, I unfurl the fabric, a whispered finesse, Each delicate fold, a silent confess,
As I undo her dress, a love's duet, no less.
May 31 · 365
Kellin May 31
I live my life in a series of highway exits and parking lots. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of a world between traffic  and sob with longing
Jul 2023 · 324
Kellin Jul 2023
I used to hide your name
In my line breaks -
When you left town,
I reached out through
Smokescreens and similes.
I used to hide my secret,
Placed it delicately
Within my pining,
A secret only sapphics
Would decipher -
When I wrote about flowers,
I was describing the way the breeze
Caught each strand of your hair
In the sun's gaze;
When I went on about the wind,
It was an attempt to capture
Your scent
Mixed with the ocean breeze
That one week you
Went away with me.

Teasing and testing me,
You let clear water ripple
Around your naked form,
In front of me for the first time.
Your whispers sent shivers
Through my shoulders,
Years spent yearning enough
To override my senses.
There were no tide pools
Deep enough to prepare me
For your beauty as the moon
Threw shadows across your face;
I wish I had been brave enough
To dive straight in back then.
A few years and states away;
The months blur together now,
The moon cycles shifting
Seemingly faster every time.
I wonder if you dare
Ask yourself, what if?
When you see her,
Full and bright above you.
Jun 2023 · 583
Kellin Jun 2023
On these lonely nights
Talking to myself again
  Know you're not listening
Feb 2023 · 849
Am I the villain
Kellin Feb 2023
I chase the light for so long; but then I realized I never knew what light looked like; whatever light I had in me was just a lighter shade of darkness
Jan 2023 · 425
Kellin Jan 2023
I am not well; I could have built the pyramids with the effort it takes me to cling onto life and reason
Jan 2023 · 538
The bridges fantasy
Kellin Jan 2023
I could hear the sea in the middle of a forest, feel the sun in the middle of the night, hear birds under water as I felt shadows creeping into my mind at last everything was so blurry I didn't feel the wind as I fell from the cliff, I didn't hear the snap of my neck breaking and I didn't feel the moment my soul left my body. Finally I was completely numb
Jan 2023 · 577
Beach day
Kellin Jan 2023
My insanity became her master piece, built on broken trust she's made an ocean between us.

Leave if you must, but my shores will be empty
Dec 2022 · 432
Night blindness
Kellin Dec 2022
She was night-time and I loved the darkness
Oct 2022 · 261
Kellin Oct 2022
The longest death I've ever felt is staying alive
Sep 2022 · 168
Kellin Sep 2022
“I dream every night
about a grave I have
never seen, a body
I don’t believe is real.”
Kellin Aug 2022
My friends have cross tattoos
Verses on wrists and calves,
Hands pierced with nails-
Symbols of a love craved.
But never found; not where
It was promised. Some doors
Don't open, despite the desperate knock.
So we draw the door on our skin.
We're getting closer now,
My friends and I, closer to a life
Without end, to love without condition.
This love we were on our skin

Are we still here
Are we still loving.
Were we as lost as they said?
Aug 2022 · 618
Kellin Aug 2022
I have not experienced a natural disaster but I've held one within me
Aug 2022 · 174
Kellin Aug 2022
Across state lines
And fate's design
You'd read between my lines,
You'd seen truths I had tried
To deny
You had read poems
That were tucked
Neatly under my sheets,
Words never meant
To read
You saw inside of me
Aug 2022 · 276
Kellin Aug 2022
Like pressing a flower between paper sheets the morning weighs heavy on me
Aug 2022 · 137
Kellin Aug 2022
My eyes are heavy from the things they have seen

Let me dream...
Jul 2022 · 466
Kellin Jul 2022
My head holds no heaven
Kellin May 2022
I think my attachment style all began when my mother ran away from home that one time.

Or maybe it was coming home from Christmas to find her drowning in codeine

I've never been the same since.
May 2022 · 262
Kellin May 2022
My need for another human died a long time ago

You learn to be lonely once you've spent to many nights expecting a stranger to return home
Feb 2022 · 607
Kellin Feb 2022
The same love never comes twice
Feb 2022 · 506
Kellin Feb 2022
History too holds space in the present

We kiss at a party just as everyone else does but it's as if two people had never touched before

We sit at a local coffee shop and it's like half the people speaking have something to prove, the other half deadly silence

Much like our dead reflections in the newspaper. None of this ever talked about but we know

Nothing is queeer than quiet understanding

Except maybe survival

Still We wake up beside eachother and find I've stolen the blanket again in our uncluttered apartment

This is enough to forget about our existence

For awhile
Feb 2022 · 447
History still holds present
Kellin Feb 2022
Nothing is queerer than quiet understanding...

Except  maybe  survival
Feb 2022 · 747
Adding to my book of sins
Kellin Feb 2022
The preacher may never marry us
and your mama may never know me
but I can kiss you over a flask of whiskey and dance with you under the stars and if that isn't marriage I'm not sure what God is looking for...
Jan 2022 · 876
Finiteness of time
Kellin Jan 2022
I know I'll write poems about you long after you're gone

I'll dream about your hands when mine are withered and creased

But I'll hold you while you're here and embrace the time we have
Jan 2022 · 187
Dove soap
Kellin Jan 2022
She smelled like dove soap
We both did, hands freshly washed in the bar's crusted sink

Her smile when I asked to kiss her was coy   curling where our lips finally touched

She was beauty and kindness and I couldn't measure up
Jan 2022 · 564
Aging aches
Kellin Jan 2022
Time is moving too fast
  I am moving too slow
Jan 2022 · 1.5k
Castle mind maze
Kellin Jan 2022
I wish I could build a castle of memories

Just to have somewhere to escape my own

Nov 2021 · 407
Secret lovers
Kellin Nov 2021
How tragic our narrative must be

To experience a love story
Without ears to listen
Oct 2021 · 1.1k
Gypsy soul
Kellin Oct 2021
I know I keep leaving
Never known how to stay in one place
I am hard to love with a gypsy soul
Oct 2021 · 2.0k
Summer suitcase
Kellin Oct 2021
The air feels cold again
Like it did when we walked across the curved crossroad leaving winding footprints buried in the snow

When the earth seemed to be peeling off her color folding the summer back into her suitcase
Aug 2021 · 940
The love she gives me
Kellin Aug 2021
the kind of love you want to go on forever
the kind when you're three drinks deep into a bar on Sunday night
where you stay up long enough to meet the sun and turn into its fire
that kind of love
let me know when it comes
let me honor it when it is here
and let me let go
when it's time
Jul 2021 · 1.3k
Kellin Jul 2021
Night changes nothing
when she's as beautiful during the honest hue of the day as she is to me bathed in moonlight
May 2021 · 553
Your cross to bear
Kellin May 2021
Thin skinned
Like I grew up in a childhood to recover from
Christ the savior
pinned against white walls
and if you're not careful they'll nail you up there too
May 2021 · 392
Hometown honey trap
Kellin May 2021
She told me
that the air tastes of
nostalgia and arsenic
May 2021 · 271
Kellin May 2021
I found her green in the face
Sick on half hearted lovers

Maybe it was just the puff bar
Kellin Apr 2021
In my mind there is a house

And I have flung the doors wide open

Only to find it empty

In the distance, I  heard rubber against the pavement

But it wasn't your car
Apr 2021 · 759
Wasting away
Kellin Apr 2021
I think....

I think

I am   wasting my life    away

Because all these  hands   have   ever
built is destruction

And  they are  


weighted down    by  many forgotten  dreams

Many     unlived lives

And I   am so tired...
Apr 2021 · 458
The wait
Kellin Apr 2021
I told you I'd wait a thousand lifetimes for you

But little do you know the lifetimes I already lived before you.
Mar 2021 · 501
Sad truths
Kellin Mar 2021
I hope one day we will not have

Jan 2021 · 352
Could've would've should've
Kellin Jan 2021
I pressed my head against the cool glass
My hand imprints the humidity that lingers there

The could that never would dances in the reflection of my bloodshot eyes

I was so close.
Dec 2020 · 511
Kellin Dec 2020
God left a long time ago and took the
Dec 2020 · 2.8k
Childhood trauma
Kellin Dec 2020
My mother doesn't hug me
She didn't know what to do with me
My father had the terrible anger all fathers do
     Loud and terrible
It lingers your whole life
Dec 2020 · 317
The hardship of living
Kellin Dec 2020
The longest death
I've ever felt is staying
Dec 2020 · 185
More than just quirky
Kellin Dec 2020
I wouldn't call myself quirky

but there is definitely something
wrong with me
Kellin Dec 2020
My love was as cruel as the cities I lived in

Everyone looked worse in the light
Dec 2020 · 154
Cold fingertips
Kellin Dec 2020
Grief is cold fingertips tapping on my window at night
keeping me
keeping me
Nov 2020 · 242
Kellin Nov 2020
I stare into the
mirror at a body
that'll never be
Nov 2020 · 158
Pill bottles on a Sunday
Kellin Nov 2020
I carry around the
body of someone
that should have
Nov 2020 · 118
Come home
Kellin Nov 2020
I began to realize that even though the violence was over,
I still carried it with me

I still woke up to claw marks outside my bedroom door

I still hold the anger in my stomach as I write letters to myself

begging me to

This ache is a constant reminder and the silence is louder than you think
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