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it’s the drastic change
from the crisp winter breeze
to the salty air
that never fails to amaze me
the mere hours that are able to alter everything
flipping my world upside down
the airport is a simple portal
for the airplane that becomes
a catalyst for that change.
Kellin Oct 2021
The air feels cold again
Like it did when we walked across the curved crossroad leaving winding footprints buried in the snow

When the earth seemed to be peeling off her color folding the summer back into her suitcase
Kamila Jul 2021
It's been awhile since I'm in the road,
A ******* suitcase taken with myself,
I've tried to fit and carry my whole home,
But home's a feeling and a place.

And all the maps and changing routes,
Those random people I have met
Have brought no answers and no clues
To where I do belong and where I'm at.
lk ode Aug 2020
I carry it on my back
when I'm here, I'm not really here
parts of me are scattered in different places
it's a little exciting, but mostly unsettling
I never unpack
my mind moves, and sometimes my body can't keep up
I am in so many parts that sometimes I lose some of the pieces
it's hard to keep it all together, especially the tiny bits
I don't live here, but I'd like to
I take the 78 to the 5 to the 405 to the 22,
the 405 to the 710 to the 5 to the 101
and I'm off at sunset.
I am trying to build something,
but it is hard without a foundation.
it is hard to build something out of a suitcase.
Safana Jul 2020
In the court chamber,
a love and the
law are
and cases
are filed and
Then, are placed in a
Brilliant suitcase, and
No more law
For  love
Unpolished Ink Dec 2019
Sitting on her suitcase


In a near empty street

The other kids

The teachers

And the coach

Went  home

Long ago

Seven years old

Small and pale

A dreamy little oddball

With long red hair

It needs a wash

Like she does

Everybody else

Is at home having tea

She is still waiting

None will come

They often forget her

With a sigh

She gets up

Dragging the case

Down the hill

They are all surprised

When she arrives

She cries

They call her a little drama queen

She takes the case upstairs

And keeps the baggage in her head for fifty years

She is my ghost

And I am hers

We haunt each other
IncholPoem Jan 2019
A   suitcase
  was  drinking
cold drinks
by   using  a  bio  degradable
straw  not
taking  times
200 years  to

The  human  baby  was
actually  drinking  it
inside  a  smart

That  baby   is
gene  edited    baby
who   can  drink
cold  drinks
in  one  months  also.

That  suitcase  was
following    her  mother
by   artificial  intelligence  
and  small  camera.

That  mother  was
a half  robot  and
half  human   being.
Jason Drury Oct 2018
Our glass is full,
it spilled over last year.
Your ropes tied to me,
were cut, so I fall.

In morning, we meet,
But it will different kind.
You will hold the suitcase,
I will hold an empty cup.

Why couldn’t we last the year,
we were breaking at the britches.
You packed your suitcase,
for red rocks and a better life.

I tried to mend the seams.
I tried to fix the table leg.
But my love you’ve wrecked it all.
It wasn’t balanced,
I needed your needle, your strength.

I tried to tell you,
it was about to burst, spill.
I tried to be patient,
and wait.
We pretended.

Who the hell was I?
Who are you?
I loved you.
Our glass is full,
let it fall.
Wash our hands of this.

In morning, we meet,
But it will different kind.
You will hold the suitcase,
I will give you the empty cup.

Fill it with what you need.
Fill it with the love you find.
Fill it with memories.
I will be here,
far behind.
Sorry had to edit this...
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